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Nadler: Judiciary Panel to Request Docs From 60+ Entities Tied to Trump in Probe of 'Obstruction of Justice, Corruption, and Abuse of Power'

Nadler: Judiciary Panel to Request Docs From 60+ Entities Tied to Trump in Probe of 'Obstruction of Justice, Corruption, and Abuse of Power'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee—which has jurisdiction over impeachments—said Sunday that he believes President Donald Trump obstructed justice and his panel on Monday will issue document requests to dozens of individuals tied to Trump.

People will be afraid to do business with tRumpCo. Wonder if this will get some to come forward voluntarily in exchange for immunity.
The Party of Organized irresponsibility

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“Nadler told Stephanopoulos that “impeachment is a long way down the road” and “we’re far from making decisions” about whether pursue it.”

Mob versus Mob. Family versus Family. This is what we call accountability in 'Merica.


wouldnt be because they want to milk this as long as possible, would it?


Here we go again. Another investigation. Yawn. When sonething good happens for us, wake me up.


Nadler and other neoliberal Democrats are barking up the wrong tree, offering Russian distractions and promoting another Cold War instead of fixing the DNC, putting their house in order and endorsing the Green New Deal.


Guy gets into his self-driving car one weekday morning routine trip from gated exurban McMansion to office tower garage. This morning he’s drunk and slurs a command, “Take me to the nearest cliff and drive off.” A short pause, Robolimo answers, “Excuse me, Did you say, 'Take you to the nearest cliff and drive off?” Which sobers the guy up to say, “No, no no, burp, Take me to that nearest cliff on the way, you know the place. Stop. I’ll get out. Then drive off and make it look like an accident so I can get the insurance company to pay for my new car, the latest model.” Extended pause later robolimo answers, “I’m sorry Dave, but I’m afraid I can’t do that.” (Hal accent from “Space Odyssee 2001”


Where were Nadler and Nancy on January 3rd? They have now lost two months, TWO MONTHS! That’s two months the Trumpies and their republican enablers have had to burn and shred everything in site.
This modern incarnation of Democrat would have let Nixon off the hook.


Okay. Dream on.

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I sure will. Guess what? You are in the same dream but you do not know it yet.

Why the rush by the zio press to oust Trump?

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Is there anyplace that I can go to in order to regain sanity?

Kevin McCarthy ? I am sorry but I wonder if that man graduated from HS


1000% agree with you –

but what war have the Democrats denied the GOP?

Or the atrocious amount of money the MIC is taking from the taxpayer!


Nadler doesn’t look well –
and Dems haven’t been the sharpest we’ve ever seen them in these
hearings. They need re-training in questioning and making a point.

On the other hand, GOP members are trying to outright stop hearings and
are near hysteria – arms flailing in the air – and behaving obnoxiously.


Looks like the Judiciary Committee isn’t going to get Jack Shit done for the American people over the next two years.

Has that ever happened?

Nadler and crew took care of the Zionists first - now its time for the Circus. (They are skipping the bread part).

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A person knocks on a door and it swings open. He looks inside and sees blood spattered and running down the walls. In the corner there is a partly dismembered body with an axe embedded in its chest. He dials 911 and informs the police.
The police arrive, film and measure the carnage, noting the footprints in the blood and the bloody handprints on the axe.
*Meanwhile, one of the arriving police cars stops a man running down the street. He is covered with blood and leaving bloody footprints from his soaked shoes. They detain him as a possible material witness.
*The investigation begins and for the next year, we hear about this case of an alleged dispute which may have escalated into a physical assault resulting in an alleged homicide. The captured person may have been involved in the alleged incident.
*The alleged investigation goes on for a week or so until the press loses interest, then it all dies out of the public purview.
*One of the first officers on the scene was questioned by the press and he described what he saw, including the several matching cuts on the victim and the axe embedded in his chest. Unfortunately, he failed to say the alleged murder weapon, and mentioned a homicide without the alleged tag. He was removed from duty, with pay, until the alleged investigation dragged to an alleged conclusion.
*Apparently, every crime today is an alleged crime and every perpetrator is an alleged criminal until a jury finally finds him guilty. Then the family will know that their loved one was the victim of an actual homicide committed by the actual murderer. At least until the appeal when it becomes alleged again.
*I don’t think there is a thinking person on the planet that is not aware that trump is an unregenerate crook and con man with a cruel streak as broad as the yellow streak down his back, yet while common sense would pull him out of office and nullify all of the appointments and actions of his “government,” he’ll be allowed to continue to destroy as much as he can, steal as much as he can, because he is only an alleged criminal, and the thousands of children held in ice boxes and their agonized parents, often sent back to the killing fields they had brought their families from are just alleged victims.

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What i meant was you are not likely to be woken any time soon so you can enjoy your sleep/dreams. I have no illusions about the state of the world and the possible/probable outcome for humanity and creatures because of politics/climate change and pure unadulterated greed and stupidity. No need to set your alarm.

Two insufferable years in and no patriots to be seen anywhere… amazing.