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My Voicemail for Jeff Bezos, the World's Very Richest Man

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/05/my-voicemail-jeff-bezos-worlds-very-richest-man


Let’s not forget that this pissing contest to flood low Earth orbit with satellites brings us closer, and closer, to the Kessler syndrome. We are just a few accidents away to create a killing zone in space that will strand humanity on a dying planet forever.


The amount that Bezos’ and his ex’s net worth increase each day could solve many pressing problems.


Dear Jeff, you can spruce up your public image by spending one day as a resident at the nursing facility I am currently imprisoned in. It’s understaffed, bathroom sinks and toilets are often clogged, one shower every week per person, and toilet paper is a hot item here. It is a place of indignity, the shame of the American healthcare system, brought about by Vulture Capitalism.
Just one day, Jeff, and you’ll have a brand new polished image.
P.S.: if you do come, could you bring some deodorant…?


I am pretty sure Jeff will not read the article’s suggestions, but I think there is value in the juxtaposition of what one man, who has gamed the current system to the max, could do if so inclined.

Different approaches to solving problems can be valuable. I appreciate this writers imaginative take, not because I think there’s any likelihood of persuading Bezos, but because there can be meaning in this way of presenting the true price of predatory capitalism. It might not be one person’s preferred way but the more ways tried may connect with more people. I’m all for that.


Amazon home delivery is similar to FedEx and UPS in the way they all require more fuel/energy than necessary while adding to the traffic mayhem. They are global transportation networks that have disempowered local networks.

Awhile back, I did a rough study to estimate fuel consumption and traffic impact of Costco wholesale warehouse stores. Were Costco to become regional distributors to local retail stores, fuel consumption would decrease by 80% or so. Consumers would no longer drive to distant Costco but obtain the same goods locally. The handful of delivery vans Costco would operate use 1/10th the fuel/energy that thousands of cars daily use in a Costco shopping spree. Reducing the use of gasoline could start with pulling the rug out from underneath Bezos exploitation of clueless motorists.


Yep. And as thousands of these latter day “Skylabs” shower the earth with debris, the fools on this planet are gonna party like it’s 1979.

Hi raydelcamino:
I have read that Makenzie Scott ( used to be Bezos) has said that she wants to try to donate all her money before she dies. That sounds so much better than Jeff’s ideas. : )


And i believe she means to actually give it away, not “donate” it to herself like Gates and Zuckerberg.


??? This is just strange…