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'Must-Watch' Obama Eulogy for John Lewis Includes Powerful Call for Americans to Rise Up for Voting Rights Nationwide

In my political operative days I spent quite a few nights staying at the home of Ms. Amelia Boynton-Robinson, the Selma woman who was beaten bloody by Alabama Troopers on Bloody Sunday at the Pettus Bridge. An insightful woman, Amelia, thought John Lewis was a brave young man battling deep-seated personal demons that put him at odds with the Christian ministers who led the Civil Rights Movement.

Lewis deserved a better eulogist than Wall Street’s flavor of the year 2008, Barack Obama.
Obama’s only real connection to the civil rights struggle is that he cashed in on it. And did a damn good Bush imitation for 8 years.


Great speech. If he hadn’t been in a position to make the changes he opined on I might have been impressed. 8 years of handouts to the wealthY and shit to the rest of us has made me hear blah blah blah when this tool speaks… its so depressing.


I am frustrated with people who crap on a genuine compromise effort to bring universal coverage to the United States and deny it happened. It is an historical fact that the ACA , had John Roberts not blocked the expansion of Medicaid, would have brought us very very close to universal coverage. These fools here blathering on about Medicare-For-All and argue that the ACA wasn’t universal coverage because of co-pays and deductibles forget that MEDICARE ONLY COVERS 80% !!!
Jesus Christ it is maddening.
Obama deserves SOME credit for accomplishing that, considering the massive opposition from EVERY quarter against ALL the plans that had been proposed. It simply is not true that Obama “did nothing” as some of these fools stated. it is also true that many commenters here are simply IGNORANT BIG TIME about what the ACA did and did not do , and their default position is to blather on about the Heritage Foundation etc. etc. ad nauseum. What they should dislike about the ACA they are completely ignorant of and what they should like about it they bitch about and deny. IT IS VERY FRUSTRATING.

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Kaylie, read this post carefully please.
I never said Obama’s ACA = Medicare. not even close. You put words in my mouth I did not say, and ignored my point.

Obama was not president from 2008 to 2010 with a supermajority. he did not enter the White House as president until 2009. And he entered the White House with the worst depression since 1929, not a minor problem. You seem all to eager to gloss over the details. Just like you gloss over details about the ACA compromise.

It is fact that all Americans would have had some kind of health insurance coverage had John Roberts NOT BLOCKED the expansion of Medicaid under the ACA. That is a simple fact. Some were to be forced to buy coverage (or pay much higher taxes) and those unable to afford a private policy would be subsidized with government money for a privatized medicaid policy. Others would be covered under the VA. and the rest would have employer based coverage. But EVERYONE would have had something. Were it NOT FOR ROBERTS’ SINGLE RULING.

You yearn for Medicare-for-All and dismiss the ACA for privatizing coverage to a system of deductibles and co-pays which have zero to do with universal coverage, and you blissfully forget that Medicare only covers 80%. You really are arguing for a free 100% comprehensive healthcare as if that exists anywhere on earth. It does not. I repeat, IT DOES NOT EXIST ANYWHERE ON EARTH.
The ACA with all its faults was the closest we have come to universal coverage, were it not for John Roberts! That is a fact. There are restrictions and variations in coverage and costs EVERYWHERE on earth in all national systems. But trying to educate you is impossible because you know that the Heritage Foundation produced the ACA and by God nobody is going to convince you of anything . Oh, and Obama is bad.
You don’t even know what a Medicaid waiver is.


You seem to forget that having insurance is not the same as having health care. It is health care that people need for survival - insurance does not help with that, but decidedly gets in the way (since insurance companies make more money when people get less health care). Thus Universal Healthcare is an important concept - Universal Coverage is not.

Secondly, the folks supporting an expanded Medicare for All program are arguing for care that is free at the time of service - not free as in no one ever pays (some sort of progressive taxation scheme is clearly needed. When people have to make payments at the time of service (especially large ones relative to their income/wealth) it means that the decision to seek care becomes a financial decision rather than a medical one - a concept that most progressives find immoral.

Thirdly, you claim that no countries have the kind of system where no payments are made at the time of service - but there are a good number of countries that have exactly that.

Fourthly, you claim that the original ACA (where the Medicaid expansion was mandatory in all states) meant that everyone would be covered. That is false - as the Congressional Budget Service said at the time (5 to 6% would be uncovered). There were just plenty of exemptions that you are ignoring. Roberts’ ruling only affected about 2 or 3% of the population (of course Trump has made things much worse and knocked another 3% out of coverage).

Fifthly, when people talk about an Expanded Medicare for All program - they are not just talking about making everyone eligible for the current Medicare program - they are talking about a full service medical care program (and free at the time of service as mentioned about).

I would not dispute that there are a number of aspects of the ACA that improved the ability of Americans to receive health care and the Medicaid expansion was one of them - but it was woefully inadequate in getting at the core problems with our health care system.


he was VERY polite to the crooks of industry and corrupt politicians.
He asked for permission, if he got his hands slapped he would let it go.
Boy he was a NICE man.

on the other hand the orange $hit does not know the word NO. He fires AG to get what he wants, etc…

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With all due respect, it was NOT an “affordable care act”. It was a “MANDATORY care ( insurance) act”.

It was good to see that pre-existing conditions would not disqualify you. But there were no caps on premiums which, to my way of thinking, is a giveaway to insurance companies.


Oh ok so he was president from 2009 and had a supermajority from 2009-2011 when the new congress was sworn in!! The point is, he had that set up for 2 years! I and others have already made the point about health insurance not being the same as healthcare. Not interested in a bad faith discussions with someone who hasnt read the comments and who keeps coming back here to make excuses for the people who failed us and got us here in the first place. Your other comment was about how Obama gave people universal coverage when that is not the point. People didn’t need to be forced to be covered by insurance, they needed access to affordable healthcare without strings attached. Plans that have $10,000 deductibles and $600 monthly premiums are hardly affordable!!!

Healthcare isn’t Obama’s only failing either, there are his war crimes and drone strikes with a 91% civilian death rate and his refusal to go after wallstreet and in fact work on making sure to protect the criminals, there is stuff like the Monsanto Protection Act. There is him surrounding himself with felon banks from wallstreet who helped crash the economy forcing him, according to you, to make shitty policy choices later when he could and should have gone after these banks. There is only so much you can blame McConnell before you realize you have some responsibility too. Given that he had a majority for 2 years he accomplished surprisingly little. You are so hung up on your medicaid argument you are missing the whole point and arguing with someone who is in so much denial is a waste of time.


Obama certainly did do something.

I watched him as he promised that everyone would “get a seat at the table”. And then told Single Payer advocates, “Not You”. As doctors were arrested for simply wanting the opportunity to state their opinion.

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Don’t forget the “penalty” for not making insurance companies profit.


Welcome to CD!

Obama showed his best respect for voting and election in 2014 in Kiev on the MAIDAN where his Fascist friends caused a bloodbath and, as usual, blamed their victims for their own crimes - as he is now, from behind the scene, directing rioting, looting, violence - but blaming the other side.
A mass murderer should not have been allowed to speak at an honest Freedom Fighter’s funeral - it is dishonoring John Lewis’ memory.

No, I do not forget that.
You seem to want to ignore my points made in many posts you might not have seen that NO system on earth provides EVERYTHING all the people might want or need. It is a matter of cost and quality. BUT THE ACA DID GIVE US A VERY NEAR UNIVERSAL COVERAGE BUT FOR THE TRAITOROUS VOTE OF REPUBLICAN JOHN ROBERTS. This is a simple fact NONE of you ideologues and purists will admit.
If that ACA universal coverage left out a percentage, well that’s the compromise. Even Medicare only covers 80%. Stop arguing that anything less than perfect 100% delivery of every single medical request and desire and need you have is a fraud or betrayal.
You are either going to pay MUCH HIGHER TAXES or be required to pay an insurance company for a policy. There is no alternative.
The ACA as passed delivered universal coverage of ALL Americans but for John Roberts vote to strike down the expansion of Medicaid. YOU WILL NOT CHANGE MY MIND ON THIS FACT SO PLEASE DO NOT TRY.

I never said that. Please show me the quote where I said that. You can’t because I did not say that.

I fought the privatization of Medi-Cal (Medicaid in California) in court for a year (and lost BTW)
That was the genuine push of the ACA to entirely privatize healthcare. I am very aware that the ACA did not “get at the core problems with our healthcare system”. THAT’S WHY I WENT TO COURT.
Most people don’t even realize that the Medicaid waiver issued to California was specifically to allow California to PRIVATIZE it’s Medicaid system. Had everyone who could afford to buy a private policy doneso, and the expansion of Medicaid be allowed to go through, I believe almost everyone in the nation would have had SOME KIND of healthcare insurance coverage. Whether that rose to the level of quality we expected or want is another matter.
I was responding to those who were incessantly crapping on Obama for having done “nothing” and I quote them here. Considering the disaster our response to Covid19 has been, is it unreasonable to suggest that Obama was forced to make ugly compromises to try and get SOMETHING passed in a country as fucked up as this one? This country is on its way to a civil war and you guys are expecting pristine 100% healthcare. Get real. the shithouse is falling apart before our eyes.Obama might not have done the very best he could but he did something, not “nothing”.

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Sorry. I did read before it was removed and I understand your point of view even while I will still avoid the term.

I wish terms of service were spelled out more clearly. I’ve only flagged outright spam and one post in the past I deemed to be promoting violence. I was sure that would be against terms of service though when I looked there is nothing against the rules on that. Several other posters were quite annoyed with me and these days I only flag spam.

Yep, 1ed flagged my comment for talking about cookies … maybe he’s diabetic and can’t eat cookies … poor guy.

Voting rights arent very useful when trade agreements have traded the right for legislators, when elected to actually CHANGE anything permanently.

Like healthcare! Why did they make such a contentious issue an INTERNATIONAL affair, requiring the consent of a huge number of other nations to change things? Why did they put our doctors and nurses (and dozens of other professions) JOBS on the line like international poker chips?

And then not tell us about it?