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'Muzzled' Canadian Scientists Call for Protections in Federal Contracts


'Muzzled' Canadian Scientists Call for Protections in Federal Contracts

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Canadian federal scientists, backed by major public sector unions, are protesting in Ottawa and beyond on Tuesday against "the muzzling of Canada's public scientists and partisan interference in the development of public science" under Stephen Harper's administration.


After i saw this really stunning result from a recent study on the burden of endocrine disruptors in Europe,
Estimating Burden and Disease Costs of Exposure to Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in the European Union

I couldnt help but wonder if the trade deals war on chemical regulation, (see http://www.ciel.org )
health care policy that makes curative care unaffordable for many, (USA)

and TISA and TTIP’s attack on global public higher education, and by extension- independent science, by means of their use of GATS definitions in the TISA and TTIP “mandate” documents.

the above are all rather too close for comfort.


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Harper is a fundamentalist mad man!


Well with the recent election in Alberta I am hopeful that Harper will be defeated come October.

That said neither the Liberals or the ever more Corporate friendly NDP parties excite me overly much.


Harper doesn’t need scientists to advise him, he already knows the real evangelical truth as do all the delusional devotees of The Cornwall Alliance.


The Dominionists are about the most self serving sickening of the cults out there. They actually claim that environmentalism and the desire to protect the Earth is a machination of Satan and mans purpose is to leave the Earth as a carcass behind so when the believers taken up in the rapture those that are left will suffer.


Hi, Just call me satan then.

IMO all of 'em fear death so much they’ll believe any pile of delusion rubbish to avoid having to confront that eventuality. That said, some of them aren’t quite as bad as these assholes. Oh for sure, most have an all-powerful imaginary being[s], but some try to keep their fanatics in tow by teaching things like being good shepherds and do unto others, that sorta stuff which at least doesn’t require a wholesale apocalyptic slaughter of billions to make their fantasy come true.