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Myth of 'Exceptionalism' Shattered as Globe Expresses Shock Over 'Day of Shame for American Democracy'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/07/myth-exceptionalism-shattered-globe-expresses-shock-over-day-shame-american

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The name Trump will forever be known as "Loser, Liar, Failure."


As others have said, trump is just a conduit. Avery negative, mentally unstable one at that.
It’s that Rush, Fox, and other right-wing influence has a large group of people brainwashed. They get away with constant lying and misrepresenting, and the gullible suck it up like finding loose change.
A deprogramming effort may be the only way to fix this. Trump is just their heir Hitler.


The whole world has been laughing at him for years.


Day of shame for American “Democracy”?

America is a plutocracy/oligarchy. This is documented fact.


I think the rest of the world has known we were full of shit for a long time. But just like any good coach will tell you, you’d be a fool to go out of your way trying to beat your opponent when all you have to do is sit back, and let him beat himself.
We have been permitted to beat ourselves. And we obliged.


American ‘exceptionalism’…exceptionally stupid, exceptionally racist, exceptionally ignorant (74 million voters for Trump), Congress who are exceptionally gutless, particularly the spineless Democrats who just went home, slinking away from the worst and first breach of the Capitol since the British in 1814 with their limp tails between their legs, exceptionally incompetent (COVID19), exceptionally greedy, exceptionally bellicose with the largest military expenditure in the western world, and the list goes on… American Exceptionalism is very much alive and well, thank you.


Does this mean that during US political displays, we can have bombs, drones and assassinations by other countries?


OK. It’s over. He’s gone.

Now, it’s onto the real work of holding Harris in check, making sure that she doesn’t complete the final sellout to Tel Aviv.

I’m not even sure what the latter would look like - it’s already impossible to question why America so enthusiastically murders foreigners en masse at the behest of AIPAC.

It’s now totally impossible to question the machinations of Israel and our complicity thereby.

The actions of a few useful idiots yesterday should not detract from the single greatest threat to the constitutional integrity of the United States.

The rot is deep. The rest is theatre.


“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie – deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”

John F. Kennedy

Just ask Native Americans about USA Exceptionalism.


Just what I was thinking, only you were much kinder. Also the u.s. has been exceptionall in exporting this type of mayhem to other countries while interfering in foreign affairs and elections and overthrowing democratically elected leaders, it has now come home to roost, and 70 million are all in for it.

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That’s a short list, I have a few just off the top of my head, but demented crazy asshole, definitely comes to mind.

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The “globe” never bought into the exceptionalist bullsh*t in the first place. This is just American self-delusion about how the rest of the world thinks about us.


“You don’t get to ransack the Capitol for hours, then calmly walk away, unless law enforcement and its command share your views. What we saw yesterday was tacit approval of the rioters. Full stop.”



Not over until the fat man leaves.


It may be a good time to speak to the rest of the world. To tell them that America is not solely about foreign warring, and mean spirited policy.
The American people are not that way, we just put up with it.
The same goes for other countries like Iran. Some in leadership denounce Iran’s official policy as confrontational. But it’s only the government and it’s crazed religious leaders. The people are friendly enough. No more war, or let leadership fight them alone.



US registering highest deaths yet from the coronavirus

(two weeks after Christmas… )


The findings suggest that in most people, a robust immune response to the virus lasts for at least eight months—and there are good signs that it could even last years.

(Good news, if you survive…)
(article source link is corrupted, I tracked it down for the science buffs^)

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one thing for sure—after Trump and his allies(some still in congress and the Senate) the world will never look at the USA the same way

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Thanks Helen. That was my first really good laugh in days. (Thinking Venezuela right?)

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Again, unfortunately, I’ll have to disagree - but respectfully so - with this optimistic outlook. If we were to do as you suggest and tell the rest of the world that America is not solely about engaging in war, we’d be lying.

Of course, not all American citizens are warmongers - quite similar to Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Iraqis, Iranians and Vietnamese, et al. Note, however, the sheer dichotomy - we’ve either attempted to starve these people to death or otherwise bomb them into oblivion … whereas they have never invaded our shores.

You don’t do it and I don’t do it. But we yet do engage in war, in a way, when young nephew Brandon enters OCS to follow in the “proud” footsteps of his grandfather or pole-dancer Nancy enlists to access the GI Bill to fund that oh-so-important associates degree in Gender Studies.

For an American to get blown up or shot by a Nicaraguan, Iraqi or Vietnamese, they would have to go to Nicaragua, Iraq or Vietnam, respectively. For an American to be starved to death by the Iranians or Venezuelans, well, you see what I mean … .

As a rebuttal of the posit highlighted, prior to January of 2019, not one soul in the company where I worked could have found Venezuela on a map of the world. By the end of February, though, the office was filled with hysterical yelps to the effect of “We gotta take out Maduro!” and other tripe. You see, Fox (augmented by CNN, for the “intellectual” crowd) began ginning up Manufactured Consent … . And then the churches got involved with fund raisers to help the “Oppressed People of Venezuela” … .

On Iran … well, Church Man said “Eye-ran Bad” and that was good enough. So we now have to “Take out the Mullas.” But, of course, Iran’s official policy is confrontational.

So, no … we, Americans - as a whole - not only like war … we love it.

Again, please note that this is not in the least an attack directed at you. It’s simply that these false equivalencies only serve to excuse our hostile tendencies towards other nations and general barbaric existence. And this is without even mentioning the puppet masters in Tel Aviv.

Charity truly begins at home.