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'Must-Watch TV': Comedian John Oliver Makes Case for Medicare for All, Debunks Right-Wing Talking Points

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/17/must-watch-tv-comedian-john-oliver-makes-case-medicare-all-debunks-right-wing


(Oliver) But the devil you know is still a devil

I’m glad to see John Oliver mentioned here in this context instead of seeing him slam Jill Stein or a number of other things he’s done over the years (yes, I watch him and often like him, but I’ve seen that he can be unfair to us too).

I hope his actions can give other comedians permission to say the obvious.

There is never been a better opportunity to get there in my lifetime - vote Bernie, and talk to as many people as you can about Bernie and Medicaire for All.


Awesome segment by Oliver.


It’s troubling to me that I’ve had to make much the same case to CD commenters.

And FWIW: I took my wife to the ER at 4am this morning (she’s fine after a battery of tests).
It took until 7:15am to see a doctor.

We have high quality health insurance.
My wife is employed by the high quality university health system hospital we were at.
So please cut the horseshit about wait times.


If you listen to what Buttigieg is really saying, it’s “I don’t give a crap if you want a public option, go get one if you want, but I’m not going to lift a finger to help you get it”


Ditto. Good M4ALL talk. But anyone else doing so may want to speak slower. After all, it’s mostly republicans that need the education.


Last month my brother (68 yrs old on medicare) was told by his GP that he had a couple of heart problems and needed to see a Cardiologist ASAP. The first appointment they could get was almost a month out. The Doc told my brother to take it real easy until he saw the cardiologist. My brother said “what does that mean?” the GP said
“well, walking is ok” - and he was not talking about walking for exercise. FOR A MONTH!

He’s seen the cardiologist now and was told that one of the problems is congenital and it was recommended that all his siblings (yours truly included) and kids also get checked for this now. They’re treating the other problem with drugs first.

So What Skeptic Tank Said !!! cut the horseshit about wait times.


Excellent Segment ! Highly recommended and make sure your idiot Republican and Neoliberal friends see it too


Just a great big thank you to John, his peers, and their mentor Jon for finding creative ways to inform the public about crucible issues of our times. Kudos to all!


So do Jimmy Dore, Lee Camp, and many other ‘comedians’.
Odd isn’t it.


Glad she’s okay, Skep. Peace.


No, I won’t be watching John Oliver. He’s a liar. He’s not funny anymore, even if he’s right this time:


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The one thing Oliver doesn’t mention nor do any of the other commentators when discussing cost is the cost of the current system. They project M4A out ten years and swoon at the cost. What Oliver should have done, rather than agree that it will be costly, he should have project the cost of the current system out ten years. In comparison M4A looks like the bargain it is.

BTW, our government under our glorious capitalist for profit health care system generously picks up about 65% of the nation’s health care costs – so much for despicable socialism. Once again as Bernie points out, we already have socialism for the rich. Most of that 65% the government picks up is going to insurance and pharma interests, not our health care providers.


Exactly Alan ^^ M4A is a bargain compared to current health system. YES! I was hoping he’d say this too.


And let’s not forget George Carlin on that list. His old routines are still relevant today!


Major synaptic misfire on my part


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And how. Just substitute Trump for Bill Clinton in this thing:


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Thanks for this one. I’d never seen this routine from George before.

Depends on who you consider a journalist… there’s lots of excellent journalists out there, just not on TV or writing for the NY Times or Washington Post. They’re all on YouTube (for now).