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My Response to Bill Clinton: On (My) Liberty and (Your) America


My Response to Bill Clinton: On (My) Liberty and (Your) America

Ramzy Baroud

Donald Trump wants to keep us out of the country altogether. But Bill Clinton, former president and husband of a Democratic presidential nominee, does not mind us staying, as long as we, Muslims, behave ourselves.

Welcome to America where racial profiling is the country’s most popular idea, and where citizenship is now conditioned on blind obedience.


Beautifully done. Count me in. If there comes another day in my life when I am not fighting to destroy everything Bill Clinton and Mitt Romney stand for, it will be because we have won our America back from their likes.


Ironic that a speaker at the Philly convention chose morality as his topic when you consider that the convention was little more than a PR event for one of the most immoral families in US history.


According to the results of a recent Economist/YouGov poll, a majority of Americans believe that Islam, more than any other religion, encourages violence.

If we simply consider the actual evidence - the avowed religion of the leaders of the nations perpetrating the greatest acts of violence in the world - then clearly Christianity and Judaism are the most violent religions on the planet today.

And over the last 500 years?
"Christians" for sure.


Excellent article. Your perception of Clinton's veiled racist overtones are correct. The behind the curtain unity between the Bushes and Clinton's goes back a long way.
When you consider Hillary's comment when Bill was in office calling black youth "predators", and "they need to be brought to heel" you can't miss the hidden racism.
The America the Clinton's demand doesn't leave room for just about anyone who thinks, sees what's going on, has anything to say about the way they do things. That would be most of us.
I sympathize with the people that end up being the brunt of their total domination theories, especially Muslims. The fact that more Muslim's die in these attacks than anyone else should be recognized by the powers that be but in their scheme to terrorize the world these power hungry thugs will let a fact like that go, scaring everyone into submission is the goal, facts be damned. They profess unity but they produce division and carnage.


Every religion has radicals, as you point out Christianity and Judaism are most violent.


Too much of our country is a literal, "Ship of Fools"; proven when such a circus as has been presented by both major parties. Bill Clinton should be ashamed of himself. But, BC being who he is and turning over his history cannot see beyond his narcissism. Some of my friends said the Democrat Convention was one of the finest ever presented to the people. I reply gently trying to remind them of who spoke that night besides the Clintons: Leon Panetta, Madeline Albright...to mention only two (Al Franken and his sidekick were outright embarrassing during the roll call) ( I watched day and half until Bernie walked out...didn't have stomach for anything more) who share so much responsibility for the neo-foreign policies we have blanketed the world with. M. Albright literally makes me sick. She is a war criminal along with H. Kissinger who is a bosom buddy of HC. You can't make this stuff up. This is what so many Democrats are so proud of. HC will bring into her admin individuals like Robert Kagan, his wife Victoria Nuland, probably retain that other criminal (pardoned by Bush 1) Eliot Abrams, the sponsor of Latin America's Death Squads, worked during Bush 2 and Obama admins.....
Both conventions, particularly the Democrat is just like the circus: Flashy and entertaining (?) while open; the next morning all you have is the latent stench of the animal dung.


Ramzy makes a perceptive and accurate assessment of Bill Clinton's speech. I didn't listen to it because I knew it had to be full of BS. His backhanded insult to Muslims was probably missed by the majority of those watching. Ramzy's interpretation should get equal time, but it won't. Great article none the less. Vote Green!


Beautifully stated. America the Beautiful always needs an enemy, either real or imagined because we are so exceptional that the propaganda machine needs an enemy to justify the Industrial/Military budget for more and more bigger and larger wars. Remember when everyone was supposed to hate all Communists or all Japanese and of course all Germans, justifiably so. In most cases the folks we are supposed to hate are pretty much the same as us, peace loving individuals who just happen to be the victim of the month. By demonizing an entire group we are simply showing our distain for humanity. Hate is a powerful tool used against anyone who doesn't conform to a mentality of those suffering from a lack of self esteem.


Clinton is sickening. Christopher Hitchens thought Bill Clinton was still popular at the end of his presidency because ordinary people could not truly grasp that someone would drop bombs and end up killing civilians in the Sudan (Clinton, knowing they would not oblige him, circumvented the Joint Chiefs) simply in order to distract from impending Grand Jury testimony; that of Monica Lewinsky, in this instance.

People thought it must be a smear, or they must have misheard, or something. How could that genial politician be such a coldblooded killer?


Where Bill Clinton did succeed, quite spectacularly, was in splitting apart the Dem voting base, and the proverbial masses, middle class vs. the poor. The Clinton wing pulled liberals well to the right on core socioeconomic issues. Especially on these issues, Clinton makes former Republican presidents Eisenhower, Nixon, and even Reagan, look like solid leftists in comparison. Besides ending our former poverty relief programs, Bill Clinton was the first to begin similarly "reforming" Social Security, targeting the disabled. Bill Clinton stuck us with NAFTA, and before launching her campaign, Hillary Clinton was working on getting the TPP through Congress.

The important thing is to continue ignoring the consequences.


Modern America only targets those who lack the means to fight back hard enough to win. We lack the courage to hold the corporate rich accountable, so we attack the poor. We sure aren't going to mess with China, so we attack little countries here and there, from Korea to Iraq.


The American religion of capitalism has been the most destructive of all.


Both are racists and bigots and they raised their daughter to be a political pawn (look who she married)--What mother takes her daughter (repeatedly) to a war zone? Oh, right. That was considered play-time. Being with mommy time. For all of them it's about money, power, and material gain. Morally bankrupt? It's the Clinton's.

As more and more comes to light about the Clinton's (and has been out here since he was Arkansas governor and they paired up, set out to conquer the financial world, leaving behind a trail of bodies and sordid scandals, what amazes me is how they have been able to accumulate so much wealth and power in such short decades. Most take generations to become wealthy (Koch family, Rockefeller's, Romney's, etc. just to name three)) and political connected. These two have done that in a very short time and are globally connected through the nefarious Clinton Foundation (and its satellites). Conflict of interests? Hell, it's out there for all the world to see and yet MSM is silent, the DP is silent as Police States, sociopath dictators, Wall Street, Merchants of Death, etc. celebrate her (not Bill so much) and what a great humanitarian she is. Kneel at her feet. Beg her for an audience AND favors. She has embraced (openly bragged) about her close relationship to some of the worst people on the planet (Oh, and had some of them killed when she no longer cared for them or it would make her corporate better friends more wealthy as well as herself).

I see where Bratton has joined the Clinton family which should come as no surprise. He's a Police State Fascist junkie. He would be right at home in Stasi Germany in those good old bad days (Which the US is rapidly becoming).

This is a great article and should be a warning to one and all about the Clinton's, freedom, bigotry and racism. Both are more White than all those Rednecks out there. The White Supremacists gun toters. The Evangelicals who hate everyone. More white than all those rebel rousers cheering on Trump. Let me assure you, she is the real enemy. Speaking of the Donald, MSM is now spreading he story he is about to drop-out. That was the plan all along. It's been clear for months he would self-destruct and he never wanted the White House win. The plan has been all along to pave the way for HRC (and he was part of that plan) but Sanders was the the surprise in the machine. They put an end to him when the time was right. HRC has her own Kill List and Sanders was on it.

The GOP will have no one to run when he withdraws. HRC will win by default. No need for voting or an election. Her wealthy donors will make her Queen and it will be one helluva celebration on Wall Street. Long live Queen Cersei--Oops. Hillary.

As for Bill, he should never speak for he does this all the time. He reveals what a scumbag he really is. HRC's people have to explain what he "really" meant. She throws shit at him behind doors and screams until he does it the next time. He needs to set down,be very quiet and close his eyes (go to sleep as he did when she accepted the nomination). Another boring moment for Bill who was dreaming of blowjobs in the Oval Office, or Camp David, once more.

Welcome to the real life Game of Thrones!


The world you want is the same world millions of us from around the world want. We are tired of our governments acting in our names only to create more terrorists around the world. We want a world without a huge defense industry selling weapons of mass destruction and wiping out human beings.

The people in charge of the world (oligarchs/banksters/war machines) will not go away quietly though.


What a honey tongued SOB Clinton is. He and his sycophants destroyed the Democratic party. His neoliberal economic policies laid the groundwork for the '08 crash. I swear this is a true dilemma, who to vote for 2016? Jill Stein? No, if Nader had not run in 2000 Bush would not have won the presidency. No one will ever convince me that Al Gore would have invaded Iraq after 9/11. So...it really makes a HUGE difference who sits in the oval office. Unfortunately, any third party can not successfully elect a president. A vote for Johnson is a vote for Hillary, a vote for Stein is a vote for Trump. I literally HATE what my country has become. I have had enough of the power mongering, money grubbing hateful violence that is today's America.