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My Special Place in Hell, Courtesy of Unfettered Greed

My Special Place in Hell, Courtesy of Unfettered Greed

Donna Smith

The comments made by Madeleine Albright about the "special place in hell reserved for women who do not help other women" certainly caught my attention this weekend. While the implications were that those who support Bernie Sanders might find themselves suffering eternal damnation, which I reject, I will leave it to other more capable experts to point out how inconsistent Albright’s comments were


Oh, Donna Smith, you nailed it. Thank you for this piece, worthy of Shakespeare or the mellifluous Irish poets.
Thank you, too, for your years of service. I am so glad you are fighting on my side-you are not only a sweet angel, but a strong patriot as well.


Thanks for commenting, you beat me to the punch! Donna Smith, many of us women will be standing right next to you in hell, because we are going to do our very best to Get Bernie elected and will fight beside him to bring some power back to the people! I have never traded on my womanhood, I did a man’s job and got paid the same as a man because I was in a union! I also worked at quite a few “women jobs” in my working lifetime, which meant that my pay was less because of my being a woman! I’m retired now, with a union pension and my Social Security and I want the children of today to have good things like education and security, unlike Hillary Clinton who wants to continue taking baby steps for the people while pocketing huge amounts of cash for her speeches to her contributors! #FeeltheBern!


Excellent article, Ms. Smith! Poignant and well-said. Too many women (and their families/children) face the same hell day-in and day-out you have faced. When Chelsea piped up with her negative response to Senator Sanders’ plan for single-payer health (Medicare for all), like you, I thought…what the H_ _ _ does she know about the cost of health care or health insurance sitting in her $10,000,000 penthouse condo with her Ivy League education having lived a life of privilege since birth. Her mother offers virtually nothing (except empty rhetoric) to elevate women and their families out of their Hell into a place where there is no worry about having to decide to pay the utilities or buy groceries let alone creating a college fund for the children. On the other hand, Senator Sanders offers a plethora of solutions/programs to benefit ALL, not just the moneyed few.

With you, I am and have been a loyal supporter of Senator Sanders! And gender has nothing to do with it.


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Well said, as usual, Donna.


Your story is much like my own. I thank my lucky stars I have health insurance through my employer, and can share it with my partner, but gods help us if either of us get really sick, or suffer a serious injury, because we can’t afford the deductible/out of pocket expenses (yes, dentistry is the worst!!). And we could go on, right?

I hope you hang in there. And I hope like hell Bernie wins.


Going to the dentist is a visit with a rip off artist! We need to take profit out of healthcare- it is a right!


Thank you very much, Donna Smith, for expressing so well how I feel. My life has been so much like your article. I am so grateful that Bernie Sanders is running for President. Thank you again for your story. It is my story, too.


Well, for me a country that bombs just about everyone it can think of, shoots 15 000 of its own people every year and cannot put together a National Public Health Service is indeed a special place in hell. In this the USA is indeed exceptional.

There is nothing new or peculiar about building a working, effective National Health System freely accessible to all.


She should know as she is on her way there after her comment that the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it! What an evil monster. Pure American all the way!

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It’s funny how the privileged never have a problem. However, they do seem to have a problem with rest of us having a problem. They the privileged are great at blaming us for our own situations. It is us who are at fault for our poor, health. It is us who did not work hard enough. It is us who did not save our money. It is us who do not know how to spend our money. It is us who are to blame if our teeth are bad. It is us who are to blame because we do not have the mere ten thousand dollars to fix two teeth. It is us who are to blame that for decades that we did not get raises while the privileged CEO took the profits and lied to us that business was too bad to dole out raises. And you could tell that by the six new Mercedes sitting in the CEO designated parking lot. (True Story.) It is us who are to blame for allowing the privileged to get richer and richer from our efforts and then allowing them to blame us and convince most but not all of us that all of this failure is our own fault. Funny that!

Madam Albright you have done Bernie Sanders a great favor. If I were you I would really worry about your own place in Hell.


Stanford where Chelsea went for undergrad is not Ivy league, and she doesn’t live in a penthouse–just a special 10 million dollar apt.

Chelsea has a masters from Columbia, Ivy League.

More to the the point about Chelsea’s cluelessness: Lots of people have MAs from Columbia, few have 10 million dollar apts by age 35, none are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by MSNBC by age 30, none are vice provosts at NYU by age 30 without a PhD and years in the academy.

It was really bad optics for the Clinton campaign to get Chelsea the Harper’s Bazaar cover in June 2015.


My inclination as well. We treat health as a national interest in so many other ways, let’s finish the job and prove it by nationalizing it. Bad thing about Medicare is that it leaves the massive profit-seeking center of care providers (hospitals, equipment) intact. Yes, it nearly eliminates a major parasite, but it’s not the only problem in that sector.

Eliminating Cygna, for example, won’t stop a corporation hospital from charging 1500 bucks just to show up in an emergency room.

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Thank you so much for this! I can’t say how much it means to hear someone saying what I am feeling.

I am a single mom who struggles every day to maintain a thin veneer of middle class life for my children so that they can focus on their educations and get a solid start in life without being too burdened by my poverty. I have chronic financial stress that routinely wakes me up at 1 in the morning and leaves me unable to get back to sleep at all no matter how exhausted I am. This has gone on for years. And like you I am about to lose my first tooth at 46 because I can either afford dental care or housing in a decent school district - but not both.

Not that I’m complaining. Many women have it far worse than me. At least I can provide a stable life and a good education for my kids even if it’s a huge financial struggle.

But then I turn on the TV and I see Hillary Clinton talking about how it’s her “turn” to be President. And Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem dismissing with ridicule any suggestion that some women could have legitimate reasons not to vote for Hillary and her neoliberal economic policies.

And you know what I see? I see rich women. I see women who are so incredibly rich and so outrageously privileged that we might as well not even belong to the same species - let alone the same gender.

It’s not just that they don’t care about my life. It’s that, quite literally, they can’t imagine it. They live in such a perfect bubble of privilege that they actually believe the biggest issue in this election is whether or not they’re going to get a trophy President to gratify their out of control egos!

That’s their vision of feminism and sisterhood. Forget poor and middle class women’s hopes for a decent job, affordable medical care, a fair economy for our children, or the ability to retire with dignity after working our tails off in crappy jobs for forty years. Instead we’re all just supposed to just fall into line and obediently vote for their trophy President. And why? Because it’s her “turn” and she “deserves” it.

Well you know what, Mrs. Clinton? Maybe you do deserve to be President. But I don’t think you “deserve” it any more than I “deserve” to go to a dentist. So while you’re crying over all those disloyal women in New Hampshire who didn’t vote for you today, why don’t you do me a favor and pause for a moment to appreciate how nice it is to have all your teeth. We each have our cross to bear in life. And from where I’m standing life seems to have treated you pretty well all things considered.

Unbelievable. Truly unbelievable.


Stanford is Ivy League of the West, as it is often referred to. The apartment/condo/marital pad is on the top floor of the building and stretches the length of a city block, thus the penthouse reference. If you want to read more about her digs, you may want to visit this site address: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2313602/Inside-Chelsea-Clintons-10m-luxury-fortress-stretches-entire-New-York-City-block--time-doorman-just-units.html

Oh, and the monthly payments are between $52,000 and $60,000 A MONTH!

Go Bernie, GO!

Thank you for this piece. I humbly suggest to all women that we vote our conscience & our commitments … rather than just our chromosomes. And thank you Madeline Albright for such a searing & ugly demonstration of the trap into which we fall if seduced into doing otherwise.

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Sorry about your tooth, SMom.
I lost all of mine due to have a genetic enamel defect in 5 of mine about a dozen years ago. 16k to fix it with normal dental procedures. 2k to just send up a white flag and get rid of them all.
I wouldn’t date again after that (Dentures on younger folks can have that effect).

Always the hard choices–pick the limb you want to save. Hillary had no right to write a book with that title. Our people live that title every single day.

What a great article! Just when you feel so tired, broke and broken a little light shines in and you see you’re not alone. Bernie’s compassion makes him a human (sorry, YUMAN) being. Those others are something less. Gloria, Chelsea, Hellary and MADaline put together couldn’t get through my work day (single mom 57 year old hand milking dairy farmer getting by on $11000 a year) so who is the real woman here? I don’t vote for princesses! Or crooks, sociopaths, war criminals or dynasties! Bernie or bust! I won’t vote on Election Day if it’s Hillary.

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Let me comment on one part of the article – the part about lacking resources to deal with oral health issues. It’s a fight I’ve been involved with for years and one that has shown little or no signs of progress. With a few exceptions, one being Bernie’s efforts to bring federal dollars back to Vermont to set up a number of dental clinics situated in Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). I was delighted to hear him say that his “Medicare for all” program would include dental services. For the vast majority of older Americans, it is not known why dental care now doesn’t exist in Medicare. And the truth is that the American Dental Association lobbied to have those services removed from Medicare shortly after the program was developed in the 1960s. So, for far too many Americans, good oral health is just as the commentary explained – out of reach thanks to the greed of the majority of dentists and their cover organization, the ADA. (Dental insurance companies and the corporations that provide skimpy dental benefits are also guilty, as are most states’ horrible Medicaid dental programs.) As a dentist serving low income patients for decades, I see the author’s story over and over and it’s heartbreaking. I hope Bernie continues to bring in the disaffected, particularly women who realize that you don’t have to be a woman to know how to help women rise up and make their rightful claims on what they deserve. While dental care may be one small piece of that claim, it can make a world of difference to keep your own teeth and not have to suffer the social embarrassment, lack of function, and declined oral and general health as a result of having to wear dentures.

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