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'My Husband is Dying. What Kind of Insurance Do You Have?': GOP Town Halls Erupt


'My Husband is Dying. What Kind of Insurance Do You Have?': GOP Town Halls Erupt

Nika Knight, staff writer

In a tense, public showdown over the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that is being echoed at contentious Republican town halls across the country, a distraught woman at Sen. Tom Cotton's (R-Ark.) town hall on Wednesday stood up and told Cotton: "My husband is dying."


I attended the Pat Tiberi town hall in Columbus OH last evening.

There were a couple hundred in the overflow room watching on video. Might have been close to a thousand people in and out.

Tiberi was not there. They had a flat image of him as a stand in.

An energized crowd, all ages, and terrific speeches about the importance of health care.

Now that people realize what Republicans are up to, they have to go into hiding.

I sure hope that these protests continue and expand.

Last night there was a fund raising dinner for Senator Rob Portman. 50 bucks. At the door they checked party registration and if you were a democrat, they gave you your money back and you could not go in. Portman has also not held a town hall meeting. I went to a meeting that walked over to his office to protest environmental legislation a few weeks ago. We didn't get in the door.

Now we need the democrats to step up to the plate.


At least Cotton had the courage to stand there and listen to everyone and he didn't run out the door. That's more than a lot of them can do. I'm not saying he will do anything different, but he did show up and stayed there while they let out their anger and disgust.


These protesters are doing a very good thing and all of us should be grateful that they are standing up and demanding answers as to why we, the great mass of people in this country, are constantly ignored by both parties. Nonetheless, until they make the connection between these programs and our insane military spending and constant build up these problems can never be solved. Tom Cotton is an advocate for war with Iran, endless wars of all kinds and no restriction on military spending whatsoever. That has to be addressed in context of the constant destruction of all social programs or nothing will ever change.


Now that he is testing out his strategy of staying as far from Wisconsin as possible as he spearheads fund raising on the Mexican border, House Speaker Eddie Munster will be handing out memos (to Congresscritters when they return to DC) to help them with avoidance and evasion.

Munster has had the death panel master plan in his back pocket since he arrived in DC in 1999 and can't wait to deploy it now that the GOP has full control.


Just look at the smug faces of the Republican representatives--they are unconcerned as they may think Koch money will ensure their re-election. They are resorting to all manner of obfuscation and obliqueness as in forked tongue. The only thing these empty souls understand is money. Time to hit them where they will feel it, General Strike followed by unrelenting, rolling, total non cooperation.


I will give my Congressman props. He has actually showed up, three times. After the first time, he got his buddies at the Heritage Foundation to make sure there were also supporters there, but he showed up. Of course, after the first one, he made claims about paid agitators and all that, but at least he didn't cancel and run off with his tail between his legs.


Seeing how the Trump, Heritage Foundation and Tea Party pay attendees to show up they just assume that progressive attendees are also paid to show up.


If my husband were dying, I wouldn't be asking for insurance, I'd be demanding health care. Insurance is NOT health care. When will people understand that for profit insurance is the problem and the ACA was written and legislated for for-profit insurance NOT for our health care.

If my husband were dying, I'd be demanding improved Medicare for All. Everybody in. Nobody out. Health care should not be a right-of-passage. Everybody needs health care. http//:www.healthoverprofit.org


Social equality for workers, demand universal health care, a right, not a privilege and if you do no demand it, they will not provide it why because it feeds their ego to see you suffer at their hands whilst they live in opulent luxury paid for by your labour.


Thanks for the update . . . I was wondering how that went. After many calls and letters, I have given up on Mr. Portman and sent him my kiss-off letter (below). I will probably get on some lists for it, but this is what "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore" looks like:

[my email to the Senator]

First, Sen. Portman, I noticed that your list of topics now includes "Health," not "Healthcare." I consider that an ominous sign that we are shortly to be "on our own" if the Republicans have their way and destroy our healthcare system. Imperfect though it is, it has made impressive strides and very few voters would ever agree to get rid of Medicare — the ACA and Medicaid are almost as popular.

Senator: you and your colleagues will be in a world of hurt if you destroy this system. Personally, as a small businessperson I have been bankrupted by unexpected medical bills while carrying a high deductible policy. Now that I'm able to receive Medicare, I'm in a different and far better world. You are about to destroy that world, and you are also about to get the fight of your life.

There will be an uprising in this country like no other you have ever seen or read about when this happens. Left-wing and right-wing alike will finally realize what strict privatization of social essentials for citizens entails. You are inviting a country to chaos and the political ramifications of that will be profound.

You have refused to make yourself available for citizen town meetings during your recess. Instead, you have chosen to raise more campaign funds. This is unconscionable. It is arrogant and disrespectful to your constituents and you know that. But you do it anyway.

Through your cabinet confirmation votes, you have proved to us that you do not care what the majority of your constituents thinks. Our many thousands of calls and messages have been ignored. All we get are the same tired messages over and over — no addressing our questions, no details on issues, just glittering generalities. So from now on out, we will assume that you are not our advocate and will treat you accordingly.

We citizens now know that we can go head to head with you on PAC funds, through small donations. We have realized our power and we are not looking back. Our message to you in the next election will be "YOU'RE FIRED!"


Well, as much as i hate to say, this will change nothing. It will go as planned. Speaking of plans, i hope everyone gets there was no plan. Look at the clues: no agreement, hidden plan under lock and key so that people from same party couldn't see, and that weirdo feel good commercial of having a plan. Isn't propagation and lies wonderful?