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My Cousin Vinny Gets Out-Bonkered by The Ultimate Karen and It Is...Something

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/12/03/my-cousin-vinny-gets-out-bonkered-ultimate-karen-and-it-issomething


Good grief what has this lady been smoking? The true horror is that a lot of Trumpanzees will believe this manure.


Calling GOP cult members “trumpanzees” is insulting to intelligent primates like chimps.

An even greater “true horror” is that the cult members who don’t believe “this manure” continue to take great pride in the GOP getting away with ever more egregious lies and other travesties during the past four decades.


What a gong show. The person who sending this team forward was in fact the President of the USA for the past 4 years. It looney tune land.

Of those 74 million that voted Trump , i suspect a good many believe this stuff even as they thought trump would make America great again. This is where LOTE voting gets you. Both parties are in serious decay.


It is so great when someone is a parody of themselves. She’s only slightly more off the wall than Trump himself. I wonder if she is really that crazy or is purposely playing this role to embarrass Giuliani and Trump, right out of Saturday Night Live or Alice in Wonderland. This could be brilliant guerilla theatre.

I thought competent lawyers vet their witnesses; Rudy, obviously, forgot law school.


She sounds and acts like she’s been sampling one of our state’s finest(sic)products-meth. Produced by independent rural labs and independently dispensed by the owner/operator.
And what’s that THING on her head??? Is it some offspring of Trump’s hair thing?
Just when I think it can’t get any more strange, it’s one-upped by another patient who truly does need to be under medical and psychiatric care.


Ohhhh my gaaaawwwwd!
Defiantly, and definitely cracked in the head.


1 - The wonder is that Giuliani actually has an embarrassment point. I didn’t think it possible, until Mellissa Carone. hahaha
2 - OTANOH - On The (almost nearly) Other Hand, I still don’t have a good idea of what issues constituted her computer crime.
3 - I followed the link and down that page to her affidavit. Hard to imagine such carelessness, as she claims, from any election workers or that it wouldn’t be noticed and corrected by supervisors. Other than that, I had to admit, what she claims could, conceivably be possible. Mostly in a TV script. Or in National Inquirer. I remember a Sally Jesse Raphael show in the 1980’s in which she asked a National Inquirer writer how he certified the accuracy of his crazy stories. He basically said, if it was imaginable, then he figured it could be real so it was really printed in the tabloid as a true story. Now THERE’s proof (ha).
4 - Quote from article “Dominion Voting Systems, the nefarious company …” I don’t know that Dominion is at all “nefarious” - just painted that way by Republicans, which, even without knowledge or supporting evidence in my hand, is a recommendation as far as I am concerned. - note: they do have a web site, easy to Google. Hugo Chavez is not on their board, celestial or otherwise.


There she is – Missy CaresNone proving she is sooooo blonde: how do you know when Rude Ghouliani has a blonde secretary? [There’s white-out all over the computer screen.]


Too bad she is pushing the stereotype. Usually all the blondes I know have their own collection of blonde jokes, including my partner (kind of like lawyers with their own collection of lawyer jokes). Also, the blonde secretaries (actually all secretaries in my experience) usually find their job is to pull their (usually male) boss’s butts out of the dumb fires they managed to set themselves down in. They (the secretaries) do, too. Ha. Cheers.

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I wonder how many cans of Canned air has to be used to give her a full refill?


Normally, I believe you need 2 concurring psychologists to commit someone. In her case, it’s two people who aren’t batsh*t crazy.


SNL can now add a new character. Drunk Uncle’s equally brain-addled daughter.

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LOL!! Good one.

What do you call a brunette with blonde roots?

Artificial Intelligence.


Blonde goes to her Doctor and says “doctor Doctor I hurt everywhere what is wrong with me” ?

He says “what do you mean you hurt everywhere?”

She touches her foot and goes OW. She touches her Knee and goes OW she touches her elbow and goes OW! She touches her chin and goes OW she touches her belly and goes OW

Doctor says…You have a broken finger.


Some of the allegations in her affidavit sound entirely plausible to me, though there is too little detail for anyone to act on. Poorly-trained people trying to get a batch with a jamming ballot to count by running it through several times without zeroing out the counter in between runs, and people casually going outside through an unsecured doorway to smoke with boxes of unscanned ballots nearby seem especially likely to be true.

Turned out to be Cecily Strong playing her, Kate McKinnon was playing Rudy. Truth can be stranger than fiction.

Gotta stop washing the Xanax down with Popov.