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Naomi Klein: Obama Is Beginning to Sound Like a Climate Leader, When Will He Act Like One?


Naomi Klein: Obama Is Beginning to Sound Like a Climate Leader, When Will He Act Like One?

Democracy Now!

As scientists warn 2015 is on pace to become the Earth’s hottest year on record, President Obama has unveiled his long-awaited plan to slash carbon emissions from U.S. power plants. Under new Environmental Protection Agency regulations, U.S. power plants will be required to cut emissions by 32 percent from 2005 levels by 2030. In addition, new power plants will be required to be far cleaner, which could effectively prevent any new coal plants from opening. But does the plan go far enough?


Come on Naomi. You’re brighter than this. Obama sounded like a Progressive during his 2008 campaign and look what happened. He’s a complete corporate shill and to think that this rhetoric is any different is either ignorance or gullibility.He opened up the Arctic to drilling. He’s for the Keystone pipeline. What does it take for people to realize he’s a neo liberal bought and paid for?


Meanwhile another super typhoon hits the pacific and could ht Japan, Taiwan and China. It has the highest recorded wing gusts in history (220mph) for such a storm.

Nero plays his fiddle.


“Frankly,” says author and activist, Obama’s newly announced proposal, “does not buy a climate legacy. It’s not enough, because it isn’t in line with science, and it also isn’t in line with technology.”

Did you read the report?


This morning I listened to the interview with Klein on “Democracy Now!” and concluded the same thing. The short answer to the article’s title is simple - never. But, gee, under Barry’s plan I will save $85 on energy bills by 2030. Maybe then I could buy some solar panel stock and watch the latest reports about how Rush Limbaugh’s mansion in Palm Beach is under water. This isn’t the leadership we desperately need to help face the greatest environmental disaster in human history. This is just more of the good ole dog and pony show that will continue next year with the presidential “elections”.


AND, a giant mass of warm water has formed in the North Pacific and is decreasing the flow of nutrients from upwelling colder water that are a main source of food for countess creatures along the West Coast. This is getting very, very ugly. Looks like it won’t be just Rome that burns this time.


Yes, and add to that the carbonic acid from the CO2 is ramping up the acidfication of the ocean, making crustacean life difficult, and eventually impossible. Since krill, etc; are a key step in passing plant life energy into the animal chain, everything from sardine to blue whales can and probably will go extinct first, then since the birds that feed on fish will die out, they won’t be passing micro-nutrients carried out of the soil back onto land.


Nuclear produces less CO2 than wind or solar does.


Gee, If you like Johnbone’s comment, it’s pretty obvious you didn’t listen to the video, where Klein pretty much called Obama a snake.


An excellent summary of a great ecological principle - everything is connected to everything else. Something we refuse to acknowledge because it gets in the way of our “development” schemes.


Obama is the best con man that has ever been in the White House and all the proof you need is he has been able to con Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben and so many otherwise intelligent climate people.


I did and she never mentions his corporate ties or his consistent acquiescence since his election in 2008 to whatever WS or the big banks or big finance or big energy or big insurance or big pharma wants. I’ve read all of Klein’s books, I recommend “The Shock Doctrine” and I like her, but her attempt to see anything Obama has said or done environmentally as remotely dealing with what is now going to, more than likely, cause our extinction is either ignorance or gullibility. I’m sorry if you disagree, but the only possible response to this corporate whore is to state boldly that he’s part of the problem and has offered nothing substantial and as a matter of fact has only made our inevitable destruction more of a sure thing. It kills me how protective people are of these sociopaths and I mean all of them from Reagan to Bush I to Clinton, (Bill and Shillary) to Bush II to Obama. Any honest person in a position of power should be shouting from the rooftops that capitalism and corporate power have destroyed the species and the planet and then take action to try to thwart these killers.


Not only is it not enough, which implies that it does something, it’s not anything. I get it, you’re obviously comfortable with thinking that this lying corporate whore actually cares…but he doesn’t. None of them do. Only you can do something about it. So what are you doing? Nothing, I’m guessing, but trying to defend the indefensible.


She clearly stated he has strong ties to big oil. and quit talking about yourself that way: “So what are you doing? Nothing, I’m guessing, but trying to defend the indefensible.”


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