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Naomi Klein and Youth Environmental Leaders to Join Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez in Iowa for Climate Crisis Summit

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/04/naomi-klein-and-youth-environmental-leaders-join-sanders-and-ocasio-cortez-iowa


Love to Bernie and this climate summit’s environmental leaders.


Perhaps I am just having an excruciating Monday, but I just keep wondering how the DNC is going to Wasserman-Schultz Bernie this cycle?

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You are already seeing it. The late entry of Sleepy Ol’ Joe is one example, the preposterous presence of 10-20 other ludicrous candidates is another. The boycot of news about Sen. Sanders’ campaign is another - even on supposedly progressive sites (save this one, and a couple of others - like CounterPunch and Alternet). And that news that does manage to leak out is tainted/biased. But he and we have to just keep slogging. It has even been suggested that Sen. Warren’s presence in the race is an attempt to derail Sen. Sanders. One has to ask, as she was a registered Republican during the Regan and Bush 1 years (when the downward march of NeoLiberalism began in earnest) how deep her allegiance is to progressive principles. We do know with her what is ‘bone deep’ however, her allegiance to Capitalism. It does make one wonder…


We love you Bernie!! Great plan with terrific speakers. This should be a fantastic event.



Corporate mass media make their own polls and blue-eyed, Irish Catholic ole Joe is always leading, our corporate, dailypabulum. You can’t eat your pudding til you eat your meat!
This is an old fight. We were fighting to stop greenhouse gases in the sixties and earlier. Trump is a corporate platter. Trump gutted the Clean Water Rule and Clean Air Act. No one in their right mind would do this but Trump. Republicans with no oversight put little girls in cages and we will get Joe from Citibank and Exxon. Trump stole 30 percent of federal tax revenue and he dates porn stars.
California is burning down but global warming does not exist. We are led by illiterate Neanderthals, Oil Nazi 101.
This just in; Jesus said he is not coming back. Too hot.


I understand & share your concern.

Will enough people listen to the message to make a difference? It seems to me that most people are preoccupied. Working ten hour days, taking care of family members, or are of the jet set of business or fun travelers that don’t see the crisis for what it is, or don’t care. Cynical, I know.

Don’t despair. Mother Nature isn’t giving up…and her messages resonate in technicolour.