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Naomi Klein on How Myriad Crises Can 'Catalyze a Kind of Revolutionary Leap'

Naomi Klein on How Myriad Crises Can 'Catalyze a Kind of Revolutionary Leap'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

How can people today—who are facing "non-stop shocks" like record-breaking storms and militarized police—use these crises "to catalyze a kind of evolutionary leap" towards a more just, equitable, and habitable world?

In a recent TED Talk, available online this week, author and activist Naomi Klein laid out what she sees as two crucial ingredients for making that push forward—imagination and organizing. She said that "it's in the interplay between the two where revolutionary power lies."


That “Vision” will be organic and sudden, just like what’s going on right now in Spain. The celebration of International Women’s Day has virtually every woman in Spain from coast to coast in the streets with pots and pans banging away. An entire nation’s, one-half of its population, has taken to the streets. A one-day work stoppage for virtually all Spanish women was yesterday. Wow! Imagine, here. All of Europe. South America. Africa and Asia. Everyone in the streets demanding their rights: Peace. Respect. Honor. Love. Family. And a musicality of Mom Earth that portends a livable future for their children - not a dystopia brought on by a deluded tiny minority of very violent, greedy sociopaths. A Poor People’s Campaign? A National Call for a Moral Revival? We’ll see real soon!

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I’m having a hard time with the “something to believe in” part. Lots to still fight for . . . . this excellent, poignant piece written by Alison Spodek Keimowitz is (Imo) a must read. I hope CD posts this on the main page.


Correction! Not “yesterday”. But Wednesday.

Here is NOT an evolutionary leap:
Self-driving past level 3 ‘driver assist’ (by which most safety features sans ‘platooning’ are possible), losing the driver’s constant attention to road condition loses an indispensable safety device. You stand corrected yet?
No cars ever without a “driver aboard driving” fraud.

A-bleepin-men, Caroline! Even the people in the camps in Nazi Germany went on about their business, told stories and played music in the evenings, and supported each other to the end. Some of them even lived to tell the story.

Kierkegaard wrote that The Sickness Unto Death is Despair. To the extent that is true, a good many people calling themselves “progressive” are on a downward slide. I hope I can check out the story tomorrow.

There are at least two problems with what Naomi Klein is saying –

Maybe three – as I’m still having trouble with "silofication of issues."

First …

Critical ingredients for a push to revolution and uprising are …imagination and organizing.

That imagination or VISION of how to proceed was a good part of the business for the the
existence of a free press which we haven’t had in a very long time. The internet is doing
all it can to fill in for it.

Nor is the Democratic Party giving any leadership on ANY issue –
especially in regard to National Health Care which the country has been crying out for over
the last two decades.

She said that “it’s in the interplay between the two where revolutionary power lies.”

Our press has gotten a lot noisier over the gun issue and Trump – but I’m not aware of any
mentioning of revolution.

She pointed to successes seen in The New Deal, which brought about key safety net gains. But we can do better, she argued.

What Naomi didn’t mention is that there was a very active Communist Party at the time with Americans signing up – someone here might know the numbers, but recall that they were alarming leaders. Plus, there were politicians supporting a call for Social Security – I think they were actually going house to house to discuss it.

Our election systems are all rigged – third parties are suppressed.

We are still voting on hack-able electronic computers.

Like Vietnam, where I believe the nation came close to parents coming out into the streets to stand with the country’s YOUTH in their protests against the war – and those young students suddenly, themselves, being fired upon at their colleges/universities and killed by national guard under what seemed like a nod from Nixon.

I think we could see the same thing happening now on the issue of protecting our youth from gun violence.

Still – all of the liberal organizations MUST come together – united together in each and every cause/issue.

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Not everybody is either pro one party or the other completely. They both look unelectable and one of the same. All lies all of the time and backslapping at how they are able to pull it off so easily, the mini minions barely millionaires. No wonder their pay is so high. Get elected, a gravy train that is lifelong by hook or for crook.

Always plenty of people ready to tell us why all is lost and we’re doomed–unless of course we embrace their solution and labor to implement it.

Yes, most progressives know the problems; but I would prefer to see solutions instead of all this gloom and doom.

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The preachers of optimism are always welcomed, however, the sense of doom and gloom is all too real, marking the end of a once great economic power as we sell off the rest of our wealth on the altar of greed and political arrogance and stupidity. Mark the level of our stupidity as we are obsessed by a few misandrists and their complaints marching headlong into a nuclear human annihilation.

I am trying to overturn the commonly accepted notion that self-driving vehicles (cars, trucks, buses), is revolutionary as its oh so liberal progressive adherents want us to believe. Certainly, the solution to global warming is less driving, less flying, less trucking and shipping goods around the world. Yet, this self-driving car BS dominates the public sphere as ‘transformational’ and ‘revolutionary’ as seen on TV and on hand held cell phones in the faces of so many clueless automatons.

Ho! Hum!!