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My Mother Was Incarcerated in an Internment Camp as a Child. She Tells Us 2016 Reminds Her of 1942

My Mother Was Incarcerated in an Internment Camp as a Child. She Tells Us 2016 Reminds Her of 1942.

Julia Harumi Mass

My mother was seven years old when she and her family were evacuated from the West Coast and forced to live in an Army barrack behind barbed wire in an internment camp in Heart Mountain, Wyoming.


Another perspective: The past 20 years of liberals Standing in Solidarity with middle class workers has had a distinctly familiar tone to history buffs. The noble “working family,” the paragon of American virtue, contrasted with the human subspecies, the poor. They implicitly promote the myth that our corporate state is so successful that everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief. We dare not ask what Americans would do with our jobless poor today, knowing that there would be talk about rounding them up and putting them into “camps.”

Because the US itself is an economic entity, it makes sense that we have been implementing fascism (by definition) from the bottom up, without really even thinking about it.


An ignorant comment, while observational, lacks depth of intuition and inner experience which blinds you from recognizing any parallels.

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Ah, once again shifting the blame to the masses, and away from the real culprits.

The 1% thanks you.

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My most fervent wish is this does not happen to American Muslims, because another 9/11 attack where thousands die, blamed on Muslims by the Trump administration, could lead to interment camps for Muslims, after all, there is already talk of registering all Muslims so they can be rounded up at the right time!


Flagged for being a putz. Get lost putz.

Yes, no doubt about it. Anyone that does not believe that the democrats are nothing but the controlled opposition only needs to look at the so-called democratic CON/VENTION where the corrupted, DNC picked a loser over by what most polls called a sure winner for POTUS.

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Clinton will have won the 2016 election by more than 2,000,000 votes by the time all the absentee and provisional votes are counted. That the GOP has spent millions and decades perfecting voter suppression in swing states with caging schemes like voter ID laws and Crosscheck, etc. cannot be blamed on Clinton, but on a pathetic, infighting loser class armchair quarterbacks such as yourself unwilling to do the dirty work necessary to “steal” back what are stolen elections.

You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but in spite of your pejoratives, so am I!

The People are always dragged along to a War, by Controlling Powers.

We all, really, basically like one another, as People.

Our cooperative nature was what Darwin described, scientifically, as Survival of the Fittest (those who best developed cooperative natures, allowing Life to be better for the greatest amount of their fellows.)

It’s always the manipulative, Sociopathic Power Mongers who force us into their hellish concept of how we must spend our beautiful gift, of a Short Time of Life on this Planet.

Why are the Truly Good People the one’s who are assassinated?

Sociopaths have only a Con, and nothing blows a Con more quickly than having to share observable space with a Truly Good Person.

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It’s not my opinion. The final vote tally has Clinton almost THREE MILLION votes a head of Trump. WHY folks like you continue to blame her for losing is ASTONISHING. You’re more the problem than Clinton.

That is one of the most phenomenal statements I’ve ever read. Beautiful.

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Thanks, 1EdBenti, very nice of you to say.