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Muslim Advocacy Group HQ Evacuated After 'Suspicious Substance' Reported



At least 80% of the #CAIR tweets are fascist hate-tweets.


Perhaps I am misunderstanding what this means but to the unschooled in Twitter it sounds like you are saying that CAIR is sending out fascistic hate tweets. But that doesn't sound likely to me. The other option is that this hashtag belongs to someone else who is using their name. Who would that be and where? Can anyone just use someone else's name and purport to be there? How do we access these tweet to understand your meaning? I have avoided Twitter so I don't understand how it works at all. I don't know if I have to belong to it to see the tweets. Hope you can help me understand this.


I'm so sorry but that doesn't really help me because all kinds of people seem too ready to accuse others of being paid trolls when they just disagree or perhaps lack some basic knowledge or understanding. Paul Craig Roberts's comment only verifies that such trolls exist but not who they are or how to be sure. Some do seem obvious but this term is thrown around much too frequently here, IMHO.

All of us have our shortcomings and can't possibly have the same outlook on everything. We each have a unique perspective because we have been/are standing in a place no one has ever stood in before and sometimes that view leads to different conclusions but doesn't necessarily mean that person is paid to say what they are saying. For example, from what you have said above, I can't tell if your opinion is that one or both of Yunzer and myself are trolls? And if so for what?

And how can I or any of us get some extra money doing this in reverse on some right-wing sites?


Thanks for your response and faith in my motives. Someone, you know who, said I looked like a paid shill for charter schools becaue I pointed out a particular area that displayed a lack of clarity in an otherwise fine article. Go figure.


Here's one of my biggest concern at the moment: we have this online community that has brought thoughtful people together here, and others for sure, but what happens when the days come and comments are down for good? Divide and conquer is now, because of technology, on the individual level. How do we who care make a real community out of our far flung selves before that happens? I'd like to belong to one that doesn't disappear when TPTB shut CD down, or they do it themselves for whatever reason, including lack of funding, hackers, DOS, etc? I come here practically everyday but sometimes I wonder if it might not be a distraction, keeping us from what really matters.
What do you think?