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My Oily Heirloom


My Oily Heirloom

Lindsay Suter

I’ll feel empowered when ExxonMobil convenes its upcoming annual shareholders meeting. Oddly, that’s because I’ve sold all my stock in the company.

Shareholders like me and some major institutions, including New York State’s $178 billion pension fund, have urged the oil giant to change its business model for years. But the company shows no sign of listening.


I applaud your commitment to changing our energy future. For many that are fortunate enough to have investments for their future, it is difficult to divest, as mutual funds and pension funds go in and out of so many investment classes dependent upon market performance. Truly knowing what one owns can be very difficult and not everyone has the time nor inclination to personally manage their assets. Also to be avoided would be MIC (fossil fuel protectorate) investments, which are again hard to avoid. For profit prisons, payday lenders, they’re too out and about the investment world. Only through changes in the people’s behavior will lasting change come, but it needs to be much quicker than is currently occurring.


Thank you, Mr. Suter. Money, in and of itself doesn’t preclude enlightenment. It’s the LOVE of money that induces that negative outcome.

Here’s a suggestion that would honor your Grandfather’s legacy:

Why not set up a Suter Annual Prize awarded to that young scientist (in high school or college) who demonstrates the next generation of fossil fuel free energy technologies?

Before Ford, few knew that automobile engines would alter the world; and before the Wright Brothers, only the fanciful considered flight.

The NEXT invention is already percolating in the mind of some young genius.

These people deserve funding!

And prizes allow lots of bright kids to compete with the incentive that their bold ideas might be widely recognized.


The Great Game being played in the Middle East is all about oil access and gas pipelines and prices per barrel and fossil fuel energy markets. TPTB only talk about climate change in a kind of patronizing way when pandering to their domestic political constituencies, but in official circles there is not one thought given to a transition to biofuels or renewables as anything significant or serious at all.

The neoliberal plan is to burn it all, for decades, to make a pile of money, and patch the global roof with various crackpot geoengineering schemes when the climate hits runaway. Talk of anything else is literal hot air.


I sold my XOM stock and put most of it in renewables, too. So far I haven’t lost anything (much), and that’s the good news. There’s no reason now to hang on, and more and more reasons to let go of hydrocarbons.
Here’s to survival!