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Nancy Pelosi Represents House Democrats, but San Francisco? Not So Much

Nancy Pelosi Represents House Democrats, but San Francisco? Not So Much

Tom Gallagher

Who does Nancy Pelosi represent? The Democratic members of the House of Representatives or the people of San Francisco? New York Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently voiced the opinion that Pelosi appeared to be the most progressive choice available to lead House Democrats in the upcoming congressional term when the party’s leader will presumably assume the position of Speaker of the House – or re-assume it, in the case of Pelosi. And since no challenger to Pelosi ever actually emerged, it’s hard to fault Ocasio-Cortez’s assessment.

As a San Franciscan who’s been “represented” by Nancy Pelosi since she 1st got elected 30 years ago, let me add to Gallegher’s list.

In 2006, 58% of San Francisco voters passed a resolution which read: “We generally call on our elected federal and state representatives to immediately invoke every available legal mechanism to effect the impeachment and removal from office of President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard B. Cheney…” (Prop J, June, 2006) Four months later, Ms. Pelosi said, “Impeachment is off the table.”

Back in the 1990s, Pelosi voted for NAFTA, with the Republicans but opposed by labor and environmentalists and the majority of her fellow Democrats.

Ms. Pelosi regularly votes for the US military budget, including this year.

On one issue close to my heart, single payer, Pelosi has never supported it even though the majority of SF voters supported a statewide initiative for it, Prop 186, when they had a chance. Although it got clobbered statewide, it passed in SF.

Nancy Pelosi is wealthy, worth (approximately) $16 million, placing her 30th among all members of Congress, and ranking her in the nation’s top 0.1%. She lives among her wealthy peers in Pacific Heights. Analysis of their voting patterns suggests that Pelosi does, indeed, represent them. What totally floors me is that San Franciscans vote for her overwhelmingly, including many of my good friends, who should know better.

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As a progressive American adult Nancy Pelosi is and has been a liability to the forward movement of our values as a progressive nation. People and country do not matter to her and the factions she values most. Money is her GOD of choice. You better get it right and understand deep with in yourself that Nancy Pelosi is going to do nothing to help the people who voted her into office. On the matter of AOC pumping up Nancy Pelosi as the most progressive choice. I call complete BS from Alexandria. I was this close to backing AOC to the fullest and then I heard this. At this point I am being lead to believe that the system and country I know and love are a complete SCAM of the American people. We must kill the current system or we will all feel the hate and pain it brings.


You can find the list of the people who Nancy Pelosi represents at opensecrets.org.

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Pelosi in any way being referred to as a progressive is an oxy moron.

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You’re not alone, I live in an area where a large majority of voters, vote against their own interest, it’s unreal.

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Well - they keep re-electing her. San Francisco is not always what it appears to be. It is basically a democratic machine city coming out of the Burton brothers era. Willie Brown was a part of it. US Senator Kamala Harris, Governor Elect Gavin Newsome and SF Mayor London Breed all come via Willie. The machine was also much closer to Jim Jones but that has been conveniently covered up. It is politics as usual with a smiley progressive face on it. Anything goes and it is not as progressive as it seems when it comes to alternative voices. Also, it is a city which has allowed massive gentrification. Thousands of people have been living on the streets, abused by the San Francisco Police (the third rail of SF Politics) and there is massive filth and economic inequality. Is this what we should expect from Democratic leadership?

It’s good to see that Gallagher comes down on the right side of the foreign war issue here. But you know, this is why one votes against such people in elections. Pelosi represents a (probably loose and even mutually conflicted) cabal of financiers, petroleros, and MIC ghouls–neither Congress nor San Francisco, surely–though I would be interested to know more about how she gets elected, should any of you happen to know the insides of Bay area politics.

Politicians and populations can be reactionary in some ways and not others.

I find Ocasio-Cortez’ assent suspicious at the very least, though again a judgment would require me to know more about the context than I do. She has also joined protest against Ms. Pelosi, and this could involve more than a quiet note of despair.

Lobbyists propose and seal deals with politicians, come back and check to see that their will gets done, and assure repercussions when it does not. Populations tend to be ill-organized to do this, so we do so only en extremis.

It seems that any non-warlike or not directly abusive act on the part of Donald Trump puts the conservative wing of the Democrats in a dither. Pelosi has already contracted to someone to keep the Syrian War going, and here she finds her all-but-cartoon-White-male president governs to her left. He tries to negotiate terms of accord with Korea and with Russia, albeit apparently erratically, and now repeatedly tries to remove troops from Syria, though in practice the troops appear to have become stuck.

Maybe it’s all just hooey, and he has no intention of removing troops anyway. Maybe there is no matter of his generals refusing or de-fusing an order. It’s easy enough to tweet that troops are to move. But here we have Pelosi outfibbing herself for war either way.

Que se vayan todos.

Would there were a more up-to-date slogan in English. “Throw the bums out,” my grandfather used to say. He’d stand with his 7th-grade education and a can of beer swearing at the TV. “Don’t give them a nickel that they don’t take, and don’t ever, ever sign up to fight for them. Don’t turn your back–couple years now, they’ll come for you.”

I used to think he was nuts.


duh. and they’ll vote for her all over again. she has no motivation to moderate her politics for a bunch of lemmings that will sob about how they’re not taken seriously and then proceed to demonstrate to the world why they shouldn’t be taken seriously.

You get what you vote for, and affluent San Francisco keeps voting for corporatists. It appears they’re far more interested in preserving the value of their portfolios than peace in the world.


I have the same question several others asked, “What the heck to they keep voting her in for?” Think how nice it would be if a progressive got in.

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HI creativethinking--------- in ancient Rome when people got very , very rich, the emperor types would often accuse those rich of a crime----and then take all of their money. I am wondering when that will happen here…

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Probably when they have extracted all of the money from those who are not very rich, and they are already pretty close to that. We the People are nearly broke.

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Hi minitrue: sigh----you are probably right.

When they showed the video and pics of Zuckerberg at the Congressional hearing, I saw real fear, red eyes, and I think he was getting dressed down and is doing now just what he is told to do.