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My Israeli Nemesis is Moving to America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/14/my-israeli-nemesis-moving-america


One of the very few arenas in which I give Obama a modicum of credit is standing up to Israel.
I had no such hopes for Hillary or for MIA Joe.

Which is why, when I hear d-party apologists cry about Trump leading us toward fascism, I laugh.
Who do they think is supporting Israeli apartheid/fascism?
Who do they think supports the kind of denial of entry to elected US reps Ms gold highlights?

If you guessed a bi-partisan consortium of Israel-firsters, you move on to the bonus round.


The US, under trump/chump wants to bar Muslims from USA, if that’s the case, let us bar Zionists as well. They seem to be quite similar to american right wing neo-fascists.

The trouble with articles like this, is that they sound like propaganda.”Erdan is bad. Palestinians are good. BDS is good.” These are assumptions we are supposed to take for granted. Yet, if one is honest and drills down into the fine print -none of the above is actually true. I am a well educated American, with Jewish heritage. I pride myself on my knowledge of history and the nitty-gritty facts of the Middle East story. Of BOTH sides.

In this article there is no attempt to even portray some nuance, some insight as to the other persons point of view. Erdan is just a bad guy.

Just to be clear about my agenda: I believe in a two state solution, and that Palestinians should have full rights. I also believe that Israelis should have the right to live where they are.

No reply to these kind of articles can ever do justice to the miscarriage of knowledge they wreak.
If you actually want to begin to move forward to create real peace, you can’t make out the other side to be all bad, like a Disney character.
I strongly recommend looking at Rudy Rochman’s videos on YouTube. He is involved in a real attempt to bring Israelis and Palestinians together on a person-to-person basis.