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#MyPalestinianSitty Goes Viral as Twitter Users Join Rashida Tlaib in Showing Love for Their Grandmothers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/18/mypalestiniansitty-goes-viral-twitter-users-join-rashida-tlaib-showing-love-their


Rashida, your sitty’s have blessed you with their strength. Keep on using it to “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” at Tiny, as Muhammad Ali used to say.


You go Rashida


Thank you Rashida and Ilhan. Please continue!


Trump spent the past few months insulting Rep. Tlaib, the Squad, and Moslems, Palestinians, and Arabs in general with his tweets. The population of southeast Michigan includes 300,000 people of Middle Eastern ancestry. In 2016, Trump carried Michigan by 11,000 votes. Trump has single-handedly flipped Michigan to blue in 2020!


Israel will pay for the oppression of the Palestinian people.

I’ll bet my bottom dollar on it.

You can put that money in the bank. The West Bank.


Michigan should never have been “red” to begin with. However, since the Democratic Party ignored voter suppression efforts there, and in Wisconsin, PA, Ohio, North Carolina and Florida, and continues to ignore it, we may just see a repeat in 2020.
Remember, for every Muslim that may be motivated to vote, there is a racist that is already registered.
I suggest we all call Tom Perez’s office tomorrow and ask him why the Democratic Party is still not on a national voter registration drive, helping in particular, the people who have been disenfranchised by recent voter suppression efforts.
I won’t hold my breath.


Israel will not pay for their crimes for about another 20 years. That’s when the saudis oil fields will be mostly exhausted and the US will no longer need it’s vicious watchdog in the Middle East.
On that day the West will pretend they never knew Israel…


Its like any other crime. The criminal might get away with it at first, and in doing so become emboldened. Eventually, however, there will be a price to pay. Israel is going to pay for this. The US is already paying for supporting Israel, as is seen in 911, and the ongoing war, and the collapse of our government, and the corruption within it.


How refreshing! Thanks Common Dreams. Articles like these is why I contribute every month to C.D.


May the love of all grandmothers be brought to Palestinian grandmothers always


Wisconsonites did not ignore the voter suppression efforts by the Walker administration. The people allowed themselves to be fooled, and the courts were of little help.
The problem is “citizens united” as much as anything else. Money has been allowed to be considered as speech. Free speech if you will.

Who knew free speech would result in free to lie speech? We all should have, and cared about it as well.

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AARP reports that over 4 million American Sity are raising their grandchildren.
This note is to remember them as the very best folks we have.
And they usually do not receive much outside financial assistance.
Love, sacrifice, home and hugs.

Of course, they all tell us that if they had known grandchildren are so wonderful, they would have had them first !!

Wonderful song and artist. The Arabic culture has a lot more respect for their mothers/grandmothers than western culture. I know this firsthand.

Actually, it was the 1975 Buckley v. Valeo Supreme Court Decision which ruled that money equals speech. The 2010 Citizens United decision then removed all limits to campaign bribing, making the U.S. an official, legal oligarchy.

The 1876 Southern Pacific Railroad v. Santa Clara County decision interpretation of the 14th Amendment is how we were stuck with corporations absurdly having the same legal rights as human beings. That was the true start of the U.S. oligarchy and the end of any hopes for a republic.


Thanks for cleaning that up. We can’t have the people’s voices overruling corporations can we? We might get a fair deal, and that would be, what? Fair? What a concept.

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still drinking the Kool Aid, 911 caused by Bin Ladin ?, Stop already. read some David Ray Griffin and inform yourself.

I know, I know, your right. Doesn’t change my position any though - strangely.

My dad’s mother died long before I was born, so I never got to know her. We lived close to where my mom’s mother lived, so we saw that wonderful woman often. I still fondly remember helping two of my uncles and mom’s dad hay during the summer, and eating the delicious meals, while there, that grandma prepared for us. Now that I’m a grandfather myself, I look back with loads of respect and admiration for them all!
I was raised in Christianity, and can still sing “Jesus loves the little children, ALL the children of the world,” that I learned as a child. Thus, I am angered when I learn about ANYONE being mistreated.

I certainly never voted for that SOB Walker. Yes, Citizens United was a TERRIBLE decision!