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My Role With the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee


My Role With the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee

James Zogby

I wasn’t going to write about this subject, but something happened yesterday over lunch that prompted me to reconsider.

I was having a peaceful meal with my wife when two men sat down in the next booth. In loud voices they began to discuss the state of the presidential contest. At one point, the gentleman directly behind me said, “and Sanders picked that Cornel West and that guy who’s the head of the Arab League who has it in for Israel...”.


James, this is great! I am sure that you will consult with your pollster brother, John, who will tell you what the people really want--a voice. I have always had great respect for the two of you.


James Zogby: you will do a great job at the Convention I know! Since 911, I have found it very sobering to learn of the US role in Israel/Palestine, and believe this war needs to end. Most Americans need to see it as a continuing war, which it truly is. Bernie is a leader for our times. Thank you for putting your statement out, ESPECIALLY, just before the final major primary on June 7th. Priscilla Rich, Danville CA


So do you think that snarking from a keyboard is a batter way to change things compared to actually joining and engaging with an organization?


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Thanks for your book reference. This type of reply is one of the many reasons I find the reader comment section so valuable in understanding issues and how others think.


No you idiot! Matt isn't an anti-Sanders troll, he's a nuke troll!

Please keep your troll accusations in the proper threads.

Of course, some would say, since Matt posts extensively on non-nuclear energy related topics, that he isn't a troll at all, but I know he's a nuke troll/shill because he disagrees with me.

No further proof is necessary.


A lot of 'more progressive than thou' armchair radicals, a couple here, but mostly on other 'progressive' sites, never attacked Clinton or Trump, but attacked Sanders relentlessly, portraying him as a Zionist hawk who supported Israel's treatment of Palestinians. It didn't help to point out that Sanders had spoken out against Israel's actions during Operation Protective edge, and said he was no friend of Netanyahu. They were adamant.

So I'm very happy to have Sanders' appointment of Zogby to shove in their faces.

Those [expletive deleted] did everything they could to turn people against the only major Presidential candidate to speak up for the rights of Palestinians. Clinton and Trump went on bended knee before AIPAC a few months back, Sanders didn't. He doesn't support Israel's brutal treatment of Palestinians and theft of their land.

What other politicians have had the courage to stand up to the Israeli lobby here in the U.S.?

So to all you self-proclaimed progressives/leftists who attacked Sanders as an anti-Palestinian Zionist, [even worse expletive deleted]!


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alligator: calm down. If our side hadn't won the war, the Nazis would now be killing millions more, happily, and for forever. They didn't "just" terrorize people for a few years. The tortured and murdered them. The Israelis are not the worst terrorists in all of history, honestly, they aren't. Many Israelis (and a few very wealthy American Jews who should rot in hell) side with Natty and his American friends, and just as many are sick about and of him. Most of the Army leadership and many of the young soldiers are disgusted and angry about what they're expected to do - which is bad but it's seldom murder.
This tiny country is surrounded by huge empty wealthy Arab/Muslim countries who have done absolutely nothing to better the lives of Palestinians or to work for a solution to the "state" problem. They want to destroy Israel. Saudi Arabia, the US's "good friend" (the Bushes best friends) has given millions to persuade people that israel must be destroyed as a state and, if it's okay with the rest of us, finish what the Nazis tried to do.
So, yeah, aligator, what does "worst in history" actually mean?


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Someone who begins a statement with a sentence like yours doesn't deserve an answer.


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Sadly, Mr. Zogby did not have the intestinal fortitude to vote "No" to the draft platform. I am completely disappointed and dismayed at the five Sanders appointees to the draft platform committee who did not even have the courage to vote their convictions and vote "No" to this cowardly draft platform. So sad that even our five finest intellectual warriors turned tail and ran when confronted by the Clinton political machine.


Do you still feel that Zogby was courageous now on June 30, after he caved in and genuflected to the Clinton machine demands for "unity" and voted "Yes" for the draft platform? I don't.