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"My Eyes Just Burning, Ain't Nobody Crying": Doug Jones Wins


"My Eyes Just Burning, Ain't Nobody Crying": Doug Jones Wins

Whew. That was way too close for comfort. And yeah, the country's in a sorry state to have come to this. But not only does Doug Jones become the first Democrat to win a Senate seat in Alabama in 25 years; his win is a blunt rejection of all the hate-mongering, gay-bashing, race-baiting, sexual-assaulting, serial lying crap of losers Moore and Trump and Bannon and their ugly ilk. Forward to mid-terms. And once and for all, to Moore in all his evil: "Fuck you and the horse you (badly) rode in on."


Why should this unenlightened “progressive” want to “fuck the horse Moore rode in on”? What an incredibly dumb remark.


Regardless of her motivations, conscious or subconscious, she is not worth the time of day.


Replace the “horse” with an “elephant” to get it right. Hooray for the Crimson Tide.


The posters above me must be moore fans?

Happy Days, Jones wins and moores’ horse goes to the glue factory.


Democrats are in an interesting position regarding Steve Bannon.

On the one hand, Bannon’s vow to primary lots of Republican incumbents by running a nationwide slate of Roy Moores might put enough bigots and misogynists on the ballot to give Democrats a better shot at safe Republican seats.

On the other hand, the Dems have already proven that they can lose to bigots and sex abusers. Hell, they even elected a sexual predator of their own.

I guess it’s too bad that so many Dem wins rely on unsavory Republican candidates. Because the current Dem losing streak is largely a function of their continuously running on the slogan “We’re Not as Bad As They Are.”

And really, that’s pretty much what they’re going to run on in 2018.


I found this as one of many references for this phrase. Yours is the only one so far that is a personal attack.

Basically it means be done with you and whatever brought you to this point.

"Let’s say you tell someone “up yours.” (This is a milder version of the phrase that usually precedes “and the horse you ride in on.” )

So you say “Up yours!” The message is “I’m finished with you.”

If you add the intensifier: “And the horse you rode in on,” you emphasize the “Up yours” by essentially adding “and everything about you!”

The “and the horse” bit emphasizes the extent of your frustration and how fed up you are.

The expression is an America idiom. It’s been around since the early 1900s."


What was Doug Jones’s first tweet after winning? Oh, this one:

Seems like he might have run on more than just Moore, that what we see in the press isn’t always reflective of what’s happening on the ground (just a week ago pundits were saying African American turnout would be low).

To add to that point, remember the conversations about Democrats just abandoning Jones, selling out? Remember when evil corporatist neoliberal sellouts like me pointed out not all was as it appears if you took one moment to look beyond the “sellout” narrative? Because I do:


The horse thing was only missing the white hooded gown and a flaming torch

As for your colloquials which seem in agreement for me but not others apparently, I’ll leave Chevy’s line from Christmas Vacation

“I want to look him straight in the eye and tell him what a cheap, lying, no good, rotten, far flushing, snake licking, dirt eating, inbreed, overstuffed, ignorant, blood sucking, dog kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat assed, bug eyed, stiff legged, spotty lipped, worm headed, sack of monkey shit he is!!! Halleluah!! Holy shit!! Where’s the Tylenol??”

Maybe that is clear enough


Hey, even the horse didn’t like being ridden by Moore, which raised my esteem for horses as sensitive, discerning creatures. Fuck Moore, leave the horse out of it.


Hey, welcome to CD, Rethugs! It has been a looong time since we had any Trump/Moore/MAGA worshippers on the site and in the comment section. I despise everything you believe in, stand for, espouse, and hold dear, but by GOD I welcome your right to speak your minds (unlike your side, which believes everyone on the left should be shot or deported or just STFU).

Feel free to spout your hatred and knuckle-dragging commentary here! Note that it will be responded to and debated!


You’re taking some pretty wild poetic license there, KC.

First, the Dems really started pouring on the juice after the sexual accusers came forth.

Second, prominent Alabama Republicans–Shelby, Sir Charles–told people not to vote for Moore. Write in votes, presumably lots of which came from Republicans, happen to exactly add up to the margin of victory.

Third, Doug Jones, whom I’ve never disparaged, is a centrist: Corporate Alabama backed him over Moore, and that started right after Moore won the primary over a joined-at-the-hip opponent who would have whooped Jones butt. Translation: It’s sometimes better to be lucky than good.

Fourth, Republicans stayed home, Dems turned out: You should thank Moore and Trump!

Fifth, your link is absolutely correct: GOTV is crucial in special/off year elections. Your party woke up!

Sixth, Jones is looking to find “common ground” with the Rs? Good luck, Dude.

In fact, you’ll be thanking Trump in 2018. He’s bringing your party back from the dead. And sincerely, I congratulate your party on your big win. I hope Bannon recruits lots of Roy Moore types as candidates. I also hope you get past the Clinton/Obama/DLC fixation when looking for Dem candidates. Of course, YMMV.


From what I can tell about Moore, he’s probably fucking the horse (as long as it’s young enough) as we speak. If only the horse would return the favor.


You think a guy who sexually assaults a fourteen-year old is “virile”? Let me guess: You’re a sick little puppy, aintcha?


Got a valid point there, in fact you have several

One more I would add

The Democratic Party is so disfunctional that they could only defeat a disgusting candidate like Moore by only 1%

Boy are they “on top of their game” Or what?


That’s the kind of post I expect from the dividers in this country, all right. Didn’t support Moore, but this kind of hate being OK is the seeds corn for all the rest.


““Fuck you and the horse you (badly) rode in on.””

Nice attitude… that’s exactly why a a candidate accused of molesting 14 year old, slammed by the media for the last 10 weeks, bombarded with true and false accusation loses by mere 1% against a “progressive”. Maybe it’s time for an attitude check. Looks like nobody learned the lessons of Nov 16.


They gonna fit right in… at least in the “Further…” editorial.

“Fuck you and the horse you (badly) rode in on.”
“His perfidious, tone-deaf, money-grubbing daughter”
“evil Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and his tone-deaf trophy wife Louise “The-Little-People-Are-Adorable””
“An Insecure, Incoherent Idiot Abroad:”


Moron. Do you really call yourself a progressive?


and how much are you being paid?