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NAFTA Needs an Overhaul to Improve Workers’ Rights


NAFTA Needs an Overhaul to Improve Workers’ Rights

Linda McQuaig

With the chaos of the Trump administration as a backdrop, Canadian diplomats will arrive in Washington later this month for NAFTA talks that they hope will be no more than a skinny renegotiation.

According to Canadian lore, the North American Free Trade Agreement has been a great boon to Canada, so our fingers should be crossed that Donald Trump, busy composing tweets or colluding with Russia, will forget he demanded Canada and Mexico renegotiate the trade deal, leaving our beloved NAFTA intact.


Linda’s final paragraph also applies to Obama who in 2008 promised to update NAFTA.

Brand Trudeau is a lot like brand Obama while Trudeau’s track record reflects the Clinton/Bush/Obama formula.


Perot was telling us the Truth about “…that Giant Sucking Sound…” of American Jobs departing, if NAFTA was enacted.

But then, he didn’t look like a leading man, and had a squeaky voice.


Globalization is like the automobile: Driving is a choice of other ways to travel,
yet, cars impede the other modes and become their own impediment.
Globalization likewise impedes ‘lesser’ though no less fundamental
economic scales small to large, local to state to national economic structures.
Not coincidentally, globalization too blows hot gases in our faces and
poisons waterways from drill site to loading dock and everywhere in between.
But exotic air travel (ala global economy) is just sooo special.


To HELL with an “OverHaul” — CAFT-exit, NAFT-exit and WTO-exit NOW!!   TORPEDO the TPP!!

Don’t forget who stuck us with NAFTA – Bill Clinton.  O’Bummer was a major promoter of the TPP, Hilliary was all for it until she “changed her mind about it” (at least temporarily, after Bernie starting gaining ground on her), and Tweetle-Dumb flips & flops about almost everything two or three times a day . . .


In 2008 O’Bummer promised to improve NAFTA. By the time he moved out of the White House earlier this year nothing had been done to NAFTA.


Thanks for saying it straight. When you “overhaul” shit, it still stinks and is poisonous. Unless, of course, you compost it and nature recreates it into something good and useful. “Overhauls” don’t do that. They leave the foul, corrupt essence.


Having lived all over the world, I have seen the positive aspects of globalization through the improvement of the lives of many people. Stories of suicide nets, environmental horrors, and sweat shops get the headlines with no stories of improved diets, improved educational opportunities, and improved labor laws in many countries. The “trade deals are bad for 'merika” talk is simple fear mongering. The problem with all trade pacts is that labor, science, indigenous populations and small business never get a seat at the table. Most problems with trade deals could be solved by combating governmental and corporate corruption and that won’t happen until the “little” people have a voice in the process.