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'Naked Attack on the Free Press': Trump Allies Reportedly Raising $2 Million for Campaign to Discredit Journalists

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/03/naked-attack-free-press-trump-allies-reportedly-raising-2-million-campaign-discredit


Love my Senator Merkley, he is a man for the people. However, his party has allowed or tolerated much corruption and nefarious activities and should be allowed in this country.

There is no accountability for the rich, they have too much GD money and both parties helped to fund these sycophants who have so much money to spend on politicians and other nefarious activities.

We need many of these people jailed not FINED. Fines are just a line item on their budgets. no accountability.


JuJu, there would BE jail time if he were a working person and not a part of the elitist branch of the u.s. population.


Trump is not now, and never will be a dictator.

A “dick” for sure, but never a dictator.

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Can the death squads be far behind?


Not to mention the HEAD DICK. (If you reverse those words, it makes more sense.) (-:

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Or, a "DICK HEAD."

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So let me guess, the powers in charge are going to wait this out just like many other crimes, illegal wars, pollution of the planet and the many crimes of the occupant of the whitehouse


The free press? That is a misnomer if I ever heard one! The MSM is free to obfuscate the truth and manufacture the consent of the American people of what they are told to believe in everything from the assassinations of JFK,MLK and RFK and the lies of Vietnam and 9/11. The only thing free about the MSM is they are free to print all the news that fits their agenda.


I can only conclude that CNN, WaPo and NYT are personally opposed to Twump himself, but never Twumpism, from which they make obscene amounts of money.


yep, as always - Follow the Money

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Don’t bet on it. I like you, don’t think that will happen but I also didn’t think (like 90% of the population) that someone like him would ever get elected here. This fucking clown EVEN makes “W” look like a fucking political genius.

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As if it could not get any more Fascist the Pentagon proposes deploying cyberteams to detect “false news”


As long as the attacks are against the corporate(MSM) press I don’t care what the fool president does. Well…on second thought these outbursts and an effort being made against the media that Trump is claiming that are against him, need reassessing. There are two factions of MSM media and there IS a line between the two. The “liberal”, most corporate rags, TV, MSNBC, CNN and their pundits spewing “establishment” propaganda. And the “conservative” side, Fox, Newsmax, other conservative rags such as Brietbart, etc. It’s all crap, mostly fake nonsense and govt propaganda. That’s why I contribute to Common Dreams and Medium, a few others and several blogs I read daily. I watch TV news to see what’s “trending” in the govt and corporate world. Funny thing is I’ve seen a few time when Trump has even gone off on Fox??? Peace, All

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We hear a lot of good, patriotic and progressive things from Merkley but almost never from Pelosi and Schumer. The democratic leadership is abominable.

Yea, Nancy took impeachment off the table. It would be interesting to see what Trump has under the table on Pelosi that makes her such an accomodating person.


Last week Sirhan-Sirhan was stabbed in a California prison and the media was again clearly stating the he was the assassin of Robert F. Kennedy. Robert F. Kennedy was killed from a shot from behind and below. Sirhan-Sirhan was in front of Kennedy. That I know of nothing hit Kennedy from the front. This is clear evidence but we are mislead when there is disputing information looking at us in the face. The main stream media can be very shallow and accomodating to the status quo.


So, by slipping their propaganda into “friendly” news outlets, they are doing the same thing the Democrats did (and probably still do), as revealed by Wikileaks. As disgusting as this is, it is still trivial compared to the larger problem that all big corporate media is friendly to the 1% and hostile to the 99%.

Who heard, even on “independent” media, that Roger Waters performed at a protest for Julian Assange?


I congratulate Sen Merkley for his omments even tho his denunciation is somewhat tepid. Is manipulating truth and news limited to dicktators and here only “has no place” or is suppressing and threatening the press and journalists a crime and against everything our Constitution stands for and protects - ostensibly? The Bill of Rights, just out of date?

I suppose the “normalization” of trumpian lies by the thousands, fantasy BS, overt racism and bigotry, now created a climate where such rot is accepted. It certainly has become acceptable to the “opposition” corporate-whore party and its morally reprehensible “leadership”.

Question is, will any of the claimed “targets” of this trump & co conspiracy to silence the press (or what’s left of it) realize the danger and react as they have to Bernie Sanders or fade away in their continuing craven irrelevance!?

Let’s call a spade a spade and a malignant POS tin-pot mussolini what he and his supporters are!

The Fourth Estate is already bought-up, our airwaves stolen and sold to the highest bidder and truth a quaint notion under this odious regime of predatory scum and a stench that reeks across the nation!!

I wonder where the pelosi-schumer DINO corporate whores are - lining-up to remain silent and evade their responsibility to focus on sabotaging the progressive movement and betraying the public with their craven ass-kissing compromise and complicity to the trump regime’s destruction of what’s left of our republic and planet


Now, how could anything go wrong, with THAT? Remember, how David Brock swept through the lefty blog aggregators in 2016, eradicating all the fake news (we later read first hand in the Podesta emails, Clinton speeches, Donna Brazile & Debbie Wasserman Schultz bragging?) Remember how our Ukraine, Israeli and Saudi allies refuted fake news, via Prop’Rnazi as WaPo’s Atlantic Council patriots dispelled treacherous, silly fears of evil forces influencing our Democratic Freedom.