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NAACP's Call for Charter School Moratorium Invites Corporate Criticism


NAACP's Call for Charter School Moratorium Invites Corporate Criticism

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Despite pressure from corporate media and education reformers, the nation's largest civil rights organization voted on Saturday to approve a resolution calling for a moratorium on charter school expansion at least until issues of non-transparency and inequity are meaningfully addressed.

Saturday's vote codified one taken by delegates to the NAACP's national convention in July, and demands a moratorium until:


The NAACP's 4 point plan is righteous.
That the Capitalists, corporations and investment bankers, would find this attack on charter schools unacceptable is to be expected.
Everything is to be exploited for a profit according to the Capitalists and their apologists.
There is no 'commons' regardless of what the utopian Left claims.


Right on NAACP! Who is backing the attack on public education? Wall Street, Tech-Industry moguls, Financial Sector? Sherwood Forrest, "It's not so much an attack as a venture capitalist takeover. They'll hollow out the institution and then ditch it".


The four points that the NAACP listed are a massive indictment of the charter school system and the way it is set up and operates. No one, not even the right wingers at the NYT, can deny that those points need to be addressed and completely corrected.

Charter schools do so little for kids who need help and so much for those who don't, not to mention that since they are lacking in oversight, corruption and fraud are rampant in the industry. When even TX is investigating about a quarter of the charters as it was at one time, then "Houston, we have a problem!"