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'My God,' Says US Senator After William Barr Deploys 'History Is Written by the Winners' Trope

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/08/my-god-says-us-senator-after-william-barr-deploys-history-written-winners-trope


It must take an awful lot of bad behavior for a lawyer to be sanctioned. After everything Barr has done, doesn’t he qualify for disbarment? Seriously. I do not understand why this traitor still has a license to practice law. Unbelievable.


Fat Face barr and Fuck Face trump, neither should hold the title of the jobs they continue to betray on a daily basis. Both nothing more than semi-human garbage.


“[H]istory is written by the winners”

Justice? NO: The “just-us” syndrome of these sociopaths.

Meanwhile they continue the assault on our eco-systems for private profit and new information is emerging on SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19): from The Washington Post

Coronavirus Hijacks the Body From Head to Toe, Perplexing Doctors

More than a respiratory infection, Covid-19 wreaks havoc on many organs; inflammation and abnormal blood clotting are likely culprit

The Washington Post



Their scorn for us losers “in the reality-based community” ascends to historically lethal heights. To compare 30’s and 40’s Nazis to this bunch is like comparing an armed Zeppelin to a nuclear-armed cruise missile. You can’t compare Orangeman to Hitler. Hitler had a sense of decency, compared to this.

USA COVID-19 stats as of Friday, May 8, 6:00 AM
76,383 deaths / 1,279,703 cases = 5.99% case-fatality, 23 per 100,000 residents
One of every 4,333 residents of USA have perished, so far.


We have no accountability for high crimes and corruption for the so called “winners” and have not for a long time.


The “winners”, such as the low bar, couldn’t give a flying fuq because it does not fit the humping hicks of narcissistic malignancy, which has now managed to infect the entire system.

For months I’ve been hammering at the dynamic of “externalization of costs” now applied across the board, throughout the institutions, fully impregnating the rhetoric and propaganda in all aspects of the expected rhythm of “communications” of a government with the ostensibly “governed”. In order to do that ALL OVERSIGHT AND ACCOUNTABILITY are being crippled.

I now understand the maddening repulsiveness of why the ‘the joker’ in batman is portrayed as having had his mouth sliced on both sides.


Well I have been saying for a long time here that…

“no one does anything wrong given their model of the world.”
Beliefs create behaviours…those in power believe everything they do is sanctioned by them as they are the winners in a race to the top .
No one asks the question succeed at what ?

They basically are just following the cultural story of humans which has never been seriously challenged .
Let’s challenge this Now , and write a New Story for humanity .


True. Your memory of history is spot on. The list of corrupt acts is longer than the Mississippi River. Just read the SCOTUS ruling on the Gov. Christie bridge closing case. It was unanimous.
BTW- Why does Will Bunch think, with such a strong presumption, there will be free and fair federal and state elections in 2020 ? He missed the spelling lesson of the word " assume ", * apparently.

  • 48 years ago an internationally honored professor based an entire test, representing 25% of your grade, on the meaning of that one word. Hard to forget that lesson.

“Said the Spider to the fly.”


“The head of the American justice system now saying publicly that there is no good or bad except what the strongest want. The definition of autocracy,” - writer and director Adam Stein.

“it’s kinda mind-blowing that the US equivalent of the justice minister is embracing might-makes-right historiography. [Isn’t] his job literally the opposite?”-Political science professor Robert E. Kelly, who teaches at the Pusan National University in South Korea.

Well, Mr. Stein and Mr. Kelly, I must say that you are either- willfully or not- ignorant of the state of affairs of the United Corporate State of America, or you are subsumed by your myopic views of how things ‘should’ be.

“The head of the American justice system now saying publicly …” Let me remind you, Mr. Stein, that the heads of our great judicial system have been on record to espouse ‘might makes right’ throughout this inglorious history of our nation. Remember “We, the People” did not include those bloodthirsty savages or slaves. Nor today does it include those who are brutally murdered by our nation’s police state brotherhood that is granted immunity in even the most egregious violations of the law.

“it’s kinda mind-blowing that the US equivalent of the justice minister is embracing might-makes-right historiography. [Isn’t] his job literally the opposite?” No, Mr. Kelly, his job is not the opposite. His job has always been to embrace ‘might makes right’ as illustrated time and again by overseeing an FBI/CIA mafia that extorts, runs the world’s #1 drug cartel, and assassinates at will. Clearly, might does make right, as this has been the status quo since even before these agencies were formally created.

Although, perhaps Mr.'s Stein and Kelly, I am missing the intended sarcasm in your statements. Perhaps, as in Casablanca, you are simply “shocked- shocked I tell you, to hear that gambling is going on in this place.”

One should, in fact, PRAISE our AG William Barr for his honest reprisal of our judicial system. America is not a Republic. It is not a Democracy. It has been and continues to be an oligarchy that decides to whom the term ‘people’ applies to. It was sad, but equally refreshing to hear the SCOTUS admit that corporations are ‘people’. It was a breath of fresh air to hear Trump rail against fake news. Indeed, the MSM has a very long history of deceit when it comes to the major affairs of the corporate state.

I can understand why Jon Queally included these quotes. However, a more balanced reporting of Barr’s response might have included responses from people like Chomsky.


It seems that Mitch’s project to stack the courts has produced the desired effect.


From the article:

“We need to win in November and write the history of how Bill Barr spent the rest of his life in prison,” Bunch quipped.

What “we” does Mr. Bunch mean?

He can’t mean the Democrats. When the Dems took control of the Congress in 2007, Pelosi pushed impeachment “off the table”. When the Dems added the White House, Obama told us to “look forward, not back” and prosecuted no one except whistleblowers.

If the Democrats win and “write the history of how Bill Barr spent the rest of his life in prison”, the book will have only blank pages.


“We need to win in November and write the history of how Bill Barr spent the rest of his life in prison,”

A resounding victory for None of the Above in most electoral contests would set people on a very different course. The lesser evil theory of capital representation might be abandoned for good.


And that, I think, at any rate, is because Trump and his enablers are all too willing to destroy Life as we know it. It is difficult for anyone to imagine someone worse than Hitler.


It seems impossible to imagine this Spring on planet Earth, though we’ve see it with our own eyes.


If “history is written by the winners,”

then Barr and Trump are losers.

Barr: Just another thug.
History will not be kind to this administration.


Remember “We, the People” did not include those bloodthirsty savages or slaves.

“…bloodthirsty savages or slaves.” Which of these groups you are identifying do you mean to be women?


Time for this to be challenged!

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I agree completely… there is as much a chance of that happening as there is of Bush/Cheney spending time behind bars for war crimes. In all likelihood when Bill Barr leaves office he’ll take up painting too !