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"My Eyes Just Burning, Ain't Nobody Crying": Doug Jones Wins


"My Eyes Just Burning, Ain't Nobody Crying": Doug Jones Wins

Whew. That was way too close for comfort. And yeah, the country's in a sorry state to have come to this. But not only does Doug Jones become the first Democrat to win a Senate seat in Alabama in 25 years; his win is a blunt rejection of all the hate-mongering, gay-bashing, race-baiting, sexual-assaulting, serial lying crap of losers Moore and Trump and Bannon too. Forward. And cnce and for all, to Moore in all his evil: "Fuck you and the horse you (badly) rode in on."


To all Alabamans who voted for Doug Jones: Thank You! You did it! This is a great and highly symbolic step forward for your State and your country. Congratulations!!!


Good stuff. Though it is worrying that it was so close.


It’s Alabama. My California District will be close too if we manage to kick out my Congressman. But I’m damn sure going to help make it happen close or not.


21,000 votes isn’t real close. For a Democrat to win a major race in Alabama borders on the miraculous, even if it is close!


Very true.

Jones was a great candidate. I watched one of his speeches, as well as a couple tv appearances, and was very impressed by his presence. A stark contrast to Moore.


That is definitely the optimistic side of looking at it. Hopefully this sends a precedent to other long time controlled R states.