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Naomi Klein and Arundhati Roy Help Launch Global Green New Deal Project With Worldwide Invitation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/20/naomi-klein-and-arundhati-roy-help-launch-global-green-new-deal-project-worldwide


Voices in the wilderness.

Didn’t Bernie and a coalition of others have one started months ago?

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Yes. “Progressive International”. I joined. I got a response welcoming me. I even volunteered for something. Haven’t heard from them since.


If youngsters figure out they are now being asked to respect older citizens while they are being disrespected by them, the situation could change. Kids deserve a healthy environment, pollinators, major species like gorillas, rhinos and orangutans and fossil resources far into the future. Our policy for a world on low-boil to underpin our economy is a threat to everyone’s future…

Good words. However, there have been so very many good words in the past decade, and little to show. In their own bumbling way, Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs were telling us in their film Planet of the Humans that we are closer to the edge of the cliff than we want to acknowledge. These Green New Deals, even when conceived with intelligence and the best of intentions, are not going to allowed to take place. In a capitalist oligarchy, we do not make the rules. Me, Iʻm listening more to Chris Hedges these days than folks like Klein and Roy. Getting to be time to take to the streets.


I am a retired tradesman. I have worked the better part of my life in the building trades. I have carried a picket on a few occasions when my union was on strike. I have marched on peace demonstrations numerous times and I have also listened numerous times to Naomi Klein, Andrundhati Roy, Noam Chomsky, Varoufakis. and others and I direct this comment at them. None of these and their likes are of the working class, the real victims of Imperialism and oppression. They are celebrities with adoring fans but serving the capitalist class by running interference wherever the working class threatens to act independently. They are educated , bourgeois, intellectuals, masquerading as revolutionaries. They say the obvious and sell it as a revelation for which they achieve notoriety and are well paid self promoters. .


I want to see actual climate change planning by all stakeholders, featuring engineers and technical people, supported by people watching the till and people watching the politicians. If we learned anything from covid-19 it was to do your own planning first, know what needs to be done, then go to the politicians and demand specific actions.

Are we in fact going to learn that lesson?


I’m an old redneck pipe inspector from the rustbelt and I’ve read, admired and questioned these folks for >5 decades. We just watched Naomi with Juan, in NJ and now live two blocks from Michael Moore in NYC. I’m thinking obdurate projection, denial and virtue-signaling aren’t going to help us achieve the goals, crushed by our kleptocratic duopoly? If Bernie’s second DNC/ media stomp-down is just going to destroy Universal Healthcare, Green New Deal, mitigation of income disparity, subjugation and ethnic cleansing of non-whites, usurious indentiture of us all… It’s not something we can blame on these astute, lifelong messengers, who’ve taught us and opened our eyes? What do WE do, now?





Their press, media and blog-aggregators aren’t going to STOP lying, obfuscating and smearing us, because 10% Creative Class liberals are eager to blame us for Trump.

~https://americanaffairsjournal.org/2020/05/first-as-tragedy-then-as-farce/ (this is petit-bourgeois, not them)

I suspect this is more of the same kind of grandstanding. Ms Klein at least doesn’t seem to be against capitalism or militarism from her books.