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'Naked, Unapologetic and Insidious' Corruption: Dems Respond to Trump's Official Statement on Impeachment Trial

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/19/naked-unapologetic-and-insidious-corruption-dems-respond-trumps-official-statement

It’s too early in the morning to picture a naked Orangeman. Please.


Glad that the Dems are hammering away at the obvious criminality and arrogance of the Trump Mafia.
Trump’s impeachable offenses regarding Ukraine go beyond illegally using Congressionally-allocated funds in a bribery/extortion scheme.
Trump’s hit squad was surveilling and harassing a US ambassador as well.
And the cover-up is just as bad if not worse than the crime.


Perhaps a good time to take stock of the insidious pervasive premises and delusions of Randian discourse. Chris Hedges talks with author of “Mean Girl”, Lisa Duggan. Not a bad contribution to centering down at this point in history… follow the asterick…
** * **ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQfF3Bko2r8

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Nice thought, David, but the “jurists” are mostly Rethuglicons.
This is just another farce in inaction.


The dem impeach team must be ultra careful using the Lev info.
The multiple phones of his being analized by FBI at Quantico may disclose the Russian spy connection that I suspect exists. He acquired $315,000 from a russian to donate to trump.

I also do not understand why no other republican has filed in primaries to run against Trump.


LEt’s not forget to hit the crime family where it hurts most…

Total Asset Forfeiture


made me think of that M$M TV show on CBS

Farce The Nation



As was suggested by some, Pelosi should’ve split the case against Trump into two separate charges. First charge should have been the obstruction of Congress and the 2nd asking a foreign leader to interfere in a US election. The first charge is far more damaging to Trump then the 2nd and would’ve sat the stage for kicking his ass out of the white house.

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But they said Mr. Trump broke no laws and was acting entirely appropriately and within his powers when he did so.

For Trump’s attorney’s to make the above statement tells me one thing: Trump has hired the most crooked, lying and corrupt, blood sucking leeches in WASHINGTON,DE…CEIT!



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When you have clown for president and sycophant, clowns for jurists… you can expect a circus.


you left out the k word

OK, lets not forget what this proceeding is really about, and the reason Nancy has screwed-up with the timing of it. Will Trump be removed? Very unlikely, most of us know this. The benefit of this “trial” is to educate the public, the education they don’t get watching MSM, specifically for swing voters. We most likely wont de-program Trumps base in one election cycle (if ever), but swing voters can be, and without them, Trump can’t win.
Nancy pulling the trigger now was not smart IMO (unless you want to tie-up Senators right before the IA. caucus), it would have been smarter to do this later in the year, so it would be fresh in the voters minds before they step into the voting booths.


Republican lawyers are not there to prove trump’s innocence, they are there to confuse the charges as best as they can. Right now there is more direct evidence against trump, as there was against William Jefferson’s bribery case. The one where tens of thousands of bribery dollars were found in his freezer.
Trump didn’t get his payoff, but got caught trying.


> They argued that he was not seeking political advantage, but working to root out corruption in Ukraine.

This is rich coming from whom most consider to be the most corrupt president ever in US America. Corruption and deceit swirl around him on a daily basis and even if it did not what right does US America have to clean up curruption anywhere but at home?


How bizarre it is that the Democrats decided that the only crime to hit Trump with, amongst the myriad of crimes that he has committed, is for delaying the shipment of 391 million dollars of weapons that the U.S. government is supplying the Ukraine with for the sole purpose of murdering ethnic Russian Ukrainians in the U.S. inspired civil war. This is what our tax dollars are funding.
In my humble opinion the real crime is pretending that the shipment of weapons is “aid” rather than a cruel measure to fuel the brutal conflict. Naturally Republicans are just as guilty as the Democrats illuminating the fact that neither Party is responsible enough to handle foreign policy.
I understand that too many crimes that Trump is guilty of, cannot be used for impeachment because too many politicians from both Party’s are guilty of similar crimes on their watch. Hopefully when Bernie becomes President, all of this nonsense can come to an abrupt end before the existing establishment brings down the entire planet in its insatiable quest for more short term profits.


If we had an unbiased press, it would go back to the statements made by Jordan and the other rabid Repubs saying over and over that Trump never did any of this and how it doesn’t meet the qualifications of being a crime and all the other high crimes and misdemeanors that Trump managed to remain uncharged with. Evidently our paid for press believes that when Republicans lie and deceive, obfuscate and dissemble that it isn’t really news.


And she should have went forward with all subpoenas, court challenges, and articles derived from the Mueller report.
And don’t worry about pissing off Mitch, he would do the same to you Nancy, and in a heartbeat.