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'Must-Watch' Obama Eulogy for John Lewis Includes Powerful Call for Americans to Rise Up for Voting Rights Nationwide

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/30/must-watch-obama-eulogy-john-lewis-includes-powerful-call-americans-rise-voting


Wow, those are pretty harsh words about voting rights, especially coming form a guy who spent 8 years in the White House as the head of his party and did absolutely NOTHING about the nationwide voter suppression efforts by the Republican Party.
It’s sad when someone finally pulls their thumb out of their ass and wonders what he’s been sitting on all those years.
Well, as John McClane said in Die Hard, “Welcome to the party, pal!” It’s too fucking late Barry, but hey at least you can say you did something.


I see the headline says “must watch”. Think I will pass. Don’t care to listen to anything by a hopey changey look forward drone killing …


DIdn’t read the article about this turncoat. I suppose it’s as eloquent as all his other speeches. Probably one of the best snake oil salesman in quite some time. As president, he was McConnell’s top boot-licker. Go back to your mansion in Cape Cod or wherever and stay out of politics.


Did he say anything about other living things on this earth?
Did he attempt to make amends for the fracking he promoted among other things that are harmful to all life on earth?
Voting will not make any difference if/when everything is extinct.
I absolutely hate anthropocentrism that is rampant in the u.s. I don’t want to drone on (pun intended) about all that is infuriating about Obama so I will leave it at that.

p.s. this was in the headlines today-----it speaks volumes:

“Barack Obama slams Trump in high-priced Zoom calls with George Clooney and other wealthy supporters”

Published: July 30, 2020 at 10:34 a.m. ET

By Shawn Langlois


Well, better late than never.


He should just fade quietly into purgatory. Makes me sick.


Republican light with a silver tongue.


Except the tongue part. Never was impressed. Also the lite part !!!


Voting rights: Bobby Kennedy had only 10 civil rights attorneys and they sued and won in every southeast state in front of republican federal judges appointed by Ike. Opened polls to folks who had never been allowed to vote before - and many were elderly in Alabama.

Obama had 700 civil rights lawyers and here we are today, worried that mail in ballots will not be fully counted at all in certain zip codes or lawsuits filed for disputes will repeat good ole 2000 Florida ‘chad’ disaster.


How is a lying sociopath corporate stooge who is fine with the USA plutocracy talking about “voting rights” something we should watch? Just more lies and misdirection coming from his forked tongue mouth. You fucked over the USA for eight years you god damned vile enabler of corporate oligarchs and gave us Trump as your parting gift. The only fucking rights you care about is the divine right of kings which your corporate masters use to steal everything from the citizens of the USA. Go to hell Obama.


Yeah and when he was in charge from 2008-2010 with a congressional supermajority he and his party didn’t do shit to address the issue of voting rights. Or abortion rights. Or any kind of other meaningful rights. NOTHING. Just one watered down, ineffective legislation after another. Oh and he got some nice executive powers like unlawful detention in place too.

Why is Obama still be fawned over and praised? The man did as little as he could for the working class, we lost over 1000 congressional and local seats under him, he cared more about making McConnell happy and appeasing people who dangled puppets from trees with his name on it that he cared about putting up a real fight for the working class including the black community. He knew about possible Russian interference and kept his mouth shut to not upset Moscow Mitch. He allowed the GOP to con him out of Merrick Garland, who was already a compromise as far as Justice picks go and his wife who somehow is the most popular person in this country is good, warm friends with war criminal George W Bush whose heinous legacy she is helping whitewash, the millions of Iraqis whose country we set on fire and murdered for no reason and the countless US soldiers who died for that immoral, criminal, illegal war be damned.

Obama is part of the problem. He surround himself with felon Wallstreet execs and the very people who have been chipping away at voting rights not to mention destroying the economic security and well being of working class people of this country, including and especially that of black people. He’s endorsed and considers a friend the architect of the Crime Bill that has had devastating consequences for the black community. Now he is pointing his sanctimonious finger at others that they must fight for the very things he did not fight for when he had the power. This revisionism people engage in and the hypocrisy is absolutely gross and actually very harmful. Lying to ourselves about Obama isn’t helpful. We need to learn from his mistakes not pretend there weren’t any.


During the two years (2009-10) Obama and the Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress they failed to repeal Pete Sessions’ 2006 kill the Postal Service (USPS) legislation. The ongoing push to destroy the USPS is the GOP’s gold star 2020 election voter suppression tool. During today’s speech, Obama should have at least admonished street protesters to shift their target to Congress, demanding that they save USPS post haste. If USPS is not saved, the protesters will make no progress on whatever they are currently protesting.


Spot on.

I wouldn’t waste one second watching this fraud. This war criminal. Hey, Barack, how are the people from Libya faring these days? Syria, Yemen too?



Fuck. All you posters here. Seriously, i have no previous conceptions/ideas/ opinions about obama. But that video was nauseating. I am always alarmed when people read from scripts.


Sorry Barack, too little too fuckin late! After your record of do little or nuthin, or push any progressive issue when you had the opportunity, or work for a real Universal Single-Payer you sold-out to the PTB - you pushed repressive bills and empowered the security state, for-profit wars, bailed-out bankers and wall street, but did not have the integrity or courage to prosecute torturers and others. So I say FU, you’re an Uncle Tom like other Dem tools that sold incrementalism rather than fight for real change!

Obama’s Big Sellout tells part of the story of the Obama tenure of timidity, deceit, craven complicity and betraying people of color.

Biden is using Larry Summers as part of his senior economic team, and talking to Timmy Geithner, another recycled centrist. NOT a good start - one that will get a hell of a lot worse - the Biden Big sellout team is coming together.

~https://www.commondreams.org/news/2009/12/13/obamas-big-sellout-president-has-packed-his-economic-team-wall-street-insiders – Obama’s Big Sellout


Then I expect you and Eric get your sweet asses out in front when drump tries his power play

In the FRONT OF THE LINE just like Lewis

Take that skull fracture and come back up swinging

It’s your two’s fault the G-O-Pee-ers Got no Push back for 8 years

Remember you OWE all the Brothers And Sisters for your Uncle Tom Presidency

No Civil Rights Renaissance But rather
Black Lives Matter started on your watch

Did I miss everything you did for Ferguson

Oh I guess we all did


Occupy Wall Street (OWS) also started after Obama’s catfood commission crafted a “grand bargain” to dismantle Social Security and Medicare. Although the bargain failed to get traction in Congress, Obama’s justice department made everything OWS did illegal.

Until OWS’ agenda becomes law, the income and wealth inequality gap (that spawned the birth ofblack lives matter) will continue to widen resulting in zero meaningful progress being made on racial issues, no matter how many statues are removed or relocated.


How can you not have any opinions about Obama? Are you from Mars?


Who cares what President No Hope No Change, who sold out every one of his low-income and working class supporters, has to say? Not only did Obama create much of the desperation and misery that led to Trump’s election in 2016, Obama intervened again in 2020 to block Bernie Sanders, who would have been our transformational president.