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'Naked Violation' of Human Rights: Global Condemnation Over New US Position on Israeli Occupation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/19/naked-violation-human-rights-global-condemnation-over-new-us-position-israeli


. . . Just one more reason Tweetle-Dumb MUST be Impeached and Removed, and a legitimate govern­ment restored.  With every day that passes his actions cause harm to someone, somewhere — and to the democratic norms for which our nation once at least pretended to stand.


“” When ever some one has been bullied, they themselves become the bully the first chance they get"".

Where is the Kushner Israel / Palestine peace plan?
Where is our congress? Keep on providing the ammunitions used to murder Palestinians?

Seems to give Net-un-high-you a pat on the back as he tries to remain king in israel.

Maybe DC should just provide the dual citizenship status to all Israel citizens.


as long as dems and gop bow down to netenyahoo… we are doomed
isreal is a parisite, we fight their enemies, we GIVE them welfare, we give them all the weapons they use to trophy hunt palestinian civilians.

Total madness even 100x worst than the holocaust . Holocaust only lasted few months

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Maybe it will finally dawn on the rest of the world that since 9/11/2001 the US government is a criminal enterprise run by fascists who seek only to please the MIC, the global 1%, and Israel. It could care less about human rights. We are meat. In it’s current manifestation, the US represents an exponentially greater threat to civilization, and the planet itself, than any misanthropic regime of the past. For the world’s sake it can only be hoped that it crumbles from within. The sad truth is that any external attempt to put down the rabid dog would only lead to global nuclear cataclysm.


Hyperbole is not going to build a dialogue. There is ethnic cleansing but genocide, 100 times worse than gas chambers…


Holocost lasted for years.
Himmler had the idea of gathering ethnic Germans back from all over Europe and resettle them in poland and Ukraine. So, he murdered not only 3.8 million jews, but over 3 million Polish cathoilics, plus, plus , plus.

Then Himmler could not move the peoples he had brought back to Germany to the now vacant farms in Poland and Ukraine areas. The rail cars going east were totally army materials for fighting the Russians.

All of 72 million people died in ww2.