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My Threats Are Bigger Than Your Threats


My Threats Are Bigger Than Your Threats

Eric Margolis

Not since Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev banged his fists and waved his shoe at the UN in 1960 has a world leader made such a spectacle of himself as President Donald Trump did this past week at the world organization.

Trump vowed to ‘totally destroy’ North Korea, a nation of 25 million, if it dared threaten the US or its allies. To do so, the US would have to use numerous nuclear weapons.


Senility has made a spectacle of this president.


I don’t really think Trump is senile. He’s playing a game. He’s big on bragging and macho, hyped-up tough talk. This of course, is to appease his nut-case “base.” The white supremacists who love everything Trump says, are in their glory over this pres. This is how the far-right and extreme outliers wish their world could be–white, tough, and patriotic to the point of obscenity; not to mention, taking the planet back to the 50’s and keeping it there.


Yes. And currently these voters are dominant throughout the west - in my country too, where they have chosen arrogant and swaggering (but “patriotic” and white) Brexit rather than cooperation with our partners on the mainland. Please, no nonsense about Putin. Democracy created these catastrophes, because liberalism failed. It chose to cosy up to corporate power and endorse the phony freedom of the market rather than striving to reduce inequality and strengthen workers’ freedoms and rights.


Absolutely! Agree with you.


The only possible answer I could muster is Manifest Destiny. North Korea is maneuvering itself for the takeover of the Pacific Rim.


We are no long the greatest nation when it comes to ethics we left that station November 2016l


Reading a reference to the USSR in the present tense makes me question the credibility of everything this author says.


To paulrae & Briar (all welcome of course !):

I don’t think Trump is senile either - but “playing a game” strikes me as strange, yet also accurate.

Are we all so far from reality that only games remain ?

Since this is an article from Eric Margolis, I thought I’d pass on a link for the perusal of all, no doubt some will be vastly more in touch with the ‘deep state’ than I am. Isn’t politics and the idea of democracy the game - if one believes the information of this whistleblower ???


We left ethics a long long long time ago, if we ever had them in the first place. A nation built on genocide and slavery for which no amends have ever been made, cannot take the high road when it comes to ethics. 2016 was not a change in course, it was par for the course.


Nothing changes for the better, the bluster only worsens. Apparently few care, otherwise they would be out in the streets protesting peacefully to potentially change the course. People are afraid of the deranged police state that presently exists in this dying freedom nightmare called America.


Unfortunately it’s not senility but insanity.


People aren’t afraid as much as they are affluently ambivalent and lazy; it’s why Trump got elected in the first place. People were content with the status quo and too lazy to get off their fat asses and vote.


Wrong, that is actually the opposite of why Trump got elected. He got elected because he was the closest of the two main party candidates to changing the status quo. Even though now it is obvious all he said was a lie, he said more populist stuff during the campaign trail than Hillary Clinton, who was what the people were truly ambivalent about.

I do agree though that this ambivalence to this escalation of potential nuclear war is frustrating though.


Why would you think peaceful protest is effective ?

Looking back - I don’t see that it has been. And I go back aways - I was thirteen when JFK was murdered.

Denial is a strange thing - it seems omni-present, even on a ‘progressive’ alternate-news site like Common Dreams.

We want to feel good - that progress is being made - that’s natural. And optimism, or hope, is gold - no need for Cassandras or Jeremiahs - the need is for leaders, or perhaps men willing to fight.

“A man does what he must… and that is the basis for all morality”. (JFK, “Profiles in Courage”, 1956)

‘Divide and Conquer’, said Julius Caesar - but this strategy is much older than Caesar - it is as old as the hills, and that is what the deep state has done. But it is not as simple as all that, for many in the ranks of the middle class and the working class, let’s include the consumer class, the 0.01 percent, and more - the very fact that we have strayed from tribal egalitarianism into larger entities, civilization and now some purported world order - well, if you think about it - just having a class structure consigns us to the divide and conquer strategy - we have lost before we even begin to fight.

If true - then our response must be a return to egalitarianism, even with institutions as large as nations and the United Nations.

Why not - as Robert Kennedy was fond of saying.

Obviously, at least I think it is obvious if we emerge from our denial, is that WE are not in charge - never really have been - although we have been at times more necessary and real than at present - think the revolutionary war. But Jefferson pointed out that once the conflict was over - we would lose ourselves to the pursuit of money - i.e., what we have now, classes of various sorts - consumers all - as Chomsky has pointed out.

In fact, WE have all the tools necessary to change things drastically - but right now we are in shock, have been for five thousand years - and it will require an even greater shock to awaken us to our common tribal humanity - writ large - all humans on the one and only Earth.

Why not dream and think and plan big ? Leaders are easily disposed of.

The many - not so easily.

I have read Laudato Si by Pope Francis a couple of times now - though I am a secularist.

I have boiled his entire manuscript down to a couple of lines:

“There can be no renewal of our relationship with nature without a renewal of humanity itself.” (118 - Laudato Si)

If you really consider this - the Pope is saying that we have lost our relationship to nature, something I am as certian of as it is possible to be, and - we have lost our basic humanity - which I see is also true.

Luther Standing Bear, author of “Land of the Spotted Eagle”, a Lakota tribal chief, said this - which is in effect the exact same conclusion the Pope has reached:

“the old Lakota was wise. He knew that a man’s heart, away from nature, becomes hard; he knew that lack of respect for growing, living things soon led to lack of respect for humans, too. So he kept his children close to nature’s soothing influence.”

I returned to the mountains after a long absence - as I, like many others, made a living.

Both the Pope and Luther Standing Bear are entirely correct.

But - I have seen also that, as I alluded to earlier, the enemy is not only the deep state - or the 0.1 percent - or the capitaist corporation and MIC - the enemy is present in numbers right beside us - in the white supremacist with the tattoos waving his confederate flag, in the suburbanite middle classmen who wannabe the 0.1 percent, in the working class man who buys a lottery ticket and watches football, in the football players themselves who accept the money, and on and on.

These people are willing to go over to the Star Wars dark side - who will stand for share and share alike - who - and when will we fight ?


Clearly then, you have failed to read various released reports of intelligence, military and think tanks regarding the likely state of North Korea’s military technology. Fpr. the article’s content is almost invariably most consistent with such analyses. Granted, North Korea may have certain advances of which the outside world is not aware; and the same goes for setbacks. Regardless, for better or for worse, that country’s military technology is evidently progressing and advancinng in measured bounds.


Watch him closely and at times it’s clear that something is psychologically wrong with him.

Senility, insanity, call it what you want. He’s Nuckin Futs!


You may be right. I like your “Nuckin Futs” comment! :o)


Thanks Paula but I can’t take credit for the “Nuckin’ Futs” phrase.

It’s the brainchild of the Ocean City Brewing Company. They named their Honey Brown Walnut Ale that.



The center-rightist Huntingtonesque Margolis is hardly a left-wing anti-imperialist, but as one, I can’t find too much to disagree with him on in this piece.