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Muslim Ban 2.0: Trump Rolls Out New Executive Order on Immigration


Muslim Ban 2.0: Trump Rolls Out New Executive Order on Immigration

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"It's still religious discrimination in the pre-textual guise of national security. And it's still unconstitutional," says the ACLU's David Cole.


Formal ban or not, there is now essentially a de-facto ban in the form of border agents arbitrarily harassing and interrogating, and more often than not, refusing entry to anyone with a middle eastern surname of Muslim first name.

This is typical....

...and there is no reason to believe that there are not hundreds - even thousands of similar cases that simply don't make the news.


And don't forget, federal courts, Trump insisted this Muslim/travel ban is needed urgently, it is needed to prevent imminent danger!--That must be why it's taken the Trumpies five weeks to get it together to recycle ban #1--During this time haven't you noticed all the terror attacks in the US, like Bowling Green, that are not being reported on?--It's a heck of a situation!


Apparently about a third of the country has decided to make the US a white nationalist country. Somehow thanks to the electoral college, apparent Russian interference in the election with the assistance of Wikileaks, the head of the FBI doing the unthinkable, and a lot of people on the right who should have known better but voted for a fascist anyway, the white nationalist third of the country is getting its way. Banning Muslims is the number one priority. Wrong religion. Deporting Hispanics and keeping others out is the second priority. The next priority is probably tougher policing to keep African Americans in check, preferably in privately owned jails. Then what? Forcing Jews to flee to Israel?. Forcing people from India to return to India? Forcing Asians to flee? Demonstrating to native people's that protest is hopeless? What is the end game here?


Hate packaged as 'National Security' is still Hate.

With no examples of Muslim terrorism in the last three years presented by this administration, this is not being initiated for National Security reasons, this is solely an expression of Religious Hatred towards a specific Religion.


Gotta stop calling it a "Muslim Ban". It's not gonna help your cause. Those 6 countries represent about 10% of the total Muslim population. I'm pretty sure all citizens of those 6 countries will be denied entry, regardless of religion.


I'm convinced the object is to keep tensions boiling to keep the Big Oil and Wall Street Mafia war profits rolling in.


Nontheists have serious trouble understanding religious bigotry. In the Old Testament, Jonah is this story about a man and his whale. In the Koran the story is equally about the same man and the same whale. So, um, can somebody explain the difference? Is the whale slightly bigger in the Koran version?

In any case, a Gold Star Father and American citizen for 30 years, featured at the Democratic Presidential Convention, can't travel to Toronto to give a speech because he's a Muslim and so the government is suddenly suspicious about him. Good Grief! Why can't the government be suspicious about some white Evangelicals for once?


I disagree. I think the purpose to enact a white nationalist agenda. That is the basis for getting votes. I believe Trump is also carrying out a pro-business agenda to maintain support from the Republicans in Congress since it is basically their agenda.


I'm not sure that a full 1/3 of the country can be considered "White Nationalist". I'm thinking that number is actually less than 10%. It wasn't a White Nationalist majority that got Trump elected. That's just the people who show up at his rallies, and even then, I think only about 1/3 of those would self-identify as "white nationalists". Most of the people who ended up voting for Trump were people who were either fed up with the status quo or who were voting according to a narrow criteria of "identity politics". Yes, the electoral college had something to do with it, but let's not fall into the trap of believing that Russia somehow had a direct hand in all this. The CIA has been MUCH more effective in election interference than Russia could ever hope to be.

One thing that isn't being reported on very much is how this is affecting foreign travel and the visa status of people from countries outside of the six Muslim nations on the list. Visa holders from Europe are also finding their visas being cancelled based on what they post on social media. Foreign tourism has already taken about a $200 million dollar hit from Trump's foreign policy blunders so far, which is only expected to get a lot worse as time goes on.

The bottom line is that I believe that the majority of Americans are good people, but that they have been beaten down economically for so long that they are starting to consider right-wing radicalism in order to stop themselves from feeling so depressed. If they can be given another way to pull themselves up economically and emotionally that doesn't involve hurting others, I'm sure that most of them would take it.