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Naomi Klein: How Clinton Failed the Climate Megaphone Test


Naomi Klein: How Clinton Failed the Climate Megaphone Test

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Naomi Klein, the Canadian social justice activist and best-selling author, declared in a new interview that, when it comes to climate, she does not trust Hillary Clinton.

In an interview preview aired Tuesday, Klein argues that Clinton's corporate ties make her a "vulnerable" candidate for the presidency and that Democratic rival Bernie Sanders is a "significantly better candidate."


Thanks, Naomi, for weighing in on on this. It might help Bernie a little and he needs all the support he can get. If Hillary gets the nomination, I’ll turn to the Greens. In a three way race, the Green Party could eek out a win if Bernie’s supporters would begin thinking seriously about a plan B.


An ambitious, moderate midwestern Republican lawyer like Hillary Clinton’s eyes must glaze over in boredom when she hears the words “climate change”. She’s got regimes to change, wars to attend to, dissident intellectuals like Snowden to lock up, bankers to glad-hand.

Climate change!? If it gets hot she’ll have the driver turn up the A/C in the bullet-proof stretch limo and get back to serious business.


While I appreciate Naomi’s praise for Bernie, I have a hard time with her support(reluctant but support nonetheless)of HRC should Bernie not get the nomination.

Who could possibly think that Hillary Clinton would use her position of power to be an unequivocal advocate for the environment? This is a woman who uses her megaphone to call for fracking. She continues to accept money from the industry as she did last week: https://theintercept.com/2016/03/09/hillary-clinton-wants-to-regulate-fracking-but-still-accepts-a-lot-of-fracking-money/

Just like Obama, Clinton subscribes to an all-of-the-above energy policy. Both have been VERY clear about this.

“Hillary Clinton promotes domestic drilling for oil and natural gas, including through potentially dangerous fracking.” (http://grist.org/climate-energy/8-things-you-need-to-know-about-hillary-clinton-and-climate-change/ )

Progressives were supposed to “hold Obama’s feet to the fire” regarding environmental policy. Didn’t turn out too well. The earth is on fire and we have no time for more of the same.
Naomi shouldn’t have gone there.


Agreed that the final paragraph seriously diminishes the credibility Klein established in the previous paragraphs, especially the part about “putting pressure” on President Clinton.

During the past quarter century that the Clintons have been in national politics, putting populist pressure on them has never succeeded. The Clintons are far deeper in hock to the 1% now than they have ever been, so the concept of putting on pressure is a non starter.


I think that Bernie Sanders is a better POTUS Candidate, because he speaks the ultimate truth on issues.

Here’s hoping and praying that he gets the Democratic nomination!

If he doesn’t, however, I’ll vote for jill Stein of the Green Party.


So are you going to vote for one of the complete-denialist and insane (all of them) Republicans? Or not vote at all which, in a contested state, is the equivalent of voting for the Republican?

Is this Louis XIV-like, “if I can’t have Bernie, the Deluge” come from the fact that, perhaps, the comfortable white middle-class people supporting Sanders’ nomination won’t really be personally affected very much by a Republican president and Republican-packed congress? So for them, it is just a parlor game? Because if it is, I implore you to consider the fate of others - especially the world’s poor - under a Republican-madhouse largely ruling the planet. It’s not like what I’d like to see, but if it does come down to Hillary or one of the Republicans, then what Naomi Klein recommends (and she, a Canadian, has zero personal stake in the fight) will be the only sane recourse.

This is not 2000, 2008 or 2012 - Bush/Gore, McCain/Obama, Romney/Obama were contests between candidates who were at least sane - so it was fine to pound the pavement and doors for Nader, McKinney or Stein - I did. (The exception was 2004 - when it was pretty clear that Bush Jr. was not sane, so I could not waste a vote and voted for Kerry that year - Nader did not get on the ballot in my state anyway). But this year is different - have you listened to the debates? The Republican candidates are bat-shit crazy and dangerous. Hillary is at least sane and so the chance exists - if we all fucking ORGANIZE -that she can be reasoned with! This is not true with madmen.


Si je ne peux pas avoir Bernie, le Déluge!


Then, you will throw away your vote. Also, remember that there are lots of down ticket senatorial races where we have a fighting chance to take back the senate at least form these McConnell obstructionists.
Don’t forget the local issues on the back of the ballot either.
Everyone acts like it’s just the president we’re voting for…it’s not.
If we’re smart, we’'l stay engaged throughout the midterms as well…for once


Horse manure.


I don’t think the far-right candidates are insane, they are just vying for the insane vote. Any one of them would govern very much like Hillary if elected. There are only two ways to go: full speed ahead on this road, or put on the brakes and turn around.


I blame Obama, not Clinton for her failure to speak out when she was secretary of state. Obama made a decision in 2010 I believe not talk about climate change. He kept to that decision throughout his first term. I don’t see how Clinton could have been outspoken about climate change and still remained part of the Obama administration. But in 2009 she did participate in the Copenhagen climate conference with Obama where he began the Copenhagen Climate Accord which served as a basis for the Paris climate agreement that included pledges from almost 200 countries and a review of the these pledges every five years. I don’t have any concerns about Clinton when it comes to climate. She is clearly now a climate hawk and if elected certainly will try to extend the progress that Obama has achieved. I think she understands that this is a crisis and it could affect this planet for thousands of years and would not let any connections to corporations stand in her way. Her biggest obstacle will be the Republicans in Congress and Sanders would likewise face the same obstacle if elected.


Caroline: I AGREE with you 100% I have high regard for Ms.Kein…Read her book
: Disaster Capitalism" and went to a book signing where I met her…we talked a moment about some
comment Cheney had recently said, which she said was “frightening” and she wrote in my book to
“Be Brave”…Indeed Klein is correct Slick Hillary could have used her megaphone, could have done
so on many occasions on many issues, but she did not. Only when it is expedient for Her Interests
does she eke out a slogan or two.
I also fear Hillary on the environment,
- but why did Ms. Klein have to go there when asked to choose between two very bad choices?
I think some are tricked into saying something positive about Hillary. & then the press runs with it.


Dream on…
these so-called “leaders” have been making “pledges” for years…
Didn’t “leaders” pledge, includng Obama, to help Haiti after the earthquake? He said “Haiti, we will not abandon you!” …and then he abandoned Haiti…
Read up how well things are going in Haiti.
A woman who is Haitian and works as a nursing aide (what else is new, nice way to exploit immigrants) told my friend things are getting worse in Haiti.
So much for “pledges”


I stand corrected…I read the book, I did…but the name of the book is: The Shock Doctrine


The book “you read” is entitled “The Shock Doctrine,” not “Disaster Capitalism.”


Well, why is it that they act insane in congress and in my state capitol when they are not engaged in a political campaign at all? What is it about “Global warming is just a socialist hoax - climate has always changed” that is not insane?


I’m reading that book right now, a little at a time, which is all I can stomach without severe nightmares. I will say this about Ms. Klein’s (so far) masterpiece: it has convinced me that I CANNOT vote for Hillary. In some respects she is worse than some of the ‘insane’ Reps. I also do not believe she can defeat Trump (if Trump stays the course). So I will vote for Bernie, one way or another. There is always the write-in.

I HIGHLY recommend the book to anyone and everyone. Klein has put together some of the pieces I was already aware of and added to them. It has changed my perspective, in fact I can safely say I haven’t read such an eye opener since People’s History.



Absolutely disagree, Fox. This lessor of two evils capitulation has got to stop. It is just going to get worse. Next time the Dems will run an even worse Corporatist and the Repugs will counter with a nomination for an actual rabid dog - or worse, Sarah Palin again. But lets work hard to get Bernie in so we never have to face this!


I regret the comment. I was thinking exclusively of the candidates for president. Insane people can’t function in society, but I can see your point if one assumes that greed and sociopathy are in fact symptoms of insanity.