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Name and Shame Big Political Contributors

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/28/name-and-shame-big-political-contributors

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It would be nice if the naming resulted in shaming. But it doesn’t.

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I’m just a John Doe, too, and agree but if we each do our part to nudge the norm of popular perception, like sharing these articles and getting the word out, that perception will change. For example, I often take neo-Christians to task for one-issue politics (you know the one) and turning a blind eye to the boogers who are trouncing us otherwise. A lot of Common Dreams articles are fantastic so I share on social media where someone other than the ‘preaching to the choir’ crowd will see them. Keep the pressure on. Do your part in your neck of the woods. And be sure to vote.


And what, precisely, are you out to accomplish?

Let me think for a minute, ummmmmm? What IF we diverted ALL the campaign contributions into paying for citizen friendly programs like child care, MFA, real incentives for poor areas/neighborhoods, “free” community/State colleges and vocational schools? That would be a fucking ton of money and would due an equally ton of good.