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Nancy Pelosi Endorsing Joe Kennedy Over Ed Markey, Critics Charge, 'Reveals a Ridiculous Double Standard'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/20/nancy-pelosi-endorsing-joe-kennedy-over-ed-markey-critics-charge-reveals-ridiculous


That Bitch! We have always known she’s a two-faced whore to corporations, but this is a new low. Absolutely disgusting.


Time to “blacklist” Pelosi. I’m from out of state, but I’ve been sending small dollars to Shahid Buttar.

And I sincerely hope this backfires and sends more support to Markey.


Progressives are obviously born with the genetic defect of having 1,000 cheeks -

This is the only way to explain their ability to keep getting slapped in the face by the DNC and still have another cheek to turn.


The hypocrisy is stunning, but which of us are surprised? May we please see the end of ‘90s Democrats hanging on till death to try and keep us in the past.


There is no limit to the corruption of the Democrats and their leadership. There is absolutely nothing they do that should be a surprise except if they ever did the right thing. Look at what the vile DWS did to a Jen Perelman supporter the other day that caused charges to be brought against DWS. Anyone who votes for the DP perpetuates the system. Things will never get better until we starve the beast, which means never vote for one of them. Even that may have no lasting effect because the DP is a zombie party.


> …citing Kennedy’s campaigning and fundraising…

Says it all. This hag is all about raking in the money to feed her own power. THE most corrupt politician in the country. Pelosi is the enemy we must first defeat if we ever have a hope of stopping this spiral downward.


We have spent over 20 years, at least, wasting our time on attempts to “reform” the DP from within - when we could have supported, say, the GP, in increasing numbers with each election - that is the only way that “pressuring” the DP to “do the right thing” ever has/had a chance of succeeding - we have let them get away with rhetoric and “charismatic” leaders at the expense of policy and action for waaay too long. FDR got “pressured” by the presence of active and well supported 3rd parties …

As they say, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me - as someone once said - have we no shame? - for, as they also say - The DP is where progressive ideas go to die …


We definitely need a third party.


We do, support the Green Party.


Speaker Pelosi is an effective leader who has shattered glass ceilings throughout her career. I had the privilege to work alongside Nancy in the House for decades and any candidate would be proud to have her endorsement. I congratulate Joe Kennedy on securing her support

When are they going to learn to fight back. He might as well go ahead and say he is dropping out of the race and supporting Kennedy because Nancy is a goddess and I will follow her through hell. This ‘civility’ is a bunch of effing nonsense. Grow a backbone Progressives.


Let’s not pretend that Markey is some reincarnation of Eugene McCarthy. He has been a middle of the road guy most of his career.
This is proof however of the democrats true intentions should they win both houses. The capitalist status quo shall be maintained at all costs.
And boy, how far has the Kennedy brand fallen, eh?


Ahhhh, yes! Nancy Patricia (Mitchell) McConnell Pelosi! Got it!

Merrick Garland name ring a bell?

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It’s time for nanny peloser to retire while she still has half a brain.

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They say Nancy is a great fundraiser… her actions prompting me to donate…to Markey. Also, to Alex Morse. No to corporate Dems.


Waiting for perlosi to endorse tRuMp.


First the DNC endorses an Energy policy to the right of Biden & Harris, and now this.
Nancy smells those donorDollars attached to The Kennedy name.
CorpDems getting cocky … don’t think they need any progressives to beat Trump.
Deja vu?


To be honest, P’Loser isn’t THE (single) most corrupt politician in the U.S. – there are well over 100, equally divided among the two halves of the duopoly, vying for that title – but along with her buddies Dirty Debbie & Hideous Hilliary
she is certainly one of them.  These three are probably as guilty as O’Bummer for putting us in the horrid situation
we face today.  Tweetle-Dumb actually told the truth (for once) earlier this week:  “If Obama had done a better job,
I wouldn’t be here today.”
  he admitted, while standing at a podium in the White House.


it actually reveals the true nature of the Democratic establishment–corrupt to the core-hypocritical gaslighters working hard for their REAL masters --the guys with the corporate checkbooks


Why does the headline and article make it sound like critics of Pelosi allege that she is working against progressives by this (and every other) act? Why can’t the headline state specifically the undeniable truth that she is subverting any and all progressive inclusion in the DP? I hate the reluctance to state the truth; not every issue and act has two valid sides to it.