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My Cousin Rudy Is Melting But He Can Still Smell Election Crimes With the Deranged Help Of His Elite Strike Force

That streaming! - looks like he’s in musth! That’s when male elephants go a bit crazy with too much testosterone.

When the lawyer buys into the client’s story, it never ends well. Lawyers are supposed to be advocates for the client, not fanatics subsumed into the client.


a hairdresser said it was probably not hair dye but mascara applied to his grey sideburns.
keep up the good work, rudes, we’re counting on you.

Hi speechless:

Well, you know he was out the 4 Seasons LANDSCAPING the other day. : ) I think someone noticed that he had a bit of grey hair coming in on the sides…Rudy probably thought he’d put a bit of manure to cover the grey-------- yes, I know that sounds weird…but when people lose their minds they start to do lot of weird things. Did anyone near him notice that smell of BULL poo?

From A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words Dep’t to Rudolpho G: stay away from the rainman and his dark cures (leaking from your face)

…the one was Texas medicine, the other was just railroad gin…an’ like a fool (you) mixed them, an’ it strangled up (your) mind…an’ now people just look uglier, an’ (you) have no sense of time…

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In addition to throwing out the trump election irregularities lawsuits, the judges should hold their lawyers in contempt of court WITH 30 DAYS IN JAIL APIECE, for wasting the court’s & the taxpayers time & money!!


Knowingly bringing a conjured meritless case before the court

Yeah I would think the lawyer would be censured by their bar

Especially given the scope


Are you sure this video debacle isn’t a take from Saturday Night Live?

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This is the Republican party supporting all this BS-----these people like the gov and Senator of Ark support this idea that there was complete fraud in this election-----Senator from ND said same thing on MTP???So are the elections of any of these people legit???

Oh , Rudy that is not crime you are smelling. It is cheap hair dye and sweaty underpants.