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N.C. Prisons End Shackling of Women During Childbirth, A 'Barbaric' Practice 32 Other States Still Allow


N.C. Prisons End Shackling of Women During Childbirth, A 'Barbaric' Practice 32 Other States Still Allow

Julia Conley, staff writer

Ending a practice described by medical experts as "barbaric," the director of North Carolina's state prisons said Wednesday that women who give birth while they are incarcerated will no longer be restrained or shackled during labor.

Women's rights advocates applauded the decision, but expressed anger and dismay that North Carolina is now one of just 18 states that specifically bars prison employees from shackling female inmates during childbirth.


The monetary crimes that the elites have made legal so that they avoid prosecution are worthy of them being shackled.

Continued support for Duopoly parties will never change this.


It is noteworthy to mention that North Carolina has been ground zero in the fight by The Moral Mondays Movement against a fierce attack on the defunding of public schools and public social services such as Medicaid for the poor. A corrupted corporate political elite have been at the bottom of this attack on the poor in recent years. To this day, The Moral Monday folks still lead a counter-offensive against these immoral, cruel politicians in North Carolina - and it looks as if it is finally paying-off! Who would have have thought that the un-shakling of pregnant women in labor (dis-proportionately black, brown and poor white), would happen in North Carolina? These same politicians who are bank-rolled by the bankster-types who have become obscenely wealthy oligarchs by not paying their fair-share of taxes (through financing corrupt corporate politicians). The ruling elites are still wreaking havoc upon the Poor People of the South. A National Call for Moral Revival is spreading out from Moral Mondays in N Carolina and hitting the road to S. Carolina, Florida, Alabama and over 20 other states beginning Mother’s Day and lasting 40 days. The purpose is to raise awareness of the growing immoral nature or corporate America. Our dear America has become the stomping grounds of cruelty, war and gross neglect upon its weakest citizenry. Go Moral Mondays! Go Poor People’s Campaign. Go away the cruel machines of war and the corporate rape and ecological destruction of Mother Earth!


Absolutely shocking discovery for me. I had no clue that women in L&D were being shackled…a la Mengele in the death camps, a la slave ships. What in the hell is the matter with bureaucrats, guards, and HOSPITALS that would allow such a barbaric practice?

Amerika…the land of vile hypocrisy…oh, yeah, great church-goers who allow such inhumane treatment to go on.

Looks like Gina Haspel, Thomas Homan, Salamoni, Lake (the cops who killed Alton Sterling at point blank range) have clones all over the country…


MUST disagree! The duopoly can only be disassembled from within, by us. Now is the time. An all out peaceful offensive that must be as indestructible as the stranglehold on our minds that the elites have on us. As I see it, we are regaining our freedom inexorably - it is happening! The elites (corporate banksters) have paid huge amounts of big $bucks to produce the propaganda that seems as real as the truth - they know that we are their slaves as long as we procrastinate. The human bondage of our Minds is a very powerful weapon against the concept of freedom. All political parties must be abolished, with the prison industrial complex and war machine, tagging along. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King warned us of all the pornographic immoralities we Citizens see in America and especially with the over-seas killing of civilians by proxies of our unwitting, tax-financed empire - now transformed into a business, rather than a nation, that should treat its own as Family! The creation of the “corporation” makes a business-modeled empire possible. Soooooooooo, Let’s organize around personal freedoms that live in our hearts as Honor. Love. Music. Peace. Respect. Family - not parties. Let’s move forward on N.I.M.A. National Improved Medicare for All (HR 676) - FOR STARTERS! Chelsea Manning ROCKSSSSSS!!! Check out Democracy Now! https://www.democracynow.org/2018/3/28/chelsea_mannings_platform_for_us_senate