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NAACP Ends South Carolina Boycott After Confederate Flag Comes Down


NAACP Ends South Carolina Boycott After Confederate Flag Comes Down

- Common Dreams staff

Late Saturday afternoon, the NAACP voted to end the organization's longtime boycott of South Carolina, just a day after the Confederate battle flag came down from the South Carolina Statehouse.

The civil rights organization said in a tweet that its national board of directors passed an emergency resolution to end the boycott, which has been in place since 2000.


Next will be jack-hammering of confederate war-hero statues on the squares of most southern towns, banning of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Marshall Tucker Band songs - maybe even banning of old-time mountain music and quilting…selling of national civil war battlefield parks to shopping mall and McMansion developers…

All the while…especially north of the Mason-Dixon line - cops continue to stop and frisk, and if they argue with them, kill, black men, real estate agents only show homes in certain run-down neighborhoods to black home buyers. Landlords drive black poeple who faithfully paid their rents so they can refurbish the apartments for white gentrifying Google yuppies…Black people show up at job interviews but never hear back…


The boycott obviously had little to no effect. Unfortunately, it took murder to act as a catalyst.


No, by doing the thankless work of organizing a boycott campaign, the NAACP put S Carolina in the position of clearly recognizing that this mass murder would put serious teeth into that boycott campaign.