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My Ironic Defense of Brian Williams


My Ironic Defense of Brian Williams

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Cenk Uygur

First, let me say very clearly from the beginning that I am biased in this case because I know Brian Williams a tiny bit and he has always been fundamentally decent to me.


It’s certainly true that a sacrificial lamb is offered for the slaughter when it comes to emphasizing the small lie to keep the big ones undercover. However, this is part of a larger strategy that has taken aim at every significant whistle blower and radical teller of those truths that the MIC-Homeland-Security-State Empire would prefer to retain under wraps. It includes underfunding watchdog organizations and regulatory agencies under the guise that whatever government does, private enterprise can do better.

These protocols are also taking place in an era of massive surveillance of all citizens amid a backdrop of (prior) drift-net operations that pick up anyone who can fill in for the role of “necessary terrorist.” Meanwhile, banksters that crashed the economy, leaders that lied the nation into foreign wars, corporate polluters that murder ecosystems, and other dangerous entities not only go scot-free, they wallow in embarrassments of riches.

The times are completely inverted. I was trying to come up with something to say to Kathy Kelly to put in a letter that might grant her some comfort as a saint-like soul such as she spends time in prison while the sociopaths continue to write and enact the policies of destruction. This premise of Inversion qualifies… as there are countless examples that prove the thesis.


The rest of you sitting in your giant glass house, either fire yourselves or shut the fuck up.

It’s not an either/or situation, they should be fired and they should shut the fuck up.
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I’ve read your piece on Why Brian Williams is Irrelevant, Mr. Uygur, and in that article you say “[t]here’s nothing wrong with Brian Williams. He is a smooth, professional news anchor. He’s not offensive, biased or fake.”

Does a professional journalist make up his own facts? You indict Mr. Williams as someone who “was definitely part of [the] media machine” that sold us lies about the Iraq war. But then you say he deserves to stay on the job because others told bigger lies.

Why are the exaggerations about his own exploits any less fake? And when he regales David Letterman and others with his tales of derring-do, is his self-satisfied smugness any less offensive because it was only a little lie?

Mr. Williams is certainly smooth. But I’m offended when highly paid newsreaders pass themselves off as something they are not. Mr. Williams has revealed himself as a fake, and his behavior is unprofessional.

If Mr. Williams has been caught in his own lies and is removed from a position that purports to be one of journalistic integrity, please spare us the double standard that suggests that he will be a scapegoat.


I expect that they will get the quote working within a few weeks (i.e. a different smaller font). But in the mean time, use actual quotes and italics.


Most corporate media now are so outrageous – so blatant in their warmongering and distorting the facts to promote their corporate agenda – that they should be enjoyed as sources of entertainment, not information. CNN anchors, for instance, constantly repeat the term “Putin’s aggression”, which is a blatantly editorial comment. I keep waiting for the ghost of Edward R. Murrow to tap Wolf Blitzer on the shoulder and say, “Excuse me, pal, but you might want to check out who actually started that war.” But of course that will never happen, on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC (usually) or in the rest of the major media because those folks are paid to put forth a certain kind of propaganda. That message requires Big Enemies, so old Putin becomes the Great Satan and China’s Xi is invariably is billed as a “looming threat.”
So it goes. Like Cenk Uygur, when I watched the 50th or so report about Brian Williams’ self-serving fibs, I wondered: When are they going to start doing their jobs and start educating the public, instead of just conning them into expanding the Pentagon budget? It shows you what a cockeyed optimist I am.


I like Brian Williams ~ tell me he must have a script that is presented to him by the NBC Nightly News ~ Give the guy a break! I say bring him back ~ he is handsome to watch and I believe we are kept in the dark about the lives and lies of a much higher level ~ embellished, maybe so ~ Do you believe everything you hear on the news ~ My gosh, what to you expect from America!
To err is human ~ to forgive divine.