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Nadler to the Rescue?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/29/nadler-rescue

Impeachment will not result in conviction as the GOP controls the Senate. However, impeachment might really help the Democrats - BUT - they have to deal with the issues that most Americans care about. Success means giving up Russiagate and focusing on Trumps real crimes. But the Dems have been supporting Trump, they even gave him the funding for his absurd (and fascist) border wall. The Dems’ opposition to Trump is that they don’t think he is an appropriate imperial manager - THEY WANT WAR!


But there is a whole industry by now focusing on Russiagate, so that’s not going to happen. Daily Kos, e.g., is blocking anyone who objects to Putin conspiracism about everything that drives American politics, such as racial conflict etc etc.


So, the Democratic Party won’t be successful in terms getting voters to rally around them. However, the “success” (quoting myself) that they are really interested in is concentrating the wealth and power of their oligarch patrons.

How about NADER “to the rescue” ?

How about Nader to the rescue ?

You could only maintain DT is VP’s puppet by arguing that VP had a chip put DT’s head that told him to keep all the sanctions + do everything in his power to stop Nordstream 2. And why would VP do that you ask? Simple. Get Trump to do these things, and, given enough time, competition from US oil sales will be in the commode. Because he put one [chip] in for China too [China not-diplomacy] that assisted with the devilish plot. Ya see the logic?

These are the last items in CD, Tom, I see (your comment and unmentionable’s comment) that make any sense on Russia. What, have they had 20+ articles up since? The layers of insanity pile on top of one another. More and more till it’s unbelievable. The Trump admin would put Russia in a meat grinder if it meant we could replace Russian natural gas sales to Europe with our FRACKED PRODUCT WE CONVERT TO GAS (if it’s not gas already) AND THEN LIQUIFY, AND THEN SHIP 4,600 mi at -259 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT…AND THEY THINK TRUMP IS GOING OUT OF HIS WAY TO DO WHAT PUTIN LIKES BEST???

[8/4] U.S. energy self-sufficiency finds its counterpart in the demand that Europe become dependent entirely on American “Freedom Gas,” at a much higher price than is available from Russia’s Gazprom and reject the Nordstream 2 pipeline, preventing it from obtaining lower-priced rival gas from Russia. The Trump administration argues that to avoid dependency on Russia, Europe should buy its oil and gas at much higher prices from the United States – about 30% higher, in addition to the expense of building LNG ports to transport liquified natural gas by ocean tanker instead of by Russian pipeline. “We’re protecting Germany from Russia and Russia is getting billions and billions of dollars in money from Germany,” Trump complained to reporters at the White House during a meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda. https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2019/08/michael-hudson-global-warming-and-u-s-national-security-diplomacy.html

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Yep, should have written in DT’s head…chip implant theory