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Muslims Become Latest Seemingly Confounding Glitch In the Unelectable, Can't Raise Money, Won't Win Anything But Vermont Mantra


Muslims Become Latest Seemingly Confounding Glitch In the Unelectable, Can't Raise Money, Won't Win Anything But Vermont Mantra

Note to the mainstream media: Yo, listen up. Bernie's stunning win in Michigan didn't just reveal that the royal pundits and pollsters - who had him trailing Clinton by 20 points - have no clothes. It put to the lie the whole, skewed, patronizing, fear-mongering narrative by a press that has relentlessly dismissed his principled and egalitarian stands as "a hoary political fantasy." Now they're mystified even Michigan's huge population of Muslims aren't listening, voting 70 to 30 for the Jewish Socialist guy. Hmm, guess it couldn't be 'cause he's not a bigot, hawk or oligarch.


Obviously, the polls are false. Usually, most polls are "push polls" to push those responding to give the desired answers. National polls will skew towards their expectation by their skewed demographics, too. Here they were completely stupid on top of their biases by failing to poll the young and enthusiastic voters of all races who have been voting for Sanders in every state. All of these polls are worthless, and this year they are a comedy riot of establishment rigid stupidity.

Only the MSM takes polls seriously, because they need to use them for quick articles or TV bits. Fox reports polls with their own biases. Other tv and cable stations pick polls that are dubbed reliable, but they are reliably biased according to the establishment bias. Hopefully, from now on the average person will ignore all of the polls as unreliable and biased.


Clinton probably did not want to upset or send "wrong" message to Bibi by bypassing Dearborne.


Absolutely Margalo! While I don't watch FAUX liars, I do watch the other two so-called political reporting channels as well as major networks. If it wasn't so ridiculous for those who take the words of Wolf and/or Matthews as gospel, it would be amusing. Unfortunately, history is ignored nor never learned so when a night like last night happens and the polls and pundits are shown for what they are, they have to try to cover up their very bared asses. Wonder if anyone still teaches a terrific course I had as a reentry student in my forties back in the late 1970s about how to get past the pundits and commercials to figure out the truth. Somehow I suspect
such information is now banned in locations of higher education and even
then never would have been allowed to inform fertile minds at the secondary level. Thank you for taking the time to comment.


I was mocked by other students for taking several undergraduate rhetoric classes during the 70s. They told me I would never get a job taking such classes. The classes did lead to jobs for fellow students going on to law school. For me, the critical thinking that those classes inspired made them some of the best classes I ever took.


There were classes in rhetoric in the 70s? Who knew? We could use more of that teaching along with civics and elocution in high schools today, never mind at the college level. But it's too much to hope that we will ever again have a generally literate and logical population. sigh


Sadly MarvJ and raydelcamino critical thinking as well has many aspects once valued
factor of the educational systemhave long been removed from most curricula from k through
all levels higher education. Rote memory implanting themajor factors of right wing dogma and
theology began when the goal became election of school boards as the first political level to
train those who are now sitting in positions from local elected positions all the way through all
state and the federal government to include those sitting on judicial benches. The results are
clear when one views thetopic of this article, including not only Hillary, but each and every GOP
candidate. One more very clear reason to campaign for and vote for Senator Sanders.


The rhetoric, elocution classes I took, along with zero population growth (ZPG) and appropriate technology club were all history by the time Wrangler Ronnie took up residence in the White House.

We studied Hitler/Goebbels in depth. It is therefore no surprise that Karl Rove took more rhetoric classes than anybody, only to apply the knowledge on the dark side.

Although I never majored in econ, I took several economics classes in high school and college, which tied it all together. Over the years I have known very few college grads who took even one econ class. Not surprising that we get the politicians we get.


I thought everyone took an econ class in college! Too bad education is so watered down now.


i hope there are lawyers monitoring the machines and the vote suppression in Ohio and Florida.


Go to today's edition of "The Intercept" 3-9-2016 to see the film from which the main picture was taken from.


Unfortunately, democrats have anointed Killery with an unearned 1,100+ delegates as seen, repeatedly, on the smarmy MSNBC/CNN score boards. With little or no explanation Mathews launched into an incredulous tirade against Sanders' and his measly 400-500 delegates bemoaning "Where's he gonna find enough delegates to win the race?"

There has yet to be found any discussion or explanation on how Clinton's delegate war chest can justify the democrat unjustifiable gift of some 1,111 "super delegates". In a feeble attempt to learn how such a circumstance can occur Chris Hayes posed the question to Debbie_Wasserman_Schultz who gave a convoluted response that left Hayes as perplexed as most of us.


This year's election should finally reveal to the American people that American media are biased and not as fair as most Americans give them credit for. Among the mainstream media, there are only two kinds in the US: Republican media and Democratic media. They are owned by the political establishment and they can not be trusted to paint an accurate picture of the issues. Most American news reporting is not there to inform, but to influence people and interfere in democracy. American media act as the keepers of the status quo.


In October after the 1st debate CNN's own online poll showed Bernie winning by 68%. CNN quickly took the poll off their web page and replaced it with "Hillary triumphs", fortunately someone did a screen grab. Online polls by Fox, Drudge, Time etc also showed Bernie winning. CNN has been the Pentagons propaganda channel since the 1st gulf war in 1991.
A central tenet of a democracy is a free press thus creating an informed electorate.
If mainstream media is knowingly lying to us, we need a new media.


Thanks raydelcamino, I met JK Galbreath in Econ !01, a most valuable lifetime experience. The man was a genius, and kind too...


Yeah the anti-Bernie media hype with its critical claims of the Bernie 'left' as being half baked, pie-in-the-sky delusions . . . . what a sick joke. If you want to see real delusions in action, fully formed, just look at centrist politics and its unfolding horror chronicled every single day. No the progressives are not delusional - don't put up with this false hegemony from the extremists of status quo 'centrism'. Just show them the dead bodies, conflict, and suffering from their 'moderate' politics.


Civics classes made the politics of the sixties possible. I had them in middle school/elementary school and then in high school along with economics. Not rhetoric though we all caught the elements of debate along the way. Civics classes taught us our rights and the limits of government in a democracy with our constitution and bill of rights.

It is not a coincidence that with civics classes gone that so are many of those rights in people's minds. Once people would stand on their rights because they knew their rights and understood what they meant.

Ask many young people what are their rights and they will say that you have the right to remain silent, that what you say can be used against you, that they can't just lock you away without a trial (except that they can), that you had the right to know the charges against you and challenge the evidence and well as face the witnesses against you (except that you can't because they say it is classified), that they can't just conduct surveillance without a court order (except they can for several months before asking for that court order)!!!!!!!!

That is what an end to civics classes did. You can't exercise your rights if you don't know what they are and it turned out that later that you couldn't protect your rights when you never knew that you even had them.


mass media was bought and sold many years ago first by mergers and acquisitions and now by billionaires like Bezos of AMAZON who owns WAPO. Now do you understand why you should only read online websites you trust? I don't spend any money on any print media anymore and get my news and analysis online and by listening to PACIFIC FOUNDATION public supported radio stations like KPFA here in berkeley and KPFK out of Los Angles. Unless you support it with your dollars and they do not accept corporate money, don't expect to hear or read truth. Corporate amerika owns them all. PBS news is a joke -listen to all the commercials before and after the broadcast and see who they ask to be on their "news hour to analyze anything that you care about. not the folks we trust at all. hurrah for COMMON DREAMS who needs our dollars to continue reporting truth to us.


Voted for the Bern yesterday......


And I will follow your lead MaryJ when come June I mark my
permanent absentee ballot and mail it as soon as I receive it
out here in California. I firmly believe Bernie is going to win this
very big blue State where the down the ticket races are divided
by number, but the votes for POTUS will all go to the winner.
The registration of repugs in CA is less than 30 % and going
down. The days of earlier GOP control of CA is gone.