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Naomi Klein: Radical Solutions Only Proper Response to 'Unyielding Science-Based Deadline'


Naomi Klein: Radical Solutions Only Proper Response to 'Unyielding Science-Based Deadline'

Common Dreams staff

In a public lecture delivered last week and published online Tuesday, award-winning Canadian author and social justice activist Naomi Klein argues the dire situation of climate change, coupled with failing political and economic systems, is creating a world where nobody will be left unaffected.


Hyper-financialized capitalism has passed its sell by date. I hear fat cats taste like chicken.


It should read: has passed its sell date. (At least you got the its part correct unlike 90% of those who post in these threads.)

The most salient aspect of Ms. Klein’s analysis is that these “sacrifice zones” are going to be impacting more and more persons.

The following is Grade A documentary on the intensity, frequency, and immensity of climate change events that are now being retained on footage.

When I posted this link yesterday, the all-seeing, all-wise “Yunzer” termed it “mumbo-jumbo”… which makes one wonder how an engineer could mock the actual footage of very real global warming events.

Here is the link:


Find myself thinking about the “hero” and Klein’s focus, just like Sanders, that we need a full upwelling of people to do what needs to be done. Changing the narrative is our treasure because the ‘official narrative’ is so thoroughly corrupt. The corollary, in recognition that the sum is greater than the parts, is that the disempowerment of decades and centuries has been totally dependent on punitive extraction of direct experience, lies, secrecy, manipulations.

When the narrative is speaking truth not only to power but reflecting the direct experience and wisdom of people who have been forced to believe that their disempowerment is “natural”, when nothing could be further from the truth, and that over time that legitimate diversity represents a virtual birth canal.

We need to re-describe what constitutes a hero and would submit that the 21st century hero is one who holds a mirror up to the disempowered. While recognizing that the real heros are the re-empowered who joyfully and being re-energized in unprecedented creativity and genius as collectives/communities both intimate neighbors and distant global comrades in arms. Those arms being used to hug, to labor, raise in solidarity and genius.


“These zones require the shredding of treaties that enable peoples to live on their land. Indigenous rights are meaningless when the land is being [destroyed] and the rivers are polluted. Resource extraction is a form of violence because it does so much damage and kills cultures,” [Klein] said.

What Naomi Klein won’t tell you, is that windmills and solar panels require as much or more extractivist environmental devastation as something like the tar sands. The problem isn’t merely fossil fuels. The problem is industrial life. It is a problem of human belief that it is acceptable for the Earth to be despoiled for our convenience and lifestyle.


Actually Naomi Klein-Lewis looked better without the blonde streaking, otherwise same old inconsequential yammering. Like Chris Hedges, Naomi’s smarts (Shock Doctrine and No Logo) has become smitten with celebrity.


Oh I don’t know, start with the entire Deep Green Resistance movement?

And since you ask:


Invaluable compliment to this is a series being posted by IntercontinentaL Cry called “The Guardians of Mother Earth”.
Today’s installment is worth reading after having a brain toner listening to Klein’s talk.
The legacy of Berito Cobaria: On cultural genocide, language revitalization and the international campaign against Occidental Petroleum by Jake LingMay 10, 2016


Cant you feel the chaos brewing? Trump and Clinton already tied. Insanity and ignorance triumph for a moment. Climate and species assassination rampant under the black flag. We now openly despise our mother Earth and plead for sterility.
The people of Africa and the middle east will soon stifle in killing heat. Island people will move or drown. Beautiful animals perish from the earth. Our biosphere suffers already, our biomes as well. We inflated simians murder more than we even know, ourselves suicide. Among the many worlds, we were unique, the only Earth, the only ones of each of us as well. We will murder no lives elsewhere, a saving grace? Our crimes will only deface this world and 4 billion years efforts, Take no pride in this accomplishment. We are forgiven already for our ignorance. God help us.


"It should read: has passed its sell date. "

Food items commonly have a date marked “sell by”. It might have been a bit clearer if he’d put it in quotes or changed it to ‘sell-by date’, but what he posted was clear enough to be quite acceptable.

“The following is Grade A documentary on the intensity, frequency, and immensity of climate change events that are now being retained on footage.”

Meteors, volcanoes, earthquakes, sinkholes, and foam have little to no connection to climate change. Even for the specific weather events posted, the degree to which any of them were the result of climate change isn’t known. Climate change is more likely to be detectable in aggregates than specific weather events. (And “footage” refers to film, which those videos probably aren’t.)

“When I posted this link yesterday, the all-seeing, all-wise “Yunzer” termed it “mumbo-jumbo”… which makes one wonder how an engineer could mock the actual footage of very real global warming events.”

It was produced by the Sott.net outreach project of the Quantum Future Group, a new religion built around the magical, mystical, moonbat ravings of Laura Knight Jadczyk. From what I’ve heard of her and her group, mumbo-jumbo seems pretty apt.

And by the way, the video refers to foam appearing in the “streets of Kunamoto”. The correct spelling would have been Kumamoto, except that wasn’t even the right city. The foam appeared in the Tenjin area of Fukuoka.


I object to this frame. It asserts that those working to protect Mother Earth don’t exist at all, and in the place of all those millions LOVING The Mother, you insist that only the oil hegemons, militarists, and assorted jackasses who direct policy speak for all souls.



Dr. Ozzie Zehner in his book “Green Illusions” reviews each non fossil fuel energy source: its carbon footprint, extractive environmental impact, and potential for universal application. All have high carbon and environmental impacts and some will never been able to be used by all for any extended period of time.


My book, “Cannabis vs. Climate Change” has much to contribute to this discussion. Cannabis is not a Cheech & Chong joke, it’s a biogenic solution to increasing UV-B radiation. People can argue about “global warming” until Hell freezes over, but “global broiling” and the effects of elevated UV-B radiation levels, on life, geochemical relationships in the atmosphere and the hydrologic cycle, are indisputable.

Cannabis is essential, not illegal. A polar shift in values has to happen while there still may be time left to make a difference. Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival.



Melting glaciers shift Earth’s mass and lead directly to increased volcanic and earthquake activity.
I even read a book about that topic in 2012. Forget the title at the moment.

Sinkholes are occurring with increasing frequency in regions formerly stabilized by permafrost.

Yes meteors have nothing to do with climate change.


My point is that this video posts these images of various disasters - many of them (earthquakes, large meteors) having nothing to do with global warming, many of them being unremarkable (cold snaps and snow, and tornadoes in the southern plains of the US are not unusual in April) as “evidence” of some kind of spooky “planetary upheaval” or “end times” or “second coming” is superstitious, unscientific rubbish.

Were Sagan, Asimov, Bertrand Russel all “shills” for something or another?


Yes, there was some seismic activity - including some large earthquakes in Quebec in the 1700s, for which the melting and unloading of Laurentide ice sheet several thousand years earlier may have contributed. No kind of melting on that scale is occurring today as there simply is not that much remaining ice in the N. Hemisphere compared to the Pleistocene (95% of all ice on earth is now only in Antarctica where AGW has not had much of an effect yet).

As far melting ice having a global effect, increasing volcanic activity or earthquakes even at tropical latitudes being due to “shifting of the earths mass” that is largely regarded as pseudo-science mumbo-jumbo. Great subduction-zone earthquakes - like the 2011 Japan earthquake, the 1964 Alaska earthquake, or the 1960 Chile earthquake - which really do produce tiny but measurable changes in the earths rotation and axis and meter-scale movement of continental masses - have never had any effect on volcanism or earthquakes elsewhere. and even if such changes DID have an effect - wouldn’t they be as likely to decrease volcanism and earthquakes in some parts of the world as they increase them in others?

But why do I even fucking bother with such scientific arguments? In today’s age of internet enabled scientific illiteracy and superstition in the USA, presenting scientific evidence only makes me a “shill”.


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More mumbo-jumbo.

I prefer the old 1960s hippie theory that smoking pot make one become sympathetic to Marx’s theories and socialism. But it seems all those pot smokers eventually became savage capitalists instead.

The first step to saving the planet is getting rid of the labor exploitative “Amazon.com” which you are peddling your book on.


Trollishness, not worth responding to further.


Sorry, but while hemp does have some practical uses, and some poeple really do enjoy smoking it recreationally (although some people’s wild evangelism about it does suggest dangerous addiction) the idea that it has anything to do with mitigating global warming is complete nonsense! That is not trolling, it is a dead-obvious statement.

And Amazon.com is to be boycotted like the plague.