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Muslim Woman Ejected from Trump Rally as Crowd Hurls Epithets


Muslim Woman Ejected from Trump Rally as Crowd Hurls Epithets

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A Muslim woman wearing a shirt which read "Salam, I come in peace" was forcibly ejected from a Donald Trump rally Friday night as some supporters of the 2016 presidential candidate reportedly hurled Islamophobic epithets at her.


Why are we still treating this ugly person like a serious candidate? Registered republicans make up about 25% of the total electorate. He has about 35% of them. Any decent minded independent will stay far away from him. It is only the rabid extreme right that loves this fool. They will not win.


Donald Trump created his “empire” on the backs of others. He is making his presidential bid on racism, bigotry, intolerance, hatred, division of our nation and making a mockery of the morality and inclusivness we ostensibly stand for. Is this what we’ve become that a person of such low moral character and integrity, immense ego and arrogance is who some look to to lead our nation? The more he displays his pathological mindset, the more people will denounce and turn away from his hatred! This ugly creature is not fit to lead anything.



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My nightmare is a Trump presidency! And the fact that Trump has so many voting puerile, Islamophobic, ideologues and is leading by a substantial margin in most of the Republican polls is the very worst thing I have ever seen in the Republican party. And that is saying a lot! The only ones that came close to this demagoguery was George Wallace, in this country, and Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany.

The only one that has a chance to stop this miasma and Trumps frenzy of bellicosity is Bernie. Bernie is the antidote to Trumps poisonous, political followers.


Very impressive.

“Tell it like it is.”

“I come in peace.”

Salaam, dear Lady.


Trump seems to have captured the George Wallace and Pat Buchanan vote. It’s part of America. No candidate for president has ever won with this voting base and it seems unlikely Trump can do it. If he does win the nomination, which I think is very unlikely, he could lose every state the Democrats might win the House and Senate. This might be some self-destructive process that the Republican Party has to go through because it has been heading in this direction for several decades, ever since the southern conservatives switched from being Democrats to Republicans. This might be how the southern strategy comes to an end, with a big crash…


Funny, I thought the same about Ronnie and Georgie. For the most part, they were paving the way for more sophisticated crooks (Clinton and Obama) to further the elite agenda. Alas.


Those Trumpites are just as violent and barbaric as the “muslims” they hate simply by hating them. We in America have a moral duty to examine our nation’s horrifying impact on the Muslim world mainly orchestrated by the Zionists deep within the US political, military and intelligence organizations. The Brits before us and since WWII the US has been stealing Arab oil, have embedded the violent apartheid Zionist Europeans onto the Palestinian society by force. The reason Arabs are increasingly targeted is because Israel is deflecting focus on the Palestinian issue with the aiding and abetting in the creation of ISIS goons. A senior Israeli general has been captured in Iraq, they are providing weapons and training to the terrorists in their ill conceived plan of conquering Syria and bombing Iran to the stone age as they have Iraq and Libya. America better wake up and rid itself from the evilness perpetrated on them by people like Rupert Murdoch, Shedon Adelson and others super rich who are supporting efforts to inflame Muslim hatred.


Keep the faith my friend, the darkest hour is just before the dawn. Trump and his malignancy has the support of about 30% of the RepubliCons, bigots, racists, the deranged and ignorant, and that percentage has been part of us for a long time. I believe his support will not increase, only decrease as more and more see his ravings for what they are - an aberation and threat to America. There are millions who are rightly fed-up with our direction as a nation, but Trump is a symptom of only part, not an answer.


I do not like this man. Period. but there is a problem that the critics of Donald Trump are overlooking, and it is this: A woman walks into a Trump rally dressed in a shirt reading ‘Salaam I come in Peace’. And she is made welcome. She walks into the middle of the crowd, and explodes, turning the room into flying mince. What then? What will be the Trump critics response now? Because this is EXACTLY the kind of thing ISIS would do. How would we all feel about attending any event and seeing a person displaying messages of peace, in the name of ‘true’ Islam? This is the poisonous impact of terrorism on the Muslim religion, and ultimately it will destroy itself.But in the meantime, who is prepared to accept the presence of Muslim attire at large gatherings, and who are willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in a crowd? Tricky insidious problem it is becoming now.


After reading the article and viewing the video, I cried. I have no words to describe the level of hate and intolerance displayed by the supporters of a candidate for the presidency of the United States. Did the actions of the supporters of Donald Trump accurately reflect the American ideals so often spoken about and glorified?

So many are consumed and lost in their hate. This documented behavior is the direct result of hate speech and perverse rhetoric. It is an ugly reminder of how hate can absolutely blind and corrupt one’s soul.

Hate is easy. Showing love, tolerance, compassion and understanding is a continuous work in-progress.

Rose Hamid’s actions and responses in the interview reflect the teachings and principles under Islam. Rose Hamid set an example that warrants our respect and admiration.


So in keeping with your suggestion of profiling people as potential terrorists according to attire, I’m certain that you would suggest disallowing people in Western attire as well – particularly men in Western style business suits – since people in such attire are without a doubt the biggest purveyors of State directed, and sanctioned terrorism, including ISIS.

Did I get that right?


Oh brother, here we go." But she MIGHT have been a terrorist, so…"----what. The attacks on her were justified? What if it had been one of the white supremacist goons armed to the teeth with an assault rifle–should we assume malice on his part too, or just allow him to circulate and make his political statement? Unbelievable.


The root of the problem is the clash between the Sunnis and Shiites. This is analogous to the previous clash between Catholics and Protestants. In addition to this conflict which has been going on for many centuries there is now the popular idea of pure Wahhabism which began in Saudi Arabia. The Wahhabis believe the Shiites are apostates. And ISIS believes in establishing a caliphate and claims the West is waging war on Islam. This has much less to do with Zionism. That involves the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians over the same land.


Trump trash talks immigrants and Obama expels them.

Trump bashes Muslims and Obama bombs them.

Words and deeds both count.


Then of course their are people like you that blame Israel/Jews for everything wrong on the planet and we all know where that has led to in the past.


You’re under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Your silence will be construed as support for your arrest.

Your PC police
Always vigilant, always ready to act.


It’s chilling that so many clueless Americans can be successfully manipulated into adoring the symbol of their own destruction, namely, a 0.01-percenter.


As disturbing as the display of bigotry and racism is , even more disturbing is the fact that Trump and his handlers AND all of those in the crowd had to have known their reactions to the woman would be reported on or recorded yet they occurred anyways.

They were in part playing to the crowd and in essence saying “This is now acceptable, I do not care who sees me display my racism and bigotry”.

Now in another thread it was suggested by another that the reason so many on the 'right" are supporting trump is because of how they are mocked and ridiculed by the left.

No. This is crap. They support Trump because they support his message. End of story.