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My Kid Doesn’t Need Permission To Walk Out

My Kid Doesn’t Need Permission To Walk Out

Jeff Biggers

My 15-year-old son texted me from the streets of Iowa City last week, as he joined other kids in a walkout to support survivors of the shooting that took place earlier this month at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. By the time they reached the historic Old Capitol of Iowa, their ranks had swelled to hundreds.


It’s certainly encouraging to see these young folks taking it to the NRA and the bought off Republican Party.

Kudos to these students! The video of Kasky asking Rubio to his face if he was going to keep accepting campaign contributions, then holding his feet to the fire when he started his double talk made my week.

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"In 2011, Iowa passed a law that allows legally blind residents to obtain permits to purchase guns and carry them in public. "

Well, duh. Since carrying guns in school is necessary in order to stop school shootings, shouldn’t this also apply to a school for the blind? (Yes, it’s sarcasm).

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Everyone, call your Congress people and demand new legislation that makes Washington DC an “Open Carry” District.

Let’s flood the District with firearms of all sorts.

And THIS is what the DCCC, DNC and ALL the establishment Dems want no part of. Then they need to GTFOOTW. Resign, retire, just let we the people take this country away from the corporatists and establishment hacks.


When you’re up against the authoritarian mindset that characterizes the republican party, the Constitution doesn’t apply. That’s what being right wing means, that their dogma of submission to your superiors and no backtalk or questions is how society should be organized.

I’m all for open carry. It is our right. After all, each of the shooters was just an activist demonstrating the value of open carry in schools. They had a right to shoot up the places. The NRA says so. Now all those shooters should be able to just mingle in with all the other open-carry students or teachers, so they really are not noticed, not until they get the chance to “demonstrate” their 2cnd-amendment rights.
(/s - shouldn’t need the /s but now-a-days …)