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Naomi Klein: Any Efforts to Equate Hateful Violence with Trump Resistance 'Are Lies'


Naomi Klein: Any Efforts to Equate Hateful Violence with Trump Resistance 'Are Lies'

Jon Queally, staff writer

The word "shock" has been used a lot on cable news over the course of the day.


Naomi’s confidence that people will see through attempts to tar progressives with the violence on the ball field in DC this morning is probably sadly misplaced. FOX and Frauds has recently been using video of sports riots to blame protestors for wanton violence. I suspect they will do the same thing here. I hope not. But when one group’s only value is gaining and maintaining political power, one should not expect decency to break out.


The recent shooting will undoubtedly be exploited for political ends by people who sincerely wish to do so.


This guy was not your typical Sander’s supporter. He had a history of domestic violence that is pretty scary. People like that can do horrible things when they get very angry. There are human beings with a tendency toward violence under certain circumstances on both sides of the political divide and occasionally things like this are going to happen. His political views seem to be rather common for the more extreme Sander’s supporters. For example, he has called Hillary Clinton equal to a Republican. In my view that is absurd but it is a view that widely held. With regard to political violence I am concerned about the conflict between the anti-fascists groups and the neoNazi groups. The anti-fascist use violence and the neoNazis are training to take them on. When these two groups confront each other it is difficult for the police to deal with. This acceptance of violence by these opposing groups could lead to even wider violence if more people join these type of groups.


Who in hell is Naomi Klein or anyone else to speak for the working class. Non-violence has always been a losing strategy. Black sanitation workers in Memphis stopped the scabs and won their strike armed with whatever it takes to win. Non-violence is the strategy of the petit bourgeoisie who is offened bt capitalist violence and is also afraid of the working class. They are not the leaders of the mass movement. When the racist terrorist cops murdered in Charlotte, murdered in Ferguson the people decided to fight back because they know workers and especially Black workers can NOT game this system. We live under a violent class dictatorship of finance capital and turning the other cheek and committing to non-violence will never get us anywhere.
That does not mean all violence is useful to our movement. But mass violence should never be dismissed. The Harlem Rebellion of 1964 erupted after an NYPD Lieutanant Gilligan murdered James Powell a fifteen year old unarmed Black youth. 15,000 Harlem working class youth and adults took to the streets and fought valiantly against this racist terror. The same in Detroit in 1967. We in the revolutionary communist Progressive Labor Party organized massive multi-racial support for the rebellion we held rallies in Harlem and an in other communities in New York. WE printed a wanted poster with Gilligan’s picture : Wanted for Racist Murder. It was distributed through out Harlem and through out New York City. It was all over telepjhone polls and on store fronts. The ruling class , led by racist Mayor Wagner, obtained court orders barring us from marching above 110th Street. WE broke the injunction and 2 of our leaders were convicted on an ancient Sedition Act and sentenced to 2-3 years prison in Danemora, NY. WE consistently over many years organize workers and students to break up KKK and Neo-Nazi rallies. There can be no free speech for genocidal racists just as the ruling class denies us free speech in the work place. Non-violence is a tactical issue NOT strategic. When people in their deepest core belief feel it it’s time to fight, who are the liberals to tell us NOT to fight to win. They are the fake Left. They never put their lives on the line like we do every time we go on strike, every time we step into an unsafe work place, every time racist terror is directed at Black and Latin working class communities to keep them in poverty, to intimidate fight back against mass unemployment and lower wages and inferior jobs that is reserved for workers of color. Fight to win see www.plp.org


Reading the margin on the right, regarding the ultimate goals of “communism” as presented on that website, is pretty damn terrifying.

Worldwide indoctrination? Sounds like it to me.

No wonder you support violence. Such an order for billions of people couldn’t happen without it.

I suppose you won’t get the irony of your ultimate position promoting one world government.


‘Suicide by Cop’ should be investigated.

Was the guy legally blind? 100 shots from an automatic weapon and he … wings 4 ??


Unfortunately, the right will always use violence as a tool and this is why they argue for a armed society and a big military. They know violence achieves their goals in most cases. Violence, as nature demonstrates, is the ultimate Trump card. However, boycotts and external nonviolent pressure must be used when facing a menacing adversary who has the clear upper hand in violence.

The right wing and the ultra rich have been clearly winning over the past thirty years. Yes, some small social rights were conceded along the way to liberals however none were conceded economically. Tough situation!


Where is it written that only right wingnuts can be whackadoodles? We on the left can be driven over the edge as well. Do I condone it? Hell know but I can well understand the frustration caused by a legislature that promises the current NJIC a easy pass as he tears at the very fabric of our lives. The real tragedy is that the pain of these horrid efforts by his admin will be felt hardest by those fetuses they try so hard to save.


The way Naomi Klein pretends that she is a USAn is getting annoying. Perhaps Naomi needs to spend more time engaged in activism in her own country? There is a wealth of injustice right in Toronto, notably the intolerable housing situate brought on by the gentrification housing bubble, for her to get involved in. I wonder when Naomi even last talked to a poor immigrants in the Parkdale apartment blocks - being cleared out for yuppie condos?

And at the national level, she can organize for boycotts and economic isolation of the USA


I am unaware of these pro violence antifascist groups but as long as the working classes are abused by the 1% we are going to have these and more violence in public spaces.


Now you know why the gun lobby is against proficiency tests and a picture licence like they do for that other deadly machine, the automobile. The nutters never think to learn to shoot.


Love. “All you need is Love”, John Lennon ~ The WaPo ~ “Fake news” - A few months back, the Washington Post called me and others [Indy News] “fake”: Truthdig, The Nation, The Intercept, DemocracyNow!, and I believe Common Dreams, too, and others I believe - thus implying the few “alternative, progressive” news sources, are untruthful.

Thus, setting the groundwork for turning facts into opinion and viceversa, so any habitual liar can now be quoted in any of America’s Press as a reliable source. To allow a source - or not - now depends on the owner of the news source! Point. The citizen, moi, begins to lose trust - after a third and fourth stressful story, after another shocker like in San Francisco and D.C. - But the, We the People’s Indy news is still here - and thank The Goddess of Love for that! The fascists will be be coming for those of us who produce or circulate reliable, truthful and independent investigative news sources. The news fabricators are out there. We cannot fall asleep at the wheel. That’s the bankster hope - to outlast We the People - To take away our healthcare, green jobs, Social Security checks and Free Speech.


The anti-fascist groups are anarchists. The got in the news recently when they resorted to violent tactics to prevent right wingers from speaking on campuses such as Berkeley and U of Washington. I think they are the same people who call themselves the black bloc and have been involved in a number of violent protest actions in the US and Europe. These anti-fascists train to fight and the neoNazis are now likewise training to counter them. The Southern Poverty Law Center keeps track of hate groups like the neoNazis. I don’t think working class problems will result in much violence. More likely it will be white supremacy and fascism that leads to violence in public areas now that Trump is president and so much hate is being spread on the Internet.


The Numbers

The numbers are clear,
every death must be accounted for
every bloodbath must be assigned an enemy

and when the young men and youngwomen
are blown up in the street
or when the markets are drained

of blood, we are faced with the massacre
from a helicopter, a gameshow of dis—
attachment, as if the ones we kill

from this distance
cannot be in league with our own losses,
so distant are they from that good death

we pray for. Our Senators
and the rest work to spread the offal
of our unconscious dread

across the known world
and when the great birds and mammoth
cetacea, like most of our targets,

prove to have the capacity
to feel, to protect the weak, to spurn
the bloodlust of those among us

who have gone wrong
we call them dumb, we harken for their

and we turn away, sated. Still,
no one questions the current flood of vampire films
as if the undead,

blood suckers all, have no relation
to our own need to kill
to live. I would say love

at this point, but it is gone
from this poem and all others
and worse is on its way.


?..Anti facists use violence?.. mmm… what an assumption…


CD must have done something. This one of the most intellectual and thoughtful threads I have read like forever!


Funny that you ofg all people, an Ayn Randite so-called “free market anarchist” would worry about the US Code!

Hasn’t human progress throughout history involved the overthrowing intolerable oppressive governments through some means or another?

os2wiz is way off base - not becasue of 18 USC §2385, but because we are far, far from the conditions where we should even be thinking about such a thing yet. We have yet to even begun to get organized in sufficient numbers to even have tried to effect change through the existing syatem!

Sure, the experience in Syria give me pause. It only took them about a year in a half for the Syrian leftist civil resistance to be totally crushed by the brutal Assad with armed struggle left as the only resort. But then again, Assad makes Trump look like Gandhi.


The resistance continues.
I’m surprised it’s taken so long. The congress critters haven’t worked for We The People for a long time. The media is the echo of the corporate voice. The U. S. Inc. economy thrives on militarism. Death, destruction and an Orange Fascist leader.
How low can it go?
Non-violent resistance is the way. However self defense is critical.


Naomi Klein has dual citizenship, and she can talk about, criticize, and be a leading activist in this country as much as she wants, as far as I’m concerned! We love you Naomi!! :heart: