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Naomi Klein Delivers Sydney Peace Prize Lecture Against Backdrop of Trump Win


Naomi Klein Delivers Sydney Peace Prize Lecture Against Backdrop of Trump Win

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Canadian author and activist Naomi Klein accepted the 2016 Sydney Peace Prize in Australia on Friday, delivering a searing speech that reflected on Donald Trump's presidential victory in the United States and the factors that allowed it to happen.


While hate did play a role, the biggest factor was economics.
NAFTA has hurt the American workers and the TPP would devastate them.
That is why Trump won.


WA initiative 732 had a corporate welfare program for Boeing filling inside a carbon tax shell. It would have lost irrespective of Klein's input as WA voters have been fooled too many times before on tax, energy and electoral issues.


since the aussie govt neutered the ppl all the men have gained 2 cup sizes lol


Economics was and is huge. Racism and white supremacy, and misogyny and patriarchy, were and are also huge. I think we can articulate ALL of this, and not try to decide which one is the "biggest factor." Every speech that may seek to motivate people to join together in a new vision for liberatory social change, especially in this new altered U.S. political climate, can and should hold ALL of this; leaving out EITHER economics or hate would be politically foolish, morally and critically wrong, and fail to tap into our greatest potential to come together in a new movement to bring about economic, racial, ecological, and gender justice, healing, and liberation. Black Lives Matter. Economics matter. The planet matters. Women, Muslims, trans folks, and trans folks of color matter. People being bombed matter. Refugees matter. We need to listen deeply to each other, worldwide, and figure out how all our work can connect and matter together.


Thoughts of Veterans Day 2016 : The struggle for freedoms you sacrificed greatly for, are in as pitched a battle as ever. The stakes could not be greater.

I am witnessing a fake election, and can't believe it is getting so far out-of-hand. Not an election, it was in fact, a "presidential erection." After all, how can you screw a whole nation and planet without one? Most people seem to be just going along with a process that went off-the- rails at the Democratic Primary. Am I the only one seeing this?

As soon as (thanks Gods) Wikileaks revealed evidence proving criminal corruption at the DNC, then the candidate most qualified to represent "We the People," U.S. State Senator Bernie Sanders, would have properly been elevated by the overwhelmingly demonstrated public support for his socially unifying message.

Is it not obvious who ought to have run as the Democratic candidate against T. rump? Let the re-vote begin. Nullify the compromised DNC debacle. Retake the vote with Bernie vs. Trump. There's a national poll that would mean something.

It is incredulous to me that it is taking so long to recall the erection, before it totally screws my country and every other nation. Denying climate change is treason against humanity, Nature, science, and empirical knowledge & understanding. It's not okay for the President of The USA to be ignorant of inarguable majority consensus and opinion.

Even if Tyrannysaurus rump wasn't about to be convicted of impeachable offenses (i.e. fraud, in the case of his phony "university") he is decidedly, proudly, racially bigoted and gender-divisive, inspiring violence at the community level. A worse nightmare for the country at this moment in human history bears "strict scrutiny" and "substantive due process."

As for the apparent passage of the anti-Constitutional, mega-corporate take-over of religious freedom in California, that is Prop 64 (AUMA), nothing could be further than legal or valid. Our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom. No court has rightful jurisdiction over any "green herb." Both were "God-given" to mankind and animals, as part of our most direct spiritual legacy. Just because some people have lost their spiritual connection to The Great YouNameIt, through spiritually sincere & legitimate respect & gratitude for Nature, does not mean that all of us have. As a biodynamic gardener, teaching the discipline of a spiritually evolved craft, I resent the trivialization of Nature demonstrated in the disrespect that dominates human politics and commerce.

I have not drunk the kool-aid, nor taken the red pill. It seems obvious to me what needs to be done: Stop the installation of more deviant characters into the invalid political charade. A President-elect who is under criminal indictment does not share equal standing with those unindicted, unimpeachable, men who have served previously.

Until T. rump is tried in court, his legitimacy as President needs to be frozen hard & fast. I'm just a guy with no power to do anything but think and write. But when f there are people out there who do have power to effect reason, then please use my thoughts to show everyone through to a happy ending. We all love our children. That's a good place to start, for a shared motivation.

Giving intentional direction to man's progress begins with a polar shift in values. Cannabis is essential, not "illegal." Drugs don't make seeds. Herbs do. Cannabis is a federally recognized "strategic resource" available by "essential civilian demand" as part of a federal, coordinated emergence preparedness procedure.

The greatest threat to all life on Earth is toxification of the hydrologic cycle, by increased solubility of deadly mercury, arsenic and selenium compounds, which occurs under conditions of increased solar UV-B radiation. Cannabis agriculture is necessary for replenishing the atmosphere with the "terpene" aerosols, historically produced by fragrant evergreen forests and marine phytoplankton.

Because Cannabis is both unique and essential for at least seven inarguable reasons, it is legitimate to exercise "essential demand" in order to redistribute true essential value to every corner of the world. Time is the limiting factor.

It's time to "think outside the bong" about Cannabis. Please read my book if you are interested in further understanding why the ball is in our court. If we all pull together at the same time, we will win the tug-o-war. That's how it's done. I'm not trying to "tell" anyone anything we all don't already know. My intention is to remind and delineate avenues of change perhaps forgotten.

Blessed wishes to everyone, everywhere, for a World Veterans Day, a reasoned, globally abundant Cannabis future,



Correction: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders


I don't normally comment on this blog anymore. However your thoughtful, insightful comment has rekindled some hope that maybe this message board might actually survive itself.

In addition to the concerns you passionately outlined I would also add that all systems, institutions and laws have become corrupted, that wealth and power has become polarized, and that climate change has become THE existential threat to this planet.

To your last sentence, you addressed the notion of "need". Not to quibble but just as you accurately identified the existence of myriad "factors" leading to Trump's election victory, might there also be a number of "needs" that also deserve attention in trying to resolve these existing dilemmas?

Perhaps "words" are not enough anymore. Perhaps we've reached the point where "action" is crucial (to restore accountability) but sadly has been lacking for a very, very long time now resulting in an overwhelming number of "layers" of problems that may no longer be tenable, if only speciously.

I see "some" action in the way of demonstrations nationwide against Trump. There is also the current petition circulating right now asking "electors" to reconsider their electoral vote on December 19. And Naomi Klein is speaking out about the election results. These are all good things. But there has been no worldwide condemnation. And then you have the specter of a Trump cabinet that is truly HORRIFYING.

Are people going to be content sitting at their computers for another 4 years cranking out messages on blogs -- or is it time to now get something substantive done once and for all?

Working together is wonderful but it can't be just by using words.

Personally I think we've all talked ourselves into relative oblivion (literally and figuratively). I think what's required ("needed") here is the virtue of "courage": the courage of convictions. Otherwise this will likely continue to fester out of control just as climate change and other matters are likely to be worsened thanks to a Trump presidency. Is that a nightmare we want our children and all creatures on this planet to suffer through -- a slow and insidious death?

Because that's what's coming down the pike yet we continue to waffle on this. Maybe we're not "ready". Maybe we aren't motivated enough. Your thoughts?


Thank you for this wonderful reply! Yes, I agree with you that there are many needs of the hour. Perhaps each of us "needs" to speak and do what we best sense and think we best have to offer. I have so far not ever really contemplated having children, for I have felt so far that this world is too dangerous a place for me to feel comfortable bringing a new human life into it. Or maybe, if I am more honest, it has more to do with the fact that I haven't yet created a deep love relationship with someone I would want to raise a child with--or, in addition to that, I have so far simply not felt prepared to devote myself to raising a child in this world in all the ways I murkily sense I would want to... I have felt more comfortable with taking on the challenge of living for world transformation as best I can without that including raising a child. It's funny, but as I write this, I realize I am not so certain I don't someday want to raise a child in this world! Perhaps I could give to this child enough for her/hir/him to not be held back from being all they can be, and perhaps this person could find great happiness and be a great help to all... I am a student of Tibetan Nyingma Buddhism, which I find to have transformative potential, and has been wonderful for me, so one reason I wonder if a child of mine might get what it would need to not be held back from what I just described is that this child would have access to these Buddhist teachings. That seems possible to me.

But to answer your last question. I think that each of us beings has the ability, ultimately, to develop ourselves, with needed help, certainly, towards greater and greater understanding, courage, and capacities for finding and sharing happiness, thorough and lasting happiness, which includes all needed elements, from material to spiritual, and everything in-between! It would be wonderful if each of us acted on exactly the step or steps we can take in front of us that can be part of this development. I hope this happens. That is as "specific" as I am prepared to speak on this presently, but maybe that's specific enough. I personally feel that I lose and gain courage, almost cyclically. I intend to continue to meditate, work (I am a public school teacher of adolescents), listen, speak, be quiet, be vegan, and endeavor to learn how to live and give more compassionately, skillfully, and wisely for the benefit of all. Maybe at some point I will volunteer full-time with a Dharma community I am already part of, work full-time to protect and make available the Dharma for more and more. Maybe I will continue to work as a public school teacher. I know many of the systems I rely on presently can collapse at any time, and that for many right now, there is tremendous suffering. I think that the preservation and living of our greatest human values is something to be maintained, as much as possible, at all costs--and that this yet has the capacity to play an important role in lessening or turning from suffering now and to come. The future for us may hold unimaginable destruction. We should not kid ourselves that this is not possible. But even if life is just a one-shot thing (and that really doesn't seem likely to me, to say the least), i am still most inspired by the vision of living as though ethical beauty and reality matters.


I should have thanked you earlier, and first of all. Why? Because, in sharing your thoughts, you helped me to consider mine more carefully. So thank you, bystander! I wish you very well!


Please allow me to share something with you applesJonasL-B. My primary feeling about this world is one of profound sadness. Sadness about wasted lives/wasted potential, sadness about man's destructive nature, sadness about human suffering, and sadness about dreams that will never be realized.

I make the distinction between what I "know" (virtually nothing), what I "think I know" (plenty) and what actually IS. Accordingly "most" of life, as I perceive it, is nothing but a mere illusion. It highlights the difference between epistemology and ontology. The trick is not to transform the "illusions" into "delusions" -- a trap that hoodwinks most. The past presidential election was an expose of this very phenomenon.

But some things are neither illusions nor delusions. The concerns you identified in your original post are real. The concerns I identified in my first reply to you are also real. They all point to a quote made by Walt Kelly and Commodore Perry many, many years ago: "we've met the enemy, and he is us". Propaganda tries to brainwash us into believing that humans are the most wonderful creature on earth. Nothing could be further from the truth -- despite the existence of people like yourself and others who are wonderful exceptions to the rule.

Given what I have just described, I would never, EVER, bring a child into this world. I care too much and it would be a selfish gesture (ie: something I want regardless of the child's preference -- which we would never know). I could never wilfully do that to anybody -- and if I protected a child from the real world that person would never understand the suffering that most humans go through. Not surprisingly I believe in no God. I couldn't even imagine some great, all-powerful, beneficent being creating a world this horrible and if it did it would signify THE quintessential failure. It simply wouldn't happen. Fantasies regarding gods and religions, as created by humans, are illusions I picked up on many years ago.

I am a medical science researcher. I believe in facts and truth. I pursue both.

To me one way of sending a very strong message to Trump and other members of the status quo would be to stage HUGE -- VERY HUGE -- demonstrations (of at least 1-2 million people) in several cities in the U.S. I am thinking of New York, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle and possibly Denver -- and then one final gargantuan one in Washington DC. They would be peaceful but they would also be sending very clear, unambiguous messages to Mr. Trump and the Republicans about their agenda: accountability is essential, and violations of human rights and liberties, and refusal to accept scientific facts, won't be tolerated. It would take planning and resources and time but the alternative of not doing anything would be to tacitly sanction whatever he does.

People would have to be motivated and they would have to see this as a dire "need". My overall sentiment is that the "incessant chit-chat" needs to be replaced by action. Your thoughts?


Bullshit. He is an overt, unmistakable reaction to a black man in the WH--and for 2 terms these people have waited for payback.

I mean WTF--we nominated the fucking birther! What could not be more obvious?


Nice to read a logical post. Thanks. I agree with you totally. Yes, Denver definitely--they had Occupy Denver, amidst rabid police brutality and degradation and held on.

They, with amendment #64, introduced the end of cannabis prohibition (which the USA single-handedly implemented worldwide). And this election, all 8 cannabis initiatives were voted in.

A generous, giving purple state. (Single payer will make it there first) Hey, I know it just failed, but cannabis legalization took 14 years of hard work. Persistence pays.


One gains the impression about Klein that she's more interested in becoming FAMOUS than anything else. If she were serious about global warming, she would know that global warming is now "feeding on itself," so that "our goose is cooked" as humans. (With Thanksgiving coming up, I perhaps should say "turkey is cooked"! Given the current situation, there's this question: WHAT IS THERE TO BE THANKFUL FOR THIS YEAR?!!!)


Far too many do not understand that and some of those don't even care to consider it. It's much easier to dismiss and denigrate those that didn't vote the way they "should have". That's a YUGE reason that Trump will be residing in new digs this January.


I admire you for choosing to not have children. As I’m now 76, I had my 3 children at a time when I was oblivious to the global warming that’s occurring. Two of my children are married, our son having two children, and daughter, three. Our youngest—a daughter—is still unmarried, and I would LIKE to advise her not to have children, when she marries, but don’t know how to go about doing it: I became convinced, a few years ago, that our species is on the road to extinction, so that having children now would be CRUEL! If you have any advice about this, my email is sven3475@gmail.com.


I'll spare you on using your private email Sven. But many thanks for the offer.

My suggestion would be 3-fold:

1) EDUCATE those you care about by sharing reliable, verifiable information (or direct them to the RELIABLE sources to that information). People need to learn to make decisions based on the most reliable, verifiable information available.

2) COUNSEL those you care about on thoughts, feelings, behavior, confusion, etc. via ongoing discussions. It's an enormously messed up world unfortunately where humans are destroying the very planet they inhabit and everything that lives on it. Those are indisputable facts. Nobody CHOSE to come here. Nobody of sane mind would. Nobody had that option. Those decisions were made for them. Now that we have a better understanding of humans, the human condition, and the world around us we can make more informed decisions that are in the best interests of us all (except maybe the .001%ers). Bringing more humans onto this planet when there are already more than 7.4 billion of us, depleting resources that are finite, an increasingly toxic environment, and a human-created trail of destruction probably isn't in anybody's best interests.

3) BUILD trust by encouraging honesty and openness. Sharing one's own personal concerns, failures, mistakes, fears and anxieties with loved ones usually gets another's immediate attention.

Hopefully that helps Sven. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to share them. It's likely that there are many, many others out there sharing the same concerns.

My door is always open.


Naomi, a remarkable woman, person. A gem!


Thank you again for your meaningful reply. I tried to reply back to you yesterday, but I was prevented by CD from doing so because I'd reached my reply limit for my first day on CD (I was on CD months ago under the name "apples," but I lost my password to that name, hence I just started anew with this one).

What you say about the dangers of both protecting a child and not protecting a child are very sensitively considered. I am a teacher, and I struggle with this same crux: when I share upsetting but truthful material with my students, how much is the right amount, how much is too much, how much is too thin and superficial? Even when I also attempt to share about potential ways of solving or seeking ways to solve problems, there isn't really the time, I often feel, to go deep into this with them! I continue to work at this.

I would suggest you consider whether all that modern and postmodern science has to offer... might itself make assumptions about the limits of knowledge that do not hold up to other ways of very deeply investigating "truth" and "reality." You are probably aware of the neuroscientists now busily charting how the signals they can measure from the brains of great meditation masters are off the charts. Perhaps the brain, and the mind, is a "machine" whose depths can be plumbed by methods that go far beyond what most of science today has even begun to try to grasp. Perhaps those individuals and traditions who have developed very highly accomplished methods of investigating the mind--through mediative practices--have some real knowledge and insight to share. Shakyamuni Buddha was an historical figure. After his Enlightenment (or after whatever that event was, if one does not want to lend it credence with the term Enlightenment), we do know from historical record that this man had profound effects on his society. Hundreds and thousands of people from all walks of life dropped what they were doing to follow the Buddha's teachings. The Buddha welcomed the un-welcomable, the "Untouchables" into his Sangha, or community of students of his teachings. He was deeply censured, and attacked, for doing so. The Buddha welcomed women into his community (again attacked for doing so), saying at one point that their particular situation made them potentially more receptive students with greater potential to learn than the men--and saying at another point that there was simply no difference between women's and men's abilities to learn and be trained and train themselves in liberating understanding and living. 100 years after the Buddha's death, those who carried his teachings forward so moved Emperor Ashoka, that this emperor had a transformative experience and a comprehensive change of heart, and led his empire to become a land of great ethical principle, prosperity within, and peace within and with other kingdoms and states. These are just a few tiny--but not so tiny--things to mention. My point is that science as we know it today might consider that there could be other means of conducting a "science" of the human mind... perhaps the Buddha was one of those tremendous scientists. The founder of the Buddhist institute where I am a student has just one photo up in the institute of a great Westerner: Albert Einstein. We might remember that Einstein was not only a brilliant, revolutionizing scientist, but also a tremendous humanist, a ringing voice for peace, and a creative mind par excellence. I don't know what Einstein thought about religion, but I wonder whether, if he were alive today, he might find in Buddhism a kind of science of the mind that might have much to teach us all.

But okay, I don't want to proselytize! I just know that Buddhism has made a profound impact on me personally, and I wish to always--as long as "always" might be--have the opportunity to continue to study and practice and experiment with Buddhist teaching.

Demonstrations? Yes, certainly: nonviolent, principled, inclusive demonstrations not just of rejecting Trump and his hateful blaming, violence, and dividing (cloaked half-way yet for many very temptingly in false commitment to opposing neoliberalism) but also of calling for economic justice and socialist organization of the economy to meet immediate and long-term human and planetary needs, not to prioritize individual very short-term profit. Fairness and prosperity, not hate and greed! Peaceful nation not violent empire! I think the vision we need to articulate to defeat Trumpism--this combination of false anti-neoliberalism with reactionary white, male, nativist, heteronormative supremacy--is one that can show real anti-neoliberalism to require racial and gender justice in order for class unity and socialist liberation to be possible. We need to reach out to everyone--including the mis-led, angry Trump voters, the ones for whom the image of anti-neoliberalism was decisive--for a vision of uniting all working people for a society that works for everyone, that lives in peace among all nations, and that works for rather than kills the planet, too.



Business must be driven out of our Democracy. Family and friends, thank you, are welcome.