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My Father Was Killed on 9/11 When I Was Five, But What I Experienced at Guantánamo Bay Did Not Feel Like Justice


My Father Was Killed on 9/11 When I Was Five, But What I Experienced at Guantánamo Bay Did Not Feel Like Justice

Jessica Bram Murphy

In Taíno, an indigenous language of the Caribbean islands, Guantánamo means “land between the rivers.” It is the name of a province in southeast Cuba and its capital city. It is also the name of the oldest overseas US naval base, established in 1903. Nearly 100 years later, in January 2002, the base became the site of an infamous detention camp. The word has come to represent a generation of violence against Muslims, of fear-driven reactionary policies, of crimes against humanity in the name of national security, of exceptionalism, and of lawlessness.



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There is a reason they are using soundproof plexiglass in the courtroom on an offshore prison. If 9/11 went down as claimed in the official report, the trials would be in Manhattan.



Reading the comments so far, the tin-foil hat, internet-driven, unhinged-from-reality kookery - the same mass-kookery that is driving the US’s lurch to fascism, continues.



No, it’s people like you who blindly swallow the official government version of 9/11 who are driving. Incredible that you still believe that.

Bush, Cheney and the boys told you what happened, and that is that.



I very much like the sentiment offered by Jessica Murphy, especially as to torture and open trials, but if she actually believes that any prisoner at Gitmo had anything to do with the events of 9/11, she is horribly naïve and misinformed, a pity.

As EVD suggests, any intelligent and rational person who still believes the official narrative regarding 911 is hopelessly misinformed and gullible.



Seems an honest enough post and question.
Was this flagged by a troll from the hard right?!



Probably believe that Kennedy was killed by Oswald when it has been PROVEN impossible!



Dear Jessica, I am so very sorry for your loss. On 9/11/2001, my oldest son was in school, a first grader at the time and six years old. It was the first day of pre-school for my second son, 3. My third son (and I have four now and one daughter) who was not born but conceived, was about 5 months along. He was born on January 23, 2002, a few days before I left all of them and my wife, my job, my firends, my colleagues for the US Army detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. As a Medical Service Corps captain, I was the ranking US Army Medical Department officer with the Joint Detainee Operations Group (JDOG for short), Joint Task Force 160. My boss was the Camp X-Ray Commandant. My job was coordination of good guy and bad guy care, environmental and preventive medical services to the camp and to the detention hospital, Navy Fleet Hospital 20. I am disappointed that not once in your article did you mention the strength, dedication and professionalism of the US armed forces serving our great nation and performing some of the most difficult tasks imaginable among ast least some of the detainees who would just as soon slit your throat as look at you. Your pain, my pain, the pain of other victims, military and civilian agency families and loved ones does not equate with the pain and suffering of the unlawful combatant Islamists held at Gitmo now, nor the 731 who have been released. Not ONE of them was executed, beheaded, blown up, hacked to death, dragged naked and lifeless through the streets, drowned or burned alive. All things our enemies have done to us and/or our allies. Detainees receive FREE Qurans, prayer rugs/beads, halal and special Muslim holy holiday meals, white robes,beards, directions to Mecca, services of US military Muslim chaplains, world class health, vision and dental care, recreation, video games, DVD’s, TV, library and sports. It’s too bad you could not acknowledge the sacrifice, suffering and dedication of those who kept the 731 safe, secure and healthy, and keep the 41 still there the same. No of us tortured anyone, ever. Was there abuse? Yes. But it was limited and dealt with. Only the CIA were trained in Enhanced Interrogation Techniques. No DoD personnel, military or civilian were ever trained in EIT, nor administered such. We performed our duties with professionalism and distinction. It is unfortunate that the powers that be can’t seem get out of their own way with regard to the pace of the pre-trial proceedings, but that’s American justice for you. Just keep in mind, we are not the enemy, unlawful combatant Islamists who want to kill us are the enemy, and until or unless they no longer have the means or will to kill us, we must defend ourselves. The world watches whether or not we get this right. I wish you, and all of us directly affected by the events of 9/11/2001 Peace. Sincerely, Montgomery J. Granger, Major, US Army, Retired. Author, “Saving Grace at Guantanamo Bay: A Memoir of a Citizen Warrior.”

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Holding onto humanity in the midst of its institutionalized absence



Thank you for your service and will take your word for it that it was all done in a professional and humane way.



Not that it matters now, but candidate Obama promised in hundreds of campaign speeches in 2007-08, to “close Guantanamo.” I heard him several times in Dubuque. That was an applause line.

Once he was elected POTUS, he forgot all about it, despite control by his party of Senate and House for two years.

Doing the right thing has its limits, after all.



Agreed – why was this flagged? It may make assumptions about the writer, but is not unsympathetic and seems honest, as Clyde says.
After a post is flagged, don’t moderators consider the merits of the post?



Guantánamo means ‘land between the rivers.’ It is the name of a province in southeast Cuba and its capital city. It is also the name of the oldest overseas US naval base, established in 1903.”

Seized under duress from a manufactured war to deprive Cuban patriots of their victory over what remained of the Spanish empire (the same happened virtually simultaneously in the Philippines), Gitmo was ‘leased’ to the U.S. for 99 years – which should have expired about the same time as the U.S. brought prisoners there to torture and hold indefinitely. Since 1959, the Cuban government has rejected the legality of the lease, and never accepted the paltry rent ordained in 1903.

The Guantanamo base should be returned to its rightful owner: Cuba.



Wow, my post, the first one on this article, was pulled out. Flagged. Or to call a spade a spade: censored. By Common Dreams? Wow… My post began with an honest “sorry for your loss” but then went on to say that the apparent acceptance of the government conspiracy theory is a shame. Is that really so bad? It must have been pulled by Americans. I have to say, although our country is relatively new, it’s been in existence long enough now for the citizenry to have had ample time to stand up and see the truth about America and to demand something better, but that hasn’t happened. When the going gets tough, we keep our mouths shut. So you get what you pay for, folks, don’t you?



Maybe you should look at the statistics. How many so-called “Islamic terrorists” have killed Americans, compared to how many Americans have been killed by Americans? So actually, WE ARE the enemy.

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Obama said He would close Gitmo. How many Hillary dollars did he get for his speech in Germany?



“Moreover, the fatalities of the attacks were inadvertent; no members of Al Qaeda had animosity towards the victims as individuals.”

Which not only does not lessen their guilt, it enhances it.
If you want to abhor the things done in your name as a citizen and taxpayer by the US Government after 9/11, you should apply the same standard to the fanatics who intentionally killed thousands of individuals in the name of an extreme minority offshoot of Islam.

As for the 9/11 truthers - clearly, some people have tenuous connections to reality.
If you want to condemn Bush et al for how they used the attack to generate an excuse for the Iraq Fiasco - that’s legitimate criticism.
But believing a giant conspiracy could disappear hundreds of people, fly robotic aircraft into buildings, fabricate final farewell cell phone calls from victims to their spouses AND secretly plant tons of high explosives in skyscrapers occupied by thousands of people daily and have not a single credible leak, much less a witness come forward – by a government that cannont even keep secret a president’s daliance with an intern – is irrational.

Y’all never heard of Occam’s Razor?



Yeah, people that believe what they are told to believe the fairy tales told by pathological liars and the most corrupt of people like Bush and Cheney remind me of the quote by Ward Churchill: " The American people are free to believe exactly what they are told to believe".

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I do not purport to know what happened on 9/11 but I can tell you this: WE CANNOT BELIEVE ANYTHING WE HAVE BEEN TOLD TO BELIEVE ABOUT 9/11, BY OUR GOVERNMENT! And whether true or not, why never any alternative theories? Maybe the censoring of any alternative theories about 9/11 ( which there are many) is why so many people in America are hopelessly misinformed and gullible.

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