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Name New Iceberg After the 'Climate Criminals,' Says Group. Call It ExxonKnew


Name New Iceberg After the 'Climate Criminals,' Says Group. Call It ExxonKnew

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Climate campaigners have a name proposed for a huge iceberg researchers say is about to break off from an ice shelf in Antarctica: the #ExxonKnew Iceberg.

The calving, as the break-off is called, is happening on the Larsen C ice shelf in West Antarctica. According to the U.K.-based Project Midas, which is keeping track of the rift's progress, it could be one of the largest icebergs on record.


And President Johnson also knew. A liberal democrat, he was provided a realistic forecast for global climate collapse 56 years ago.

Many people have not yet figured out their children might not lave longer future time than them.

Global climate collapse is not the only problem. For example;There was an explosion in a plastic packaging material delivery truck a few days ago. The driver had neglected to keep the cargo area vent open so explosive carcinogenic off-gassing could not collect. The poison gasses should have been allowed to dribble out along the roadways.

What would happen to you if you were caught routinely dribbling small amounts of gaseous carcinogenic poison along roadways?


Like remembering where you were when Jack Kennedy was shot or 911 happened, someday people will ask, "Where were you when Larsen C broke off?"



Great idea, Bill & 350 Dot Org! Daily update map simulations of both ice caps, at Antarctica and the Arctic are here - http://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/


"Where were you when the ExxonKnew ice shelf broke off?"


I stand corrected. Thanks!



If business continues as it has, 57 years from now I doubt there will be anyone left to ask that question.


I hope they're saving the name 'ExxonKilledUs' for the huge glacier that will surely follow 'ExxonKnew' into the ocean. Sea level rise will force massive migration in the lifetimes of today's 10-year-olds.

Europe is in disarray trying to handle 3 million Syrian refugees? Multiply that by 20. And then keep going.

Somehow I don't see 2080 as a good year for humans.


57 years? Remember that everything is happening MUCH FASTER THAN EXPECTED. Methane (CH2) is now "burping" out of Arctic tundra on a exponential scale. I am SO sorry if you have children or grandchildren...but we are totally FUCKED! We have blown so much CO2 into the atmosphere that there is NO going back now. Just prepare for extinction.....within 15 years....


...... and stupid humans still can't say Zero Population Growth ...


I'm all for that: "ExxonKnew"

Now - about reparations - how if Exxon (& others) are ordered by the courts or governments to begin building direct air capture devices at their expense, until CO2 is back ca 350 ppmv ?


Hello Andrea Germanos and Everyone, For all the climate deniers this is for you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cgo5FxXqefE


Yes, I realize it will happen much sooner. I was referring to UnclePo's when JFK was assassinated remark.


And when move icebergs calve off: there are plenty of corporate criminals and shills who knew: KochsKnew, ShellKnew, PutinKnew, etc., etc.


How many cm will the eventual melting of ExxonKnew add to the depth of the world's oceans?


That is quite the orgy of obfuscation. You a paid shill or a dupe?


Are you implying that CO2 is carcinogenic? If not please disregard.