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Muslim, Dark-Skinned, Geeky: Ahmed Mohamed Had No Chance


Muslim, Dark-Skinned, Geeky: Ahmed Mohamed Had No Chance

Pierre Tristam

Of course Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old Texan who outsmarted his very stupid English teacher, his complicitly stupid police department and the hopeless town mayor, was arrested, led away in handcuffs and suspended three days not because he built an ingenious clock out of a pencil box, but because he is Muslim.


The politics of fear is the politics of fascism.
Not quite the meme of the Alamo, now is it?


Generally , after every such instance , there will be those defenders of the Police that go to the airwaves such as hannity and O'reiily claiming the police did nothing wrong here and all the boy had to do was "follow orders". We have those in these boards that spout the same phrases claiming the peoples shot dead by the police for running or strangled to death for selling cigarettes just have to "obey police orders " and not have an attitude when a lawful order given.

We can see from this instance where persons of color are singled out when they have committed no crime at all just because they are of a different color. It should be obvious that as a child subject to such that as he or she grows older they will lose respect for the police and seek to avoid them. Were I stopped and arrested and hauled off to jail as a kid for jaywalking, or arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school, or stopped and questioned for walking with my hands in my pocket, I too would want to evade those police officers at every opportunity. I too would get "an attitude" that is not going to lead me to bowing in obedience and saying yes sir at every demand.

To this boy in particular.As far as the various entities in that town are concerned he has embarrased the Police department in that town. He has embrassed the mayor and the school system. They in fact embarassed themselves but he will now become a target of that Police force. They are going to look for opportunities to prove that the boy is "no Good". This is how they work in such places.


The Islamophobia aside (btw, Sufism can be thought of as "Zen Islam" and the better Christian analogue would be the Quakers) what I still find so gobsmacking about this is the techno-illiteracy of the teachers. A PC board, wires, LED display means "bomb"? WTF??? The use of a time display on a bomb (to tell its tied up or locked up victims how much time they have left) is purely a corny old spy-movie trope! Can't USAns even distinguish reality from fictional movies?


Great essay except for the last bit. The only thing "natural" about Obama's response was political expediency which works both ways for him and his MIC and surveillance state henchmen. Obama's FBI has absolutely fed anti-Muslim hysteria by its synthesis of "terror plots" via contacts with young Muslim males who are then groomed by FBI agents. Obama's DOJ fighting against profiled Muslims who have been hunger striking for years at Guantanamo, and of course his radical examples of profiling against Muslims through the "joysticks" controlling drones going after Muslims of military age in Yemen, Pakistan, and the rest.

I know you are busy Pierre, so glad I could help.



And then there's this....


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


No Yunz,

Government security people are really this stupid. Decades of dealing with the stupidity of government-sanctioned private security at airports in my job as a jet pilot confirmed this for me. Security was always a bad-paying job given to high-school dropouts and even gang members at one airline I worked for. These security companies used to be the lowest bidder with zip for training or background checking.

But you just wouldn't believe some of the stupid people they hired that COULDN'T EVEN READ for Christ Sakes! They thought labels that said inflammable were bombs!; and they couldn't even comprehend simple rules of logic when assessing threats. We pilots loved the movie "Airplane" were security let real bombers sneak by and instead, beat up little old ladies who obviously weren't any physical threat. Because it was So True! Because that's really what happened all the time.

Ninety percent of all GAO unannounced gun-intrusion tests at U.S. airport security checkpoints went undiscovered in carry-on baggage tests over a period of dozens of years. And checked baggage that went down into the belly was never even inspected at all until Pan Am 103. My union, ALPA, pushed hard for better security, to no avail, since the 1930's. The government's answer was always window dressing: frisk pilots furiously while in line in front of passengers at the metal detector, while low-paid men with tools and knives walked under the terminal to the planes without any inspection occurring whatsoever.

Security in the USA was just a big farce, since airlines had to pay for it. They invariably claimed eight hours of watching mindless videos was sufficient training for all US airport guards! 911 could have happened at any time the last fifty years, because nobody would listen to mere employees sounding the alarm bell.

But the stupidity reached a new fever-pitch after 911. Guards were demanding that uniformed pilots with valid I.D. badges unzip our pants in front of the public for a revenge-grope since we refused to take off our metal-lined hats and belt buckles a dozen times a day, and arresting pilots for nail-clippers and safety razors, completely unaware that we had a five-pound crash axe in the cockpit at our disposal mounted on the cockpit wall and had our hands on a 50 million dollar weapon every day (the airplane.)

Meanwhile, the terrified public were frequently carrying sharp acrylic knives onboard for protection after 911 that looked like hair combs right past the metal detectors. Instead of politely frisking random passengers for these items, a prison-complex called TSA was invented by GWB which to this day, is so infernal and intimidating that no tourist in their right mind would ever put themselves through such a "Checkpoint-Charlie"/prison-inmate experience on their vacation if they didn't have to.

After I got out of the biz, I bought a new set of bongos at Costco for my boat. Unknown to me, Costco had placed a free 9millimeter wrench to adjust the tension of the drum inside the package. TSA pulled me aside and read me the riot act. The dim-witted lady in charge of this witch hunt claimed I could take the whole airplane apart! Apparently, modern jets are only built with 9mm size bolts instead of rivets! Just like your Wall Mart kitchen table. Right? Since I was a licensed A&P mechanic, I knew this person was unqualified to make such a preposterous statement! But there was no advantage in pointing this out to someone who had zero experience in aviation prior to GWB inventing a brainless Gestapo instead of polite, educated professionals like you encounter in much of the rest of the world. This illiterate TSA person wrote down that I had a "9-millimeter" in my baggage" until I protested her description of what it was in her report!

I just decided to quit flying into Nazi Germany. Flying in the third world is much safer than driving in the First world, so one can choose to go back in time to the friendly 1950's and not be abused by mindless Storm Troopers with attitude if one wants to.



Interesting Andrew,

That's an important point. And we don't know all the details, since our MSM is so incompetent and technically ignorant and never passes those kinds of details on to the public. Were jokes made about what the device really was? We just don't know.

But that's a job for the Bomb-Squad, is it not? Why the hell weren't they called in right away if this was a case of an actual threat? It doesn't add up. If security and law enforcement were really acting out of an abundance of caution, they wouldn't try to defuse such a thing themselves. The obvious truth must be: That they knew it had no explosive, and arrested the kid anyway because of a typical Texas hatred of immigrants, specifically of ones with an Islamic name.

Isn't that what likely really happened? I can fathom no other explanation. We live in a perpetual State of Fear, because of the boob-tube and government propaganda promoting a fictitious "War on Terror" to keep the proles from questioning authority and especially to keep citizens from questioning the non-stop looting of our US Treasury by them "To keep us safe from the bogeyman!"

That's what I think.



► This smart åss little kid, and probably his smart åss family too, put one over on us in the blink of an eye



Who the hell knows? Kids grow out of it later. Does it justify putting this kid's eyeballs into the gravel and twisting off his arms with a ring of Super-Troopers pumped up on hate and steroids? The nearby students are just lucky the Homeland Insecurity SWAT team didn't show up with tommy-guns and drone everyone to death with robots or something.

Use some common sense, man! Kids do pranks in school. Let's keep the storm-troopers out of our schools, for christsakes! Just put the kid in detention and quit wasting my tax money on imaginary bogeymen. What the hell is wrong with our sorry-excuse of an education system? Are these Zero-tolerance Supermax prisons or Schools where students make mistakes and learn from them?

I give up!



► I don't believe his teacher thought it was a bomb problem. She thought it was an attitude problem


Just Phucking Wonderful. What a helpful mentor! She sure showed him. So now, since the kid has a criminal arrest record, he can never get a job and will probably turn into a real terrorist!

Of course SuperBarry is right there, to use him for his own machinations and then cast him to the lynch mob. The moral of the story is to get out of Nazi Germany while you still can!


► Oh, I don't know, TJ. I think the kid played us just right.

My first reaction was the same as yours, but the boy reassembled a few alarm clock parts and packed them into a little suitcase.

At first I couldn't understand why the school stood by its three day suspension without commenting on the boy's behavior or intent. It seemed to me at that time that they were being unreasonable or just didn't want to be wrong, but they were most likely avoiding potential lawsuits from the family.


I am of the opinion that Texas and Florida should be abandoned and set adrift into the ocean where they can really be on their own. That would assure the mutual destruction of both.


The United States is a demented country. We are a nation in which many citizens walk around with guns in open view (in one instance a man was carrying a rifle in a crowded airport, presumably to ward off terrorists!), while a child is arrested and humiliated for bringing a home made clock to school. The imbecility of the authorities in Irving, Texas, is of a piece with the sinister behavior of the police in Cincinnati Ohio, where a 12 year old was shot dead by a police officer, without warning, for the "dangerous threat" of waving around a toy gun. The common denominator in both Irving and Cincinnati is that both youths were of darker hue, the long-standing measure of "the Other" in this fanatically racist land of the Free and home of the Brave. It's hard to imagine that a geeky kid from the so-called "white race" would be subjected to arrest and harassment for the "crime" of bringing a home-made clock to school. Throughout American history, this kind of treatment has been reserved for "savages," "blacks" and other sub humans. Muslims today are the preferred hated group. They are to the United States, what the Jews were to Eastern Europe: a people to be despised, feared and repressed, at every occasion. And who said anti-Semitism was in decline? If "Arabs" are semites anti-Semitism is exploding. And, of course, moronic bigots like Donald Trump will tell us that all "Arabs" are Muslims and all Muslims are terrorists. See, it's so easy!!

Every weekend in suburbia middle class European-American kids are running around in the woods, playing paintball and other war games with fake guns. Some of these guns are truly realistic, notwithstanding the orange on the barrel, or some such mark, which indicates the gun is fake. And yet, I have not heard of police officers running into suburbia mistakenly gunning down 12 year olds because somebody saw a "kid waving a gun." No, the "search and destroy" mentality, wherein the officer locates the suspect and "terminates" him with "extreme prejudice" in "the interest of public safety" is proper police procedure only in the ghettoes.

Sometimes I think the whole world has become the 9th circle of Hell..


Me thinkest that you are a donkey’s behind.


► I think this is the guy who discovered the stunt first

We gotta face it folks. We were had.


Oh, those kids in South Carolina! (This one's in junior high!)