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Nadler Says 'Waste of Time,' But Anti-Corruption Groups, Progressives Say 'Impeach Barr'—and Do It Now

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/23/nadler-says-waste-time-anti-corruption-groups-progressives-say-impeach-barr-and-do

"Do It Now Nadler."

Make the Republican Senate show their support of his lawlessness.

“You just might be surprised.”


Nancy, and Trump, have already emasculated men like Nadler with the phony half assed impeachment attempt 6 months ago. Congressional democrats have their tails firmly between their legs these days. They still shudder at the thought of the senate republicans dropping their balls on their collective faces again.
The only thing you will hear between now and November is men like Nadler and Hoyer and Schiff screaming “thank you sir, may I have another!”
Pathetic assholes.


Nadler has already proved conclusively that he is nothing more than a place holder for the Republicans with his miserable performance leading up to and during the terrible decisions about impeachment-the refusal to bring charges related to his financial crimes and criminal campaign actions among Nadler’s other failures as a legislator


"I don’t think calls for his impeachment are premature any more than calls for the president’s impeachment were premature, but they are a waste of time

Total BS! Mr. Nadler, what is a waste of time is you being a waste of time!


Too bad Nadler says letting probably the most crooked and corrupt Attorney General in American history stay in office is “a waste of time”!


Of course obstruction but, t’s not about winning, it’s about a very public process.


Thank you for reiterating that point.



Nadler just provided an introduction to the material for his own indictment.


Treat justice as a consistent and immutable foundation of democracy. Let various Republican and Democratic lawmakers decide individually whether they want to claim to their voters that the law is an ass, that they are abhorred of the concept of justice.

Its good to see Nadler getting primaried . I hope, I hope ,I hope

Yes, as d4l3d and theoldgoat brought up, it is about exposure to the citizens, and also more ammunition for disbarment.
Speaking of Barr, where in the hell is the Bar Association? How many infractions are allowed, before they take action?


Rarely brought up by the MSM or cable stations (including Rachel Maddow, I think) are the facts of Bill Barr’s role in pardoning the guilty repubs in the Iran-Contra Affair way back in the Reagan-HW Bush years.

Just heard that the two lead US Attorneys in the SDNY - Berman and another person who’s name escapes me at the moment - were also involved in prosecuting the Iran-Contra cases in the first place.

Coincidence? I think not.


That’s what Benghazi five and six were about. Putting accusations out there and repeating until dumbshit republicans believe the lies and insinuations. With trump the initial lie seems to be enough.

Good point. Where are those letters of complaint by hundreds of concerned professionals?

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He won’t be around long. When you become as wide as you are tall your health is in question.
I’m not putting down overweight people, just suggesting the health factor.

No question Barr should be impeached, dis-barred, and imprisioned.  But The Lying Son-of-a-Bush, Dick Cheney, Gina Haspel, Eric Prince, John Yoo and a host of other War Criminals should also be in prison, along with several Banksters including Steve Mnuchin.   Who let them off scot-free?  Nancy P’Loser and Barack O’Bummer.   Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice (or thrice), shame on me . . .


Can Congress Impeach itself? The whole lot of them need to go, starting with the do nothing Democrats in the House. I still recall with much furor when the Democrats had the White House, The Senate, The House from 2008 to 2010. They did nothing but complain how the big bad Republicans might filibuster if they actually introduced any meaningful legislation let alone tried to pass it so they never did. Oh wait, they did pass a right wing think tank health care program. Fancy that. Then they lost the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014. Imagine if they had actually tried passing legislation on behalf of the citizens. Perhaps we would not be where we are now. But the Democrats job is to play good cop to the bad cop Republicans all the while only doing the bidding of their corporate masters. Nadler and his Democrat brethren are just as treasonous as those they refuse to hold accountable such as Barr. They really don’t care about any real justice, except for their own Just Us system. There is nothing now to stop the USA from going down the drain where it apparently belongs.


Probably in file cabinet No.13 along with all the trump lawsuits.

Subpoena Barr and see if he shows up first. Be sure he is under oath. And insist on real answers, not ridiculous dodges.
If he doesn’t show up jail him under the conditions of contempt of congress.
Dems don’t deserve another go around with this guy, but that’s all there is.

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